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Skeletal and Muscular Systems

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1 Skeletal and Muscular Systems
8th Grade Growth and Development Lesson 1

2 The Skeletal System Body System: a group of organs that work together to perform an important function. Skeletal System: a Frame work of bones that supports you, allows you to move, protects vital organs and produces blood cells.

3 The Skeletal System Made up of 206 bones.
Bones of the arms, legs and pelvis provide movement when attached to muscles. Bones of skull, face, spine, and rib cage give you shape and protect organs.

4 Important Bone Terms- Support and Control
Cartilage: strong flexible tissue on the ends of some bones, providing a cushion where bones come together. Ligaments: strong cords of tissue that connect the bones in your joints.

5 Your Joints Joint: A point at which to bones meet. Without joints, you wouldn’t be able to bend, move, walk or grasp! 3 Types of joints….

6 Types of Joints Hinge Joint: Allows bones to move back and forth. Knees and Elbows Fixed Joint: a joint that does not move. Skull Ball and socket joint: allows a wide range of movement. Shoulder and Hip

7 Skeletal Problems Scoliosis
a deformity of the spine in which the spine develops an S-shaped curve when viewed from behind.

8 Skeletal Problems Osteoporosis: a disease in which bones become thin and brittle. Fracture: crack or break in a bone Sprain: stretching or partial tearing of ligaments.

9 Caring for your Skeletal System
Exercise Regularly Wear shoes that fit properly Select foods and beverages rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. Participate in screening for scoliosis.

10 The Muscular System Muscular System: made up of muscles that help you move and maintain your posture. There are over 600 muscles in your body! Muscles account for about ½ your body weight

11 The Muscular System Tendons: tough bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones

12 The Muscular System Voluntary Muscles: muscles you control.
Also known as skeletal muscles Examples: Biceps Triceps Quadriceps Deltoid

13 The Muscular System Involuntary Muscle: muscles you do not control.
Examples: Heart Stomach muscles Intestinal muscles

14 The Muscular System Smooth Muscle: muscle found in body organs blood vessels, and glands Smooth muscle is involuntary

15 The Muscular System Cardiac Muscle: muscle found only in the walls of the heart. Cardiac Muscle is involuntary and continually contracts and relaxes to pump blood throughout the body.

16 Muscular Problems Muscle Strain: Muscles are stretched to far
Low back strain Muscle Sprain Muscle Cramp: muscle contracts and fails to relax Lower back pain: Results from poor posture and lack of exercise.

17 Caring for your Muscular System
Exercise regularly Warm up before exercising Select foods containing carbohydrates and protein Sleep in the fetal position on a firm mattress Practice weight management Lift objects by bending knees

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