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Training Manual Galactic Spirits Deployment on Planet Earth.

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1 Training Manual Galactic Spirits Deployment on Planet Earth

2 For Your Eyes Only The Intergalactic Security Council has uncovered a Galactic plot to take over Planet Earth. We are sharing this plot with a select few who have demonstrated their dedication and interest in evolving as a human being. The information within is copy of the Invading Forces TrainingManuel, verbatim, on how to invade Planet Earth by taking over human bodies.

3 Information is power, and they use it The manual content indicated these beings know more about human beings, our weaknesses, our energy bodies, our mind and our chakras than most humans, which means we need to step up spiritual education as it appears the religions on Planet Earth are unable to keep up with the need for humans to know the spiritual aspects of their being.

4 Use the information to defend yourself and others who are evolved enough to use the this wisely. Sharing this information with those who choose to follow industry sponsored“scientific”Information backed by the government will only cause mistrust and ridicule to rain on you. Proceed to read this at your own risk.

5 Basic Training Manuel For Invading Forces Galactic Spirits are not used to invading Planet Earth en mass. This is a new and unusual development since December 21, 2012 and facilitated by the mismanagement of the evolution of human beings by their religious and political leaders and their addiction to money that allowed business interests to make unethical decisions. The human beings congress in the US even declared corporation to have people’s rights????? Regardless, this weird situation can be taken advantage of.

6 Humans don’t listen to the prophets they respect In spite of the fact that humans were forewarned by their Bible and the Mayans and almost all indigenous cultures about this time of evolution from incarnating into a physical form to dropping that form and becoming being spirit, humans are totally unprepared and actually afraid of what could be a Golden Age on the Planet.

7 Golden Opportunity This chaotic movement into the Golden Age is an open doorway for us to invade and take over the human evolutionary process and also their Planet by taking/pushing out their spirit and inserting ourselves in that space. This turns us into zombies rather than invading spirits, as we control their physical bodies with our spirit bodies. Following is the information you need to more easily invade each human.

8 It is true what you heard about Planet Earth… Humans don’t like to deal with the reality of the other dimensions and even if their religions talk a lot about spirits, they just don’t seem to “get it”. So humans never purified their homes of the earth bound spirits, which has left them exhausted because of th emotional issues, nor did they do spirit release work before and after surgury, during emotional crisis etc.

9 Half way broken… Is a good way to describe their defensives against us. And by the way, if anyone dared to tell humans that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico opened up the door to hell, called Xialba by those savvy Mayans, they would never believe it and classify that “messenger” as half crazy…. So it is clear sailing….

10 Humans don’t know they have a spirit even before they “die”… Humans don’t really know anything about themselves because they have no knowledge of their energy bodies. Humans think they become a spirit when they die, and don’t know their astral body is their spirit. Can you believe they think they are just their physical body till they die and then, somehow, their spirit (astral body) wakes up out of no where and takes over! Take advantage of this ignorance.

11 The spirit/astral body that each human has is really their “desire” body and it is broken and easily overtaken because of their desire to not feel their emotions, particularly fear. The are trained from birth to repress negative emotions….they are trained to be pleasant and punished if they are emotionally honest. Their strongest fears revolve around unresolved childhood traumas, sexual issues and abandonment, particularly of mother…

12 Fear is the biggest issue for the human spirit astral body till now… So you should choose a human who has a lot of fear from unresolved childhood issues, or fears of rejection or fears of losing the parents. We have lots of unaware human “friends” in the film industry that produce kids movies that start with the mother dying or lost, throwing the kids into such a state of fear they go into shock and can actually watch that same movie hundreds of times!!!! The parents are so grateful their kids are entertained, they don’t notice the kids are in a hypnotic state of mind

13 That hypnotic state can be used at night, to paralyze humans so you can drag their spirits out and do whatevery you want, making sure you drive them “crazy” with fear so when they wake up they are weak….night after night is a good tactic and will eventually send the child/person into what they diagnose as mental illness.

14 So many of you are putting the human kids into this hypnotic state they actually put a formal name on it: Hypnogogic State Some of the earthbound spirits have been using this tactic to paralyze the human so they can rape their astral body. They disguise themselves as angels, a favorite TV personality or a friend….shapeshifting they call it. This is especially good tactic … really opens up that sexual chakra and the throat chakra.

15 The human spirit (astral body) is inside their physical and etheric bodies So part of the process of spirit invasion, you invading a human, is to know where they are are weaker so they are easier to invade.

16 Don’t pay any attention to thehuman physical body unless it is to put it into a hypnogogic state….. Their physical body is really the result of their matrix which is their etheric electromagnetic energy body. See how their etheric looks like webbing in the shape of their physical body?

17 Normally… that webbing, part of the Higgs Field, blocks us from entering their assemblage of bodies, but fortunately at this time it is super weak and actually ripped through by humans’ addiction mircrowave radiating electronic devices…

18 A curious note.. Can you believe that humans are told by medical professional not to stand next to a microwave oven when it is on and NEVER EVER GET NEAR ONE if they have a pacemaker. They do know the electrical nature of the heart and the pacemaker are at odds with the microwave, yet they don’t associate those same dangers with their microwave radiating cell phones held in their shirt pockets or against their ears Humans obviously don’t know their brains are a delicate electrical system that is interrupted by microwave radiating from their cellphones. Odd, right?

19 Around the left ear… The left side of the human etheric head is easily invaded because there is a natural opening there, a portal to our dimensions. We can pull out their spirits through that portal, then we we can jump into the empty space. Try it.

20 Humans dont know about that portal, because they never realized that true north on Planet Earth is not the top of the head but on the left, because Earth is tilted in regards to their Sun… That opening is the humans opening to what they call God but what it is really a Galactic portal to good and bad. It is the opening the Golden Age energies come into, and it is the opening we most easily invade…

21 Humans are not independent thinkers or observers… Human doctors apparently don’t compare notes, or they would have noticed the rapid deterioration of the left side of the head, shoulder, neck, side of mouth, ear etc. resulting in great increases in thyroid issues, left shoulder issues etc Lots of little human kids look weird on the left side of their mouths, yet no one notices.. That means they are weak there, this is good…

22 All the human orifices are portals to other dimensions The most important being on the left side of the head… According to their Wikipedia humans have these openings you can easily enter: The nostrilsnostrils The mouthmouth The ear canalsear canals The nasolacrimal ductsnasolacrimal ducts The anusanus The urinary meatus, for urination and ejaculationurinary meatusurinationejaculation In females, the vaginafemalesvagina

23 Notice that 4, actually 7 orifices are associated with the throat chakra… We got lucky with this, as humans don’t know anything about their chakras or that the microwave powering and radiating from their cell phones are weakeningtheir throat chakra, making it easier to invade ! The cordless phones radiate even more microwave… Most humans had one on each side of their beds for decades … And now the New Digital Meters..

24 Add to that 2 more portals associated with the sexual chakra or sex The anusanus The urinary meatus, for urination and ejaculationurinary meatusurination ejaculation In females, the vaginafemalesvagina And you will understand how lucky we are that humans DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SEX OR SEXUAL EVOLUTION! Take advantage of that …

25 Humans don’t know that sexual issues, even if it is just from viewing so much sexual (what they call violence) on TV or pornography that can leave them open to invasion.

26 Humans don’t know that the sexual ambiguities today are part of the evolution of the Planet and a lot of them think being gay or bisexual or transsexual is a perversion, which is creating a lot of shame in the children and youngsters who the new human

27 Humans don’t know shame has a lower resonance than fear or rage! They feel so much shame they cannot even talk about it so it ferments and rips open their chakras, making it easier for us to enter…

28 If you want an easy target.. Then focus on the human kids or adults with sexual issues such as sexual abuse, sexual orientation confusion and sexual shame. Start on those and then move on to the more difficult to invade.

29 Pay attention to head injuries…. But where ever the human had a big blow, particularly on the head, there is a portal… so pay attention to head injuries… It is only now that football leagues are “noticing” the influence on the mind of these blows…

30 If a human is bi polar… Being bi polar means one of us already invaded the person, and there are 40 times more bi polar diagnosis now than 10 years ago, which means we are really taking over! And now there are kids who are bi polar which never happened before, so congrats on the good work, especially with the kids!

31 The little human kids today are almost all “broken” on the left side of the head, especially if they are autistic…so pay special attention to those kids….easy prey

32 Humans don’t know how to protect against invasion Pay attention at the times when their energy bodies are in a type of transition beetween one dimensión and another because they are easier to invade. We are lucky they gave up the pagan practices that could have protected them: During sex While birthing a child While dying Being born

33 But the all time easiest time to invade and where you have lots of time to do your work, is while humans are sleeping…or trying to sleep. +

34 Humans do not protect their astral body night when they lower their defenses and try to sleep in their “holy” as in full of holes, beds and houses.

35 Their bad habits are our opportunities Humans even radiate themsselves while they sleep near routers, Smart Meters, cell phones which they mysteriously say they need need need near their heads because it is their alarm clock!

36 There is another group that you should target first.. The children of humans who practice religions that do animal sacrifices or black magic have more breaks in them due to their lack of education about the spirit world. The parents obviously do not want to carry spirits back home after ceremonies or with special objects, but we are lucky they do, as that “invites” into the home the spirits attached to them or the objects.


38 B’olon Yokte’ K’uh: Maya god of war, conflict, and the underworld “Satan shall be loosed out of his prison; during the thousand years he will be in a state of confinement, being bound, shut, and sealed up in the bottomless pit, which is therefore here called a prison, as is the place of damned spirits, in 1 Peter 3:19 but when these will be at an end; his chain will be taken off, at least will be lengthened; the seal upon him will be broken off, the bottomless pit will be opened, and he let loose; which will be done not by himself, but by him that bound him, or by divine permission. Bible

39 B’olon Yukte salutes you and is pleased at your work. ….see you on the next planet when you finish taking down Planet Earth!

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