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Project Management in a fabulous way. How to manage projects in a fabulous way… …so that the process of realization is comfortable is easy to manage is.

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1 Project Management in a fabulous way

2 How to manage projects in a fabulous way… …so that the process of realization is comfortable is easy to manage is successful makes sense You need passion!

3 Weak people have hobbies, strong people have passion! Damien Carew, age 33 8,05,2013 It is a passion of mine, things that are out of order to put right! A fabulous way for me is a way full of joy a way guided by knowledge and wisdom a way, life is carrying me - with good friends - with money when family and business are in harmony A way everyone benefits from

4 Maybe some of you have watched the movie Kate and Leopold. There is mentioned: We consider ourselves as the future looks and we fabricate a new past We are like horses with blinders seeing only what lies before us Let us take off the blinders, to have an overall picture, to discover our possibilities, and to enroll a bright future. We are here to create a better life: easier, healthier, joyful, and peaceful.

5 H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai announced at the first Government Summit to be held in the UAE ( Tuesday, February 12, 2013): Change or you will be changed!

6 How do we change? You can go with the problem. You can fight the problem. praying and feel the solution inside of you. Getting angry and feel cheated by life. Money comes to you because you find the solution in the problem and trust life. Money is avoiding you because you pushed away the solution within the problem, and feel betrayed by life, and lonely.

7 A true story When I worked in Germany as a dentist in a holistic manner, there where 2 young men in the same time who both wanted to go to Australia. One of them was very interested to seize the best opportunities. I gave him the DVD The Secret, where a lot is explained, how our emotions and thoughts are influencing our life. I told him how to come in inner peace. This is the precondition to have success, even in his project Australia. The other guy traveled to Australia with his friend without any mental preparations. After one year the first one was happy, and he had a job. He told me that always when he had some trouble, or it seemed to be that he got stuck- he sat down, collected his energy, prayed for what he wanted, felt it inside his body, and in this way he succeeded. The other one without mental preparations also had a lot of trouble, but he was incapable to overcome his problems and lost his whole money. So where the one found his luck and got the job what he really wants to do, the other lost all his money and had to start again.

8 What can you do to manage your project in a fabulous way? 1.Joyful emotive prayer because without good feelings you can not touch the divine energy for getting answers in your life. to be equipped with feelings that make us different from machines!

9 2. Excellent solutions for a Life worth living Fold your hands across and turn your thumbs up together. Always follow your thumbs with your eyes. Then draw an 8 in the air starting from your chest area, going up the left side around your head, down around your upper body, and the same thing again. Please do this for 30 seconds daily thinking in your mind organization ( your brain) when you go around your head and destiny (your heart) when you go around your upper body. And look up for the good things in your life happen because of this exercise. This exercise is the 1 st step to release your brain, for having a life worth living !

10 Organization (Brain) Destiny (heart)

11 3. Bringing family and career in harmony its not that they trouble each other, its about being together with each other. - with this exercise you are not any more in conflict with this issue, you create harmony! 2 minutes daily, fold your hands, thumb up. Start at the intersection, move up the left side and then draw the figure 8 in the air in front of your eyes. Have in your mind: career and family. They never again trouble each other, because they are in flow, because they are in sync.

12 4. Respect ancient wisdom Pay attention to your emotions, because they turn into thoughts Pay attention to your thoughts, because they turn into words Pay attention to your words, because they turn into actions Pay attention to your actions, because they turn into habits Pay attention to your habits, because they turn into character Pay attention to your character, because it turns into fate. this corresponds to the latest findings of neuropsychology The first are your feelings, the feelings become thoughts, the thoughts initiate actions, and the actions eventually become fate.

13 Rules of life by Dr. Susann Exactly today be happy Exactly today enjoy your life Exactly today respect yourself and live in truly love Exactly today be grateful Exactly today give you a powerful choice to become the wonder you wish to be Exactly today feel free Exactly today be enlightened Exactly today be YOU

14 Thank you for your attention and for your interest in this topic My best wishes to you

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