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Business Studies for International Students.  Kevin Chiang. Vitae on my website.  You can call a faculty member (1) “Professor,” (2) “Professor X,”,

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Presentation on theme: "Business Studies for International Students.  Kevin Chiang. Vitae on my website.  You can call a faculty member (1) “Professor,” (2) “Professor X,”,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Business Studies for International Students

2  Kevin Chiang. Vitae on my website.  You can call a faculty member (1) “Professor,” (2) “Professor X,”, (3) “Dr. X” if he/she has a doctoral degree, or (4) his/her first name only if the faculty member explicitly told you to do so.  Some faculty members do not like to be called “Mr. X,” “Mrs. X,” of “Ms. X.”

3  Name  Major? Why?  Why U.S.? Why UVM?  More about you: sports, music, family, personality, etc.  The most exciting, memorable, or unexpected experience during the past few weeks?

4  Read the syllabus carefully.  If you are sick, send the professor an and do not come.  If you are not sick, you must attend the class.  Be on time. American professors do not like tardiness. Tardiness is interpreted as rudeness, a lack of consideration of others, or a lack of interest.  You should complete all assignments and submit them on time in the U.S.  Participate!

5  Open door policy   Consider me your friend  We can talk about anything you wish

6  Business writing via templates  Business oral presentation  Intercultural communication and leadership

7  Accounting  Finance  Marketing  Human resource management  Entrepreneurship  MIS  International business  Production and operations  Management and the environment

8  Follow your heart  If possible, do double-concentration

9  English proficiency  Networking with American students  Identify American high-achievers as teammates  Attendance  Choosing general education courses wisely  Submit all the works and submit them on time  Check the status of your performance with professors from time to time  Go to see the advisor often and asap  Politely request old exam samples  Study early! One chapter at a time

10  Often tie to current events; not just textbook  Misunderstand the question, particularly essay questions  Seek to clarify the question  Access office for international students? Faculty member’s discretion

11  You should not use a voice recorder or camcorder in a classroom unless you have the permission from the instructor  Teaching materials are instructors’ intellectual properties  You should use teaching materials for educational (not commercial) purposes

12  Most professors have a well-defined grading scheme  For example: 2 exams, each accounting for 30%; 4 reports, each accounting for 10%  Suppose that you earn 89 and 92 (out of 100) for the two exams and 8, 9, 10, and 9 (out of 10) for the 4 reports  Your score: 89× ×0.3 + ( ) = 90.3  This most likely earns you an “A-”

13  A or A+: 4.00; A-: 3.66; B+: 3.33; B: 3.00; B- : 2.66; C+: 2.33; C: 2.00; C-: 1.66; D+: 1.33; D: 1.00; D-: 0.66; F: 0.00  Suppose that you earn the following grades: Course 1 (3 credit hours): A-; Course 2 (2 credit hours): B; Course 3 (3 credit hours): B+  Your GPA: (3 × × × 3.33) / 8 =

14  GPA each semester >= 2.00  If not, on trial   (1)Cumulative GPA < 2.00  (2)Earn too many F’s in a semester ( exceeding a half of credit hours)  (3) Being on trial and still not being able to meet the trial targets  Either (1), (2), or (3) could lead to dismissal  Dismissal = stay in China for 1 year

15  Check your grades at the end of the semester  Check your s about notification  Pack your things before you leave the campus

16  Research is very important for many of them  Tenure system  They often see you only during their office hours  But see them often if you have questions  Equal employment: gender, religion, race, disabilities  Do not close the office door  Service dog

17  Thanksgiving break  Winter break  Spring break  Flushing, NY (LaGuardia airport, LGA)  Get a driver license?

18  Airline ticket, hotel, rental car:  Restaurant reviews:  Better indicator: see how fast a course is filled up (if multiple sections)?  Google maps and street pictures

19  BSAD career development  Sunday edition of major local newspapers  Internet websites:  Major firms’ corporate websites  University job fairs and UVM Career Services (Living and Learning, Building E Main St.)  Through your relationships and relatives in the U.S.  The branch offices of Chinese firms in the U.S.

20  BSAD career development  Your family and relatives in China  International or local firms in your home town

21  Resume/vitae  Cover/application letter  No photograph  Goal: You want these document strong enough to get you an interview opportunity

22  Job preparation is about building a strong vitae  Think about what kind of vitae that you want to build in the next 3-4 years

23  Name, address, telephone number, address  Should not include your age, gender, family, marital status, religion, ethnicity

24  Give the reader an idea of what type of work you want and your plan for advancement and your professional life

25  Universities attended  GPAs  Dean’s list?  Honor college?

26  UVM Career Services  Internships: Chinese firms in U.S.? International firms in China?  TAs, RAs  University jobs  Jobs in China

27  Professional certificates: CPA, CFA level I, etc.  Membership: Investment club, marketing association, etc.  Computer fluency: Excel programming, SAS, etc.

28  They want to hire someone they feel comfortable with: personality, capacity, communication skills, etc.  English fluency  Chitchat  Confidence  Image: look/dress smart and sharp  Know your stuff

29  Dress smartly.  The general rule: dress relatively conservatively; “buttoned up”  Relatively conservative suit and tie for men: dark formal suit in charcoal gray, navy, or black  Relatively conservative dress or suit for women

30  Good fabric (projecting credibility and status): e.g., 100% wool suit  Good fit  Women should wear clothes that give good coverage; the definition of good coverage changes gradually over time

31  Not a trivial task  Excellent English  The first job is always the most difficult one to get  Networking (also in China?), starting with your UVM classmates, both American and Chinese classmates

32  You have a few years to figure it out  Be happy  Learn, not just memorizing  Expecting a challenging first Fall semester  Things get easier after the first Fall semester  When you have any issue, come to see me asap (no need to be shy and wait)  China is rising; going back to Asia (China, Singapore, H.K., etc.) is also an attractive option for many of you

33  4 persons each Thursday

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