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Welcome Back Class of 2015 August 19, 2014. SENIORS “OMG… WE’RE GOING TO MAKE IT!”

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1 Welcome Back Class of 2015 August 19, 2014


3 Just Sayin’….. Brahmas 4 Life!!!

4 SCHEDULE CHANGES (BEGINS THURSDAY OR FRIDAY) Immediate Problems...missing a class/no Eng – email us or come see us ASAP Not Allowed...teacher/period changes Dropping a class/or other changes – place parent signed note in our mailbox/email Dropping Honors/AP... is there a seat in regular?

5 More Schedule Notes Open Classes: – 0 period Admin of Justice & Arch Dsn – 1 st period Rop Construction – 2nd period Sports Marketing – 3 rd /4 th period Health Careers – 5th/6th periods Work Experience If you think you are missing a graduation requirement, see your GLC immediately

6 Do You Need Adult School? Mt Sac High School Referral Program... college prep DBHS Adult School... for graduation only Come see your GLC ASAP. We have both referrals

7 Preparing For College Use Our (updated often) JUCO (Mt Sac/FJC)...2nd semester application CSU’s/UC’ NOW; send in Oct/Nov Privates...different dates – Senior Profile = LOR = Common Application Our website GLC->2015

8 Applying To CSU, UC and/or Privates? LUNCH MEETINGS... no food or drink – Tuesday 8/26 – 12:30- 1 in the Theater

9 Applying to 4-year College and Testing SAT/ACT & SAT Subject Tests...will accept Dec. Playing sports in college? NCAA...see GLC for info Financial Aid...FAFSA (Jan 1)/Scholarships see Mr Desmond Notify colleges, after applying, if you change your schedule or receive a “D” or “F” at a semester.

10 CONDUCT/DISCIPLINE/EXP ECTATIONS Cheating... Cell Phones...Brunch and Lunch only ( never in class and no earbuds/bluetooth) NO GLC Location?

11 Dress Code NO

12 Dress Code OkSave for the Weekend

13 CLEARING FULL DAY ABSENCES Have parents call attendance office the day of the absence. If NOT cleared within three days, absence turns into truancy (full-day cutting)… hour missed=hour owed Notes will be accepted but the office prefers a phone call. If you are ever out of class without an excuse, you’ll have to make the hour up in detention or SWAP.

14 FIRST PERIOD ABSENCES We can’t accept transportation, baby-sitting, or “I didn’t wake up on time” as an excused absence. The consequence for a first period unexcused absence will result in a detention, or one hour for each period missed. Be CAREFUL, when you accumulate unexcused absences, you may be suspended and referred to district office.

15 ARRIVING LATE AND LEAVING EARLY Sign in at the attendance office when arriving late or leaving early. Failure to follow these directions may result in a detention. Leaving campus without permission will be SWAPS, detentions, susp. or a combination.

16 TARDIES No excused tardies Three free tardies to class per semester Free tardies are emergency tardies On the 4th tardy, consequences begin On the 9th, and subsequent tardies, you will be suspended.

17 TARDY SWEEPS Unannounced You must have both a PASS and TEACHER’S PERMISSION when walking outside of class after the bell rings. If you are caught outside your class without a pass, even though your teacher has given you permission, you will get a detention. PE classes must be inside the locker room to be safe from the tardy sweep. If No 5th period, clear campus by 2nd bell or caught in tardy sweep. “But I don’t have a class” is not going to get you off.

18 SENIOR PARKING LOT Do Not Park in Faculty or Visitors Need driver’s license and proof of insurance. Complete paper work and submit to Mrs. Garcia or Mr. Medford this week. Week senior parking and get decal this week Week #2...ALL seniors in lot must have decal or consequences Week#3...senior parking lot lottery


20 You are the leaders at DBHS and others will be looking up to you...Create positive relationships and be there for friends and help others.


22 XV

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