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Working together to streamline KTP recruitment processes in Challenging Times Natalie Lewis, Birmingham City University Lisa McClenaghan, Birmingham City.

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1 Working together to streamline KTP recruitment processes in Challenging Times Natalie Lewis, Birmingham City University Lisa McClenaghan, Birmingham City University Shona Morris, Kingston University

2 Aims: Identify & discuss issues that are impacting on the recruitment of KTP’s at present. Improve understanding of HR practices, new legislation & immigration regulations Share best practice, identify potential solutions and apply those to allow Universities to streamline existing processes Objective: Recommend new way to streamline processes and responding to the changing legislative and economic climate for future recruitment Aims and Objectives

3 Factors impacting on KTP Recruitment 6 Month Recruitment timeframe Streamlining recruitment process Political changes – Immigration Policy Economic downturn / Funding Cost Effective & Innovative advertising Legislation i.e. Equality Act

4 Streamlining the recruitment process in challenging times Develop & Implement a robust process to streamline recruitment Internal approval with key personnel (HR) Internal training for recruitment & selection Compliance with more robust timeframe Consequences of non compliance (6 Months to recruit, Immigration, Law)

5 Political Changes affecting International Recruitment UK Border Agency – UKBA significantly tightening regulations Tier 1: Reduced numbers Tier 2 Sponsorship reduction; number of certificates of sponsorship issued to Universities Tier 4: Student Visas

6 Economic Downturn Economic decline Public Sector cuts - impacting Sponsorship CSR: Reduced funding to support KTP 2011-2015? HEI’s will need to be more selective undertaking KTP projects Impact that may affect growth of KTP numbers Competitive Environment within local & national HEI’s Student Fees

7 Innovative Advertising Techniques Social Networking phenomenon. I-phone / I-pad/ laptops everywhere Fast and Furious communication on a Global Scale possible. Electronic applications Mobile technology permits work almost anywhere (skype) 24/7 accessibility to information. Issues - safeguarding personal data

8 Legislation Legislation is complex & constantly evolving Equality Bill implemented- October 2010: impacts on recruitment particularly health questionnaires / references – important that your panel members have received appropriate recruitment & Selection Training / Equality training Immigration regulations constantly reviewed 2009 RLM (Resident Labour Market test) requirements were extended to 4-weeks

9 Your Queries / Observations? Building effective relationships with your HR dept Early intervention when contractual issues arise: Maternity / Long-term sickness Appropriate recruitment training – panel members Appreciation of external elements outside HR control; speed of referees response / OCH response / UKBA / prospect employee cooperation Case studies – Interactive session for all

10 Tips for Streamlining recruitment Develop streamlined Internal processes Early preparation from EOI; developing and agreed timeline for all parties Prepare proposal / recruitment documentation inline with timeline Templates: Develop generic JD/PS/Advert / Recruitment process map Map in your timeline for advertising as per HE schedules and submit all relevant documentation to HR Consider most appropriate mode of advertising taking in consideration; equality & cost Plan ahead and include proposed interview dates in advert (allow time for short listing and notification of interview details to candidates). Request references a.s.a.p. preferably prior to interviews subject to applicants consent. Ensure selection process is robust and fair improving chance of quality appointment. (Appropriately trained managers involved)

11 Feedback / Outcomes from Group sessions Streamlining recruitment Case studies Immigration Advertising Others???? Any other comments / Observations

12 Working together: KTP Manager responsibilities Liaise closely with colleagues in HR throughout the process. Provide HR with details of advert/job description/person specification fixed purpose clause etc. Identify panel members and provisional interview dates.. Confirm to HR details of all short listed candidates and provide rejection codes for unsuccessful. Provide clear instructions to HR regarding interviews/exercises/maps if necessary in good time. Return all interview notes/applications promptly to HR following interviews confirming preferred candidate(s) and provide reason for rejections of unsuccessful candidates. Confirm acceptance of references and complete and return job Offer details to HR asap. Review and monitor progress regularly keep HR/Company informed of progress/changes along the way. Plan Induction

13 Working together: What the potential KTP Associate employee needs to do Complete required application form by the required deadline Provide details of two referees (include email addresses where possible) Complete and return contract and any other essential documentation a.s.a.p. particularly the Pre-employment Health Check Attend HR to verify their eligibility to work in the UK prior to commencing employment. Verify their qualifications and indicate preferred start date. Attend HR to verify their identity, legal right to work in UK, and qualifications Complete and return all relevant new starter information.

14 Working together: HR support Liaise closely with the Recruiting Manager throughout the advertisement and recruitment process. Arrange to advertise the position, collate all applications post closing date. Prepare short list and interview packs for panel members. Issue interview invites to short listed candidates, and regret letters to unsuccessful candidates. Request and collate references for the Chair Action Job Offer on receipt of confirmation from Chair. Verify eligibility to work and ensure all necessary checks completed prior to start date. HR will also highlight any potential difficulties or delays as soon as they become apparent.

15 Conclusion Despite a rapidly changing world organisations need to recruit new talent and share knowledge to ensure future success. I hope that this presentation has adequately considered some of the key factors that our influencing KTP recruitment. And that the best practice approaches identified will assist you in your efforts to secure future KTP appointments which will contribute to the future prosperity of the UK.

16 Innovative Advertising (West Midlands KTP Portal) Lifestyle sites: Anything that is not a jobs board i.e. Sky sports / fishing sites / Mobile marketing via text messages (smart phones) i.e Social Media i.e. Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin

17 Evaluation / feedback Your feedback is invaluable and will form the basis of the form plenary session this afternoon

18 Thank you

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