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BAILE BUADÁIN NAOMH ÉANNA Strategic Review Open Forum Thursday, 1 March 2007.

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1 BAILE BUADÁIN NAOMH ÉANNA Strategic Review Open Forum Thursday, 1 March 2007

2 Agenda  Introduction  Overview  Workgroup Presentations  Timeframe and Communication  Open Forum

3 Building on Success  Recognise our Success.  Build for the Future.  Everyone has Part to Play.  Positive and Respectful Attitude.

4 Overview  Background  Club History  Review of all Aspects of Club  Approach to Review

5 Club Vision To be the Best Club in Ireland

6 Steering Group Terry O’Neill (Chairman)Colin MoranJohn O’Toole John ArchboldFiona Ní ChorcoráinJohn O’Neill Annette BreenPádraig Ó’DuibhirCathal Ryan Paul HaranDonagh O’FarrellNoel Sheridan (Club General Manager) John KirwanJoanne O’SullivanPaddy Walsh (Club Chairman) Ciarán Magurie

7 The Strategic Review Themes Facilities Club Vision Club Membership Governance Cultural Finance Games Development

8 Workgroups  Games Development  Facilities  Governance & Finance  Cultúr and Social  Membership Surveys / Demographics

9 Governance & Finance Workgroup Goals  Best Club Structures  Formulate Club Policies  Sound Long-term Financial Position  Protection of Club Assets

10 Governance & Finance Workgroup Responsibilities  Review of Club Governance and Finance with reference to: Club Structures Membership Future Club administrators succession plan Long-term financial planning Actions  Recommendations on optimum Club structure  Develop long-term strategic Financial Budget  Formulate Club Policies

11 The Team (so far)  John Kirwan (Chairman)  Donagh O’Farrell (Vice Chairman)  Vincent Carney  Ger Flaherty  Jim Humphries  John O’Neill  Gerry O’Sullivan

12 Games Development Workgroup Goals  Participation, Performance and Enjoyment for Players  Success in Competitions  Model of best practice in Coaching and Games Development  Strong sense of Club Identity

13 Games Development Workgroup Responsibilities  Review Coaching & Games Development in Ballyboden St Endas with reference to Club development goals and plans Standards and developments in CLG and sport in general Circumstances & Trends in modern society Actions  Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.  Formulate proposals to establish Ballyboden St Endas as a model of best practice in Coaching and Games development  Develop Work Plans & Guidelines to implement proposals

14 Games Development – Workgroups Players  Maximise the number of active playing members  Manage Player Development from Nursery to Adult  Provide Structures & Supports to enable players to derive full enjoyment from participation in our games and to achieve full potential, in terms of playing performance and success.  Support the integration, participation, contribution, status and protection of players within the Club.

15 Games Development Workgroup Coaching Establishment of a Coaching Academy in the Club which would  establish and maintain the highest standards of skills development and team coaching throughout all sections of the Club  increase the number of skilled, qualified and active coaches in the Club and optimise their deployment and effectiveness through all sections of the Club  underpin the standard and standing of coaches in the Club through the provision of structured training and continuing development programmes

16 Games Development Workgroup Club Identity & Integration  Facilitate those involved with teams to become more active members and active participants in the social life of the Club  Provide a sporting outlet for non-playing members  Develop closer co-operation and social interaction between all sections of the Club  Build Club identity and Club culture among all members, all sections, all teams and all players.

17 The Team  Coaching: Brian O’Regan Darragh Spain Eugene Duffy / Derek Ward Fiona Ni Chorcorain  Players: Cormac Smyth Micheal Glynn Joanne O’Sullivan Robbie Murphy  Club Identity & Integration:Eamonn Treacy Pat Conway Niomh Madigan John McCormack  General:Vivian Ruddy, Kevin Maguire, Sean Crowley  FacilitatorsCiaran Maguire, Philip Ryan

18 Facilities Workgroup Goals  The aim of the facilities Workgroup is to formulate a plan of action to ensure that Ballyboden St Enda’s GAA Camogie and Ladies Football Club will obtain the optimum benefit from our existing facilities, and to provide for additional facilities deemed necessary for the future development goals and plans of the Club. Responsibilities  Review existing facilities provided for the club’s players and other members.  Examine how these compare with other clubs, both within the GAA and other codes.  Examine our current facilities with specific regard to their location.  Review current projects in light of the existing and future needs of the club.  Examine how, in the context of the use of our facilities, we can improve our involvement with the local communities.  Review future needs

19 Facilities Workgroup Actions  Existing Facilities: In looking at existing facilities, we propose to examine: Pitch development, ongoing maintenance, training facilities, toilet and dressing room facilities. Clubhouse facilities, to include the bar, function rooms, meeting rooms and office and secretarial needs. See how our current structure compares with other clubs. Analyse the costs in providing the club with these facilities. Examine current projects in the light of our existing and future needs.

20 Facilities Workgroup Actions  Location We propose to examine existing facilities with specific regard to their location. Have we spread our base too wide? Do we have too many locations? Should we centralise our location? Is it essential for the future development goals and plans of the club? Is a move to Sancta Maria from Firhouse Road a viable option? What are the pluses and minuses of such a move? Cost? We propose to report on the feasibility of relocation.

21 Facilities Workgroup Actions (cont’d)  Future Needs We must all plan for the future. But this can only be done with a careful analysis of our membership base, our finances, our ability to fundraise and a strategy or plan of action. To enable the membership to agree a plan of action, we feel it is necessary to report in as detailed a fashion as possible, on our existing facilities, current capital projects, the prospect of relocation and or future requirements. We propose to provide such report.

22 The Team (so far) John O’Toole (Chairman)Fergus Reid John Archbold (Vice Chairman)Colin Moran David CurtinMarian Moriarty Joe CleryEoin Dunne Liam Deane Liam Hyland

23 Cultural and Social Workgroup Goals  Develop a sense of community within the club through the organisation of a range of cultural and social activities – a one family sporting, community, cultural and social club  Promote Irish culture in its broadest sense  Assess current provision and seek views of members  Collaborate with other groups to achieve the above

24 Cultural and Social Workgroup Actions  Recommendations on Cultural and Social framework for Club

25 The Team  Pádraig Ó’Duibhir (Cathaóirleach)  Mary Clery  Mary Joe Glynn  Gerry Maher  Ceara Ní Coitir  Seán Flynn (TBC)  Eamonn McKenna  Tomás Ó Riordáin

26 Membership Surveys / Demographic Workgroup Three main tasks  The collection of relevant information from a survey of the club membership to support the other subgroups in carrying out their tasks.  Review the population in the Ballyboden catchment area to establish the potential for new members and new players.  Survey local schools to find out the potential number of new juvenile players.

27 1Survey membership to get information on, for example: profile of membership; opinions about Club structures; what membership should provide; extent of participation/willingness to participate; satisfaction with games / facilities; where are the gaps/how can Club work better; perception of Club as place to socialise? how often one visits the Club? Surveying members Post/email/website? Also… 2. Establish number of teams and project numbers playing in 5 years time; 3. Survey schools to establish current participation in GAA, new juvenile players; 4. Look at population in the catchment area – project future membership...about planning now to build a successful Club for the future..

28 The Team  Annette Breen (Chairperson)  Liam Carter  Sorcha Farrelly  Jane Hogan  Helen McGrath  Kevin Murray  Cormac O’Farrell

29 Communication & Timeline  Project Management  Communication with Members Critical  Consultation Night with Members (October)  Report to Executive (Calendar Year-End)  Implementation

30 Questions

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