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Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College PE Department – F.7 Theory Roles of sports associations & PE in tertiary education.

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1 Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College PE Department – F.7 Theory Roles of sports associations & PE in tertiary education

2 I. Home Affairs Bureau  formulates and coordinates policy and legislation for developing recreation and sport in Hong Kong. It also co-ordinates the strategic planning of recreational and sports facilities.

3 Principal objectives for recreation and sport  to raise the profile of sport and physical recreation in the community, emphasizing the link between exercise, physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle;  to coordinate the provision of high quality recreational and sports facilities;  to encourage collaboration among different sectors of the community in fostering a strong sporting culture in the community;  to support and facilitate the implementation of initiatives which help make Hong Kong a major location for international sports events;  to promote sports exchanges with neighbouring provinces / cities in the Mainland; and  to raise the standard and the profile of Hong Kong sport internationally.

4 II. Sports Commission The Sports Commission (SC) was established on 1 January 2005 to advise the Government on:  the policies, strategies, implementation framework of sports development in Hong Kong; and  the provision of funding and resources in support of sports development in Hong Kong, taking into account the inputs from various stakeholders in sports through partnership and collaboration.

5 The SC is underpinned by three Committees  Community Sports Committee (CSC)  Elite Sports Committee (ESC)  Major Sports Events Committee (MSEC) to help develop and promote community sports, elite sports and major sports events in Hong Kong.

6 Community Sports Committee (CSC)  The CSC is to advise the Secretary for Home Affairs (SHA) through the SC on wider participation in sports through closer partnership with different sectors of the community, and on funding priorities for supporting community sports programme and initiatives.

7 Elite Sports Committee (ESC)  The ESC is to advise SHA through the SC on matters pertaining to high performance sports, provide policy direction to the Hong Kong Sports Institute, and on funding priorities for supporting high performance sports and athletes.

8 Major Sports Events Committee (MSEC)  The MSEC is to advise SHA through the SC on strategies and initiatives through close collaboration with sports associations, tourism industry and the private sector, and on funding priorities for major sports events.

9 III. Leisure and Cultural Services Department  promotes community sports and administers funding support for the relevant organizations under the established sports policy.  develops and manages a wide range of sports and recreational facilities for use by the general public, including sports centre, swimming pool complexes, football pitches, tennis courts etc, which are enjoyed by the public for general recreation use as well as by National Sports Associations (NSAs) for training programmes and holding of local and international sporting events.  supports and organizes sports and recreational programmes for the community, often in conjunction with the NSAs.

10 IV. Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited  set up on 1 October 2004 to provide elite athletes with a quality training environment and support services with the aim of grooming the athletes to achieve good results for Hong Kong in international sporting events.  training base for more than 750 athletes where they can obtain centralised support in terms of training facilities, strength and conditioning, sports science and medicine, as well as accommodation and catering.  support the elite training programmes, the HKSIL receives recurrent subvention from the Government and derives income from other sources such as commercial sponsorship and private donations.

11 Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited  The Elite Training Programme in the HKSI is the centrepiece of the elite sport training network in Hong Kong.  Currently, this programme covers 11"Elite Sports", badminton, cycling, fencing, squash, rowing, swimming, table tennis, tenpin bowling, triathlon, windsurfing and wushu.

12 V. Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of HK  International Olympics Committee recognizes this as sports governing body in Hong Kong  monitors the participation of Hong Kong teams in the Olympic Games, the Asian Games and etc  also aims at enhancing the interest of Hong Kong people towards amateur sports activities  liaison with local sports associations and improving sporting facilities

13 VI. The HK Schools Sports Federation  To promote and organize competitions and sports activities at primary and secondary levels  To promote schools sports at the national level

14 HKSSF has three Councils to facilitate its work. They are the Primary Schools Sports Council, Secondary Schools Sports Council External Schools Sports Council

15 VII. National Sports Associations  the governing bodies of their respective sport in Hong Kong  responsible for planning, administering and coordinating the overall development of their sport, organizing competitions and training courses, and for raising the performance standard of Hong Kong sport at the international level  about 70 NSAs in Hong Kong

16 VIII. Tertiary Institutions offering PE degree programme  Full time Bachelor course – CUHK, HKBU  Part time Bachelor course –HKU  Graduate degree course (Master and Doctorate) – CUHK, HKU, HKBU

17 IX. Jobs in Sports  Sports administration  Recreation management  Sports coaching  PE teaching  Sports marketing  Facility management  Sports sales  Sports media  Sports science and sports medicine  Supporting service

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