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Words for Production 1. stove [ stov ] n. [C] an enclosed apparatus for cooking or heating rooms by burning wood or coal 火爐 They made a fire in the stove.

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2 Words for Production 1. stove [ stov ] n. [C] an enclosed apparatus for cooking or heating rooms by burning wood or coal 火爐 They made a fire in the stove to keep themselves warm in the cold night. *make a fire = build a fire 生火

3 Words for Production 2. miserable [ `mIz1r1bL ] adj. very sad and unhappy 悲慘的,不幸 的 Since their capture by the enemy, the soldiers have been living under miserable conditions. 詞類變化

4 misery [ `mIz1rI ] n. [C][U] 悲慘,不幸 Her baby died and, to add to her misery, her husband left her. * add to 增加

5 Words for Production 3. amazing [ 1`mezI9 ] adj. surprising 驚人的 It’s amazing that there are still a few survivors from the plane crash. 詞類變化 * amazing = surprising * plane crash = air crash

6 amaze [ 1`mez ] vt. 使人感到驚訝 The little girl amazed everybody by her calmness during the kidnaping.

7 amazed [ 1`mezd ] adj. 感到吃驚的 The doctors were amazed that the patient could recover so soon.

8 amazement [ 1`mezm1nt ] n. [U] 驚訝 The audience stared at the magician in amazement. They wondered how he could float in the air. * stare at 瞪

9 Words for Production 4. firefighter [ `faIr&faIt2 ] n. [C] also fireman, a person whose job is putting out fires 消防隊員 The firefighters who saved people at the cost of their own lives have become national heroes. * put out 人為熄滅 The boy scouts put out the camp fire. * go out 自行熄滅 The candle light went out soon. * at the cost of 犧牲 * firefighter = fireman

10 Words for Production 5. inhalation [ &Inh1`leS1n ] n. [U] the act of breathing in 吸入 Inhalation of smoke from someone else’s cigarette is harmful and might cause lung cancer. 詞類變化 * inhalation = breathing in

11 inhale [ In`hel ] vi. 吸入 The swimmer took a long slow breath, inhaling deeply, before he dived into the pool.

12 Words for Production 6. author [ `OT2 ] n. [C] a person who writes a book or newspaper article 作者,作家 This best-selling science fiction has brought its author both fame and wealth. * science fiction 科幻小說

13 Words for Production 7. consequence [ `kAns1&kwEns ] n. [C] something that results from an action or condition 結果,後果 I didn’t study hard enough for the test, and as a consequence, I failed. 詞類變化 * result from 起因於 * as a consequence = consequently 因此

14 consequently [ `kAns1&kwEntlI ] adv. 因而,所以 I missed the train this morning. Consequently, I was late for school.

15 Words for Production 8. irresponsible [ &IrI`spAns1bL ] adj. showing lack of ability to behave carefully and thinking the effect of one’s actions on others 不負責任的 It was irresponsible of the mother to leave her child by himself in the swimming pool. 詞類變化 * by oneself =alone

16 responsible [ rI`spAns1bL ] adj. 負責任的 It’s unfair to say that the bus driver is responsible for the accident. The passenger wasn’t watching her step when she slipped. * be responsible for 負責

17 responsibility [ rI&spAns1`bIl1tI ] n. [U] 責任,負責 Terry said that he would take responsibility for preparing the food for the party. You can rely on him. * take responsibility 負責任 * rely on = depend on =count on 依賴

18 Words for Production 9. mysterious [ mIs`tIrI1s ] adj. that people know very little about; hard to understand or explain 神祕 的;不可思議的 ( 事情 ) Several people reported having seen mysterious lights in the sky. Even scientists could not explain what they were and where they came from. 詞類變化

19 mystery [ `mIst1rI ] n. [C][U] 神祕的事物;奧祕 It remains a mystery whether there are any living creatures in outer space. * outer space 外太空

20 Words for Production 10. unidentifiable [ &^naI`dEntI&faI1bL ] adj. unable to be identified 無法辨識的 Most of the time when the bodies of the air crash victims are unidentifiable, DNA tests must be depended upon.

21 Words for Production 11. figure [ `fIGj2 ] vt. to guess; to think 推測,認為 Kelly is half an hour late. I figure I’ve been stood up. 詞類變化 * stand up (slang) 不守約 My girl friend stood him up again.

22 figure [ `fIGj2 ] n. [C] 人影;人物 There were two figures in the dark that I couldn’t recognize. Political figures usually care very much about their public image. * in the dark 在黑暗中 * political figure 政治人物

23 Words for Production 12. duty [ `djutI ] n. [C][U] something that one has to do because it is his/her responsibility 責任 It is the duty of every citizen to obey the laws. * 遵守法律 obey / follow /abide by the laws 違反法律 break / violate the laws

24 1. a couple of a few 幾個 There’s no hurry. We still have a couple of minutes left. Idioms and Phrases * a couple of = a few

25 2. on a...basis the stated way of carrying out an action, process, etc. ( 做事的某種 ) 方 式,原則 All rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. Idioms and Phrases

26 3. lock up to make a building safe by locking the doors 鎖 ( 門 ) Don’t forget to lock up before you leave. Idioms and Phrases

27 4. count on to depend on; to rely on 依靠,指望 Instead of counting on her parents to support her, Grace made her own living after graduating from college. Idioms and Phrases * count on = depend on = rely on 依靠 * make one’s own living 自食其力

28 5. take over to accept (something or duty, responsibility, etc.) (from someone else) 承擔,接替 ( 責任等 ) The airline has promised to take over the responsibility for paying people hurt in the accident. Idioms and Phrases

29 6. in the face of when dealing with difficult situations or dangers 面臨 The government insisted on the educational reforms in the face of public opposition. Idioms and Phrases * S + insist on + N. S + insist that + S + (should) + 原型動詞. * educational reform 教育改革

30 7. turn one’s back on to ignore (something); to refuse (to help someone) 枉顧,漠視;不理睬, 拒絕 ( 幫助 ) They have turned their backs on the very principles they are elected to uphold. He has always been kind to me. Now he is ill and poor; I cannot just turn my back on him. Idioms and Phrases * turn one’s back on = ignore

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