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三態變化 規則變化 不規則變化 1. A-B-B型 2. A-B-A型 3. A-B-C型 4. A-A-B型

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Presentation on theme: "三態變化 規則變化 不規則變化 1. A-B-B型 2. A-B-A型 3. A-B-C型 4. A-A-B型"— Presentation transcript:

1 三態變化 規則變化 不規則變化 1. A-B-B型 2. A-B-A型 3. A-B-C型 4. A-A-B型
5. A-A-A型 A-B-型

2 p.44 規則動詞 ask asked asking jump jumped jumping need needed needing
open opened opening watch watched watching

3 字尾有不發音的e,去e加ing believe believed believing enable enabled enabling
like liked liking receive received receiving waste wasted wasting

4 字尾是ie,將ie改成y,再加ing die died tie tied lie lied dye(染色) dying tying
lying dyed dyed dyeing

5 字尾是子音+ y ,去y改成i,再加ed bury buried burying cry cried crying apply
applied applying study studied studying try tried trying

6 字尾是母音+ y ,直接加ed enjoy enjoyed enjoying play played playing obey obeyed
obeying stay stayed staying employ employed employing

7 字尾是單母音+單子音 , 重複字尾再加ed/ ing
beg begged begging drop dropped dropping fit fitted fitting plan planned planning stop stopped stopping

8 重音節在第二音節,且字尾是單母音+單子音 重複字尾再加ed/ ing
con`trol controlled controlling e`quip equipped equipping occ`ur occurred occurring per`mit permitted permitting pre`fer preferred preferring

9 注意! su`ggest suggest visit offer picnic traffic ed ed ing ed ed ing ed
ked ked king ked ked king

10 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 say said saying lay laid laying pay paid paying 放置、下蛋

11 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 sell sold selling tell told telling

12 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 catch caught catching teach taught teaching

13 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 fight fought fighting buy bought buying bring brought
bringing think thought thinking seek sought seeking 尋求

14 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 have had having has hear heard hearing make made making

15 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 build built building lend lent lending send sent sending

16 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 sit sat sitting get got getting shoot shot shooting

17 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 lose lost losing win won winning shine shone shining
shined 照耀 擦亮

18 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 smell smelt smelling spell spelt spelling hold held

19 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 feel felt feeling keep kept keeping weep weeping sleep
slept sleeping sweep sweeping wept wept swept swept

20 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 meet met meeting feed fed feeding bleed breed flee
bled bled bleeding bled bled bleeding fled fled fleeing

21 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 lead led leading leave left leaving deal dealt dealing
mean meant meaning

22 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 dig dug stick stuck sticking strike struck striking

23 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 hang hung hanging hanged swing swung swinging sting stung
stinging 懸掛 絞死 搖擺

24 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 stand stood standing understand understood understanding

25 不規則動詞 A-B-B型 find found finding founded founding wind wound winding
wounded wounding 發現 建立 捲, 上發條 傷害

26 不規則動詞 A-B-A型 run ran running come came coming become became becoming
overcome overcame overcoming welcome welcomed welcoming

27 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 sing sang sung singing ring rang rung ringing sink sank
sunk sinking drink drank drunk drinking begin began begun beginning swim swam swum swimming

28 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 speak spoke spoken speaking steal stole stolen stealing
break broke broken breaking choose chose chosen choosing freeze froze frozen freezing

29 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 bite bit bitten biting hide hid hidden hiding

30 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 bear bore born bearing tear wear wore worn wearing swear
tore torn tearing swore sworn swearing

31 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 rise rose risen rising drive drove driven driving ride
rode ridden riding write wrote written writing

32 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 take took taken taking mistake mistook mistaken shake
mistaking shake shook shaken shaking

33 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 know knew known knowing grow grew grown growing blow blew
blown blowing throw threw thrown throwing fly flew flown flying draw drew drawn drawing

34 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 go went gone going do did done doing

35 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 give gave given giving forgive forgave forgiven forgiving
forget forgot forgotten forgetting see saw seen seeing fall fell fallen falling

36 不規則動詞 A-B-C型 lie lay lain lying show showed shown showing is am was
been being are were

37 注意! lie lay lain lying laid laying lied 放置 , 下蛋 說謊

38 不規則動詞 A-A-B型 beat beaten beating

39 不規則動詞 A-A-A型 bet betting cut cutting hit hitting cost costing hurt
hurting burst bursting

40 不規則動詞 A-A-A型 let letting set setting put putting shut shutting read
reading spread spreading

41 不規則動詞 A-B-型 shall should - will would can could may might must had to

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