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Finding the best Education Blogs… Mississippi Association of School Administrators Fall Conference 2013.

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1 Finding the best Education Blogs… Mississippi Association of School Administrators Fall Conference 2013

2 “In time of change, learners inherit the earth…while the LEARNED find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” ~Eric Hoffer

3  Informational site published on the web, consisting of "posts" typically displayed in reverse chronological order  A form of social networking in which bloggers not only produce content, but also build social relations with their readers  May provide commentary on a particular subject; function as more personal online diaries; function more as online advertising, etc.

4  Dangerously Irrelevant (education reform) Dangerously Irrelevant This blog is aimed at helping resolve incongruities of K-12 students and school leaders. The curator of the website also blogs on education at the Huffington Post online.  Edudemic (social media) Edudemic What is the best way to improve education using social media? That’s the big question that Edudemic hopes to answer.

5  Flipped Learning (new ways of teaching) Flipped Learning Flipped Learning was proposed by Jon Bergmann, a teacher, educational coach, and writer who has helped educators around the world reconsider what education can look like.  Flypaper (Predominately Higher Ed) Flypaper Tutorials, engaging commentary on pedagogy, and productivity through the use of technology. A voice to standards in major subjects that readies student for college or life after it.

6  Free Technology for Teachers (free tech resources and tech reviews) Free Technology for Teachers The purpose of this site is to share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms.  Geeky Momma’s Blog (free resources) Geeky Momma’s Blog Former teacher and manager of educational technology for her school district, blogging- mommy Lee Kolbert provides free downloads and tips on using social learning.

7  The Innovative Educator (creative teaching ideas) The Innovative Educator This blog is a great place to look for fresh ideas about how to teach students course material.  Linking and Thinking on Education (education news) Linking and Thinking on Education A journalist for many years, Joanne Jacobs started her education blog in 2001. The website many links to the blogging community.

8  MindShift (research, policy, & cultural issues) MindShift MindShift explores the future of learning in all its dimensions—covering cultural and technology trends, groundbreaking research, education policy and more.  The Organized Classroom Blog (tips for primary- grade management and effectiveness) The Organized Classroom Blog The Organized Classroom is aimed mostly at primary-grade teachers sharing ideas on effective teaching methods, keeping the classroom organized, and engaging students.

9  Stephen’s Web (online media in education) Stephen’s Web Stephen’s Web is best described as a digital research laboratory for innovation in the use of online media in education.  Technology with Intention (tech integration) Technology with Intention This blog specializes in public learning about technology and education and focused on tech integration in the classroom, specializing in early adolescence.

10  Study Skills Blog (learning styles) Study Skills Blog This snazzy blog offers views from administration, valuable study tips, insights on online classes, and even facts like…chewing gum can improve memory.

11  The Thinking Stick (infusing technology) The Thinking Stick Educator, consultant and author Jeff Utecht writes about preparing students for changing patterns in learning and using social networks in education.  This Week in Education (education news) This Week in Education This Scholastic-based blog presents major trends and issues in U.S. education today.

12  Try Curiosity! (library issues and literacy- related news) Try Curiosity! Voted “Best Librarian/Library Blog” by Edublog Awards in 2010, and awarded Teacher Certification Degrees’ “Top 50 School Library Blog.”  ZDNet Education (tech reviews for education, ed-tech business news) ZDNet Education ZDNet Education provides news and analysis on IT and computing in the education sector.

13  The Next Generation of Educational Leadership (educational leadership) The Next Generation of Educational Leadership This blog, written by a Texas administrator, focuses on 21 st -century educational eadership strategies.  Edublog’s 2012 “Best School Administrator or Principal Blog” Finalists Edublog’s 2012 “Best School Administrator or Principal Blog” Finalists ◦ Darcy Moore – Winner Darcy Moore ◦ The Principal of Change – Runner Up The Principal of Change ◦ A Principal’s Reflections – Runner Up A Principal’s Reflections ◦ This and That – Runner Up This and That

14  RSS – Rich Site Summary  Often referred to as Really Simple Syndication  Enables users to automatically receive updates from their favorite websites or aggregate information from several sites  Readers ◦ Feedly Feedly ◦ Bloglines Bloglines  Subscribing ◦ Individual URL’s ◦ RSS feed button on site

15  Edublogs Edublogs  21Classes 21Classes  WordPress WordPress  Blogger Blogger

16  Top 100 School Administrator Blogs Top 100 School Administrator Blogs Compiled and hosted by, this article introduces and categories some of the top administrator blogs around.

17  Collaboration with Digital Tools eacher-collaboration-with-digital-tools/  E-books for Educators  Learning with Blogs and Wikis al-leadership/feb09/vol66/num05/Learning- with-Blogs-and-Wikis.aspx

18 Rick Smith MSMS Admissions Director for School Advancement The Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science 1100 College Street, MUW- 1627 Columbus, MS 39701 Tel: 800-553-6459 662-241-6439 Fax: 662-329-8570

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