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The Kite Runner analysis.

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1 The Kite Runner analysis

2 motif/found poem/deconstruction
Keep track of one of the following motifs throughout the novel, by collecting quotations which refer to it, implicitly or explicitly. Remember that a motif is a recurring symbol, pattern, or theme. Your quotations do not have to include the actual word, but the essence of it. kites clefts/divisions doubles parallels between the personal and the political sacrifice and blood writing and story what is home? journey guilt and forgiveness identity loyalty courage deception dreams masculinity idealism and truth

3 quotations Keep track of the quotations that refer to your motif.
At the end of the novel, you will have a list of all of the quotations related to your motif. Create a found poem with an analytical paragraph that explains the significance of your motif.

4 the found poem Arrange the quotations collected in order to create a found poem which reinforces one or more of the significant themes of the novel. The quotations may be used out of sequence. Make minor editorial changes in the quotations to improve the clarity and artistry of your poem: remove/re-sequence a quotation, omit a word, add a word, change word endings for tense or number, add/change articles¸ etc. Consider your choices related to punctuation, capitalization, line breaks, stanza breaks, indentation or spacing to increase effectiveness. Do NOT make any editorial changes which change meaning. Your goal is to be true to the themes of the novel.

5 the illustration Use one or more simple graphics to illustrate your found poem. Your graphic elements will help to reinforce the significant ideas this motif builds and how it works. Your graphic may represent how the motif changes over time.

6 the deconstruction Write a detailed deconstruction of Hosseini's purpose in using this motif addressing EACH of the following questions in its own paragraph. In what way(s) does this repeated imagery build the significant themes/ideas of the novel? What does this imagery suggest about human nature? Explain the purpose behind the motif - provide examples of this purpose in action with the quotations - how does your evidence and explanation work?

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