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Unit Introduction. Can a flawed hero seek redemption?

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1 Unit Introduction


3 Can a flawed hero seek redemption?

4 Week 1: Agenda MON. MAY 4WED. MAY 6FRI. MAY 8 Begin The Kite Runner Historical Perspective HMWK: Read p. 1-34 Characters & Friendship in The Kite Runner HMWK: Read p. 35-79 Writing Response Tradition of Kites HMWK: Read p. 80-109

5 How does our history impact our stories?

6 Khaled Hosseini Khaled Hosseini  Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1965, the son of a diplomat and a teacher.  Lived in Tehran, Iran, and Paris, France, for parts of his childhood. In 1980, granted political asylum and moved to California.  Graduated from high school, college and medical school in California.  Practiced medicine and now a writer. The Kite Runner was his first novel, published 2003.  Works with the United Nations Refugee Agency, as a goodwill envoy.

7 Inspiration…  Relationship: Khaled taught Hussein Khan, his family’s ethnic Hazara cook to read and write despite the social injustice and racial bias imposed by their society. Hussein KhanHussein Khan  Memories: Fond recollections of pre-Soviet era childhood in Afghanistan.  Literature: Persian stories and poems, characters and themes presented in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.

8 Where is Afghanistan?

9 A Brief History of Afghanistan  A landlocked country located in central Asia, focal point of regional trade and migration.  1800-1900s: Buffer state in rivalry between British Indian Empire and Russia.  1919, 1924: Declared full independence and first constitution is established.  Through 1970s: Ruled by monarchy then constitutional monarchy.  1933 – 1973: King Mohammad Zahir Shah reigned during the longest period of stability.

10 Afghanistan during The Kite Runner 1973: King’s brother-in-law waged a coup and declared a republic. 1978: People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan organized an coup, promoted freedom of religion and women’s rights. 1979: USSR invaded, killed the president and up to 2 million civilians. Over 5 million fled the country. 1989: U.S. sent aid to the mujahadeen to stop communist expansion, Soviets withdrew.

11 Historical Perspective  Since 1979, Afghanistan has been in a continuous state of open warfare.  There are various ethnic groups: Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and others. Pashtu and Dari are considered the official languages.  Approximately 99% of the population is Muslim; of those 84% are of the Sunni sect.  There has been a long history of an ethnic hierarchy. Traditionally, Pashtuns have dominated the country.

12 Let’s begin the book!  What is the setting and time frame of the opening of he novel? What history is referenced?  How are we introduced to friendship?  When are kites mentioned and how?


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