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My Muscular System My muscles move my body like strings move a puppet.

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2 My Muscular System My muscles move my body like strings move a puppet.

3 The muscular system is made up of… muscles and tendons

4 How many muscles do I have? I have about 650 muscles in my body. My muscles make up half of my body weight. ??? How much do your muscles weigh?

5 My muscles are important because they… Hold my organs in place Hold my bones together so that I can move Help me chew my food Open and close my eyelids Pump my blood Allow me to run and play Help me to smile!

6 Did you know????? It takes more muscles to frown than to smile?

7 What are muscles made of? Stretchy, elastic cells and fibers What else is stretchy like a muscle?

8 Why do I need tendons? Tendons attach my muscles to my bone helping my body move. Feel your tendon right above your heel in the back of your leg. This is the thickest tendon in your body.

9 One way to keep my muscles strong… Eat foods from the meat group every day. They are high in protein which helps to build strong muscles. Name some foods that are high in protein.

10 Another way to keep strong muscles… Exercise every day. What are some things you can do every day to help keep your muscular system healthy?

11 1. Each muscle is made up of long slender cells called __________. Muscles produce their movement by the __________________ of these fibers. 2. Skeletal muscles attached to strong connective cords called ____________ and the __________ are, in turn, attached to ___________________.

12 3. The _________________ is located on the bone that remains relatively stationary and the ___________ is located on the bone that moves when the muscle ______________. 4. Most of the time, both opposing muscles are both partly ____________. This is called ________________. Tone makes it possible for a muscle to react more ______________ when needed.

13 5. Skeletal muscles are named according to _____________ and ___________. Examples are _____________, which pivot a bone upon its axis; _____________, which bend or decrease the angle of a joint; ______________ which straighten or increase the angle; ___________________ which move one part toward another or toward a midline; and their opposing muscles, the ________________.

14 What did you learn? In your journal, describe how the muscular system and skeletal system work together.

15 Write each question and answer in detail. 1. What parts make up the skeletal system? 2. What do bones start out as? 3. Describe the purpose of bone marrow. 4. Describe how gliding joints, ball and socket joints, and hinge joints work. Give examples of where to find each. 5. What holds joints together?

16 6. What are 3 types of muscle tissue and where do we find each type? 7. What is the difference between a flexor and extensor? 8. Describe the function of tendons.

17 Our Flexible Frame: Video Quiz 1. Together our skeletal and muscular system give our body shape and allow us to walk and run. An important job of the bones is _____________the internal organs of the body. These include such organs as the lungs and heart. A. to protect B. to shape C. to restrict D. to grow

18 2. We must have a balanced diet for our bones and muscles to develop. Vitamins and minerals such as __________ help bones to grow and become strong. Foods such as milk and dairy products are rich in these minerals. A. niacin B. calcium C. iron zinc D. Spongy bone

19 3. There are different kinds of bones in the human body. One kind called ___________ is very strong yet light in weight. This type of bone gives us freedom of movement which is so important In the many sports we enjoy. A cartilage B. compact bone C. long bone D. Spongy bone

20 Our blood system supplies all of the body's cells with food and oxygen. The red blood cells which carry the oxygen are produced in the _____________ of the bones. This is a very important function of the bones since red blood cells are used up and must be constantly replaced. A. yellow marrow B. red tissue C. white marrow D. red marrow

21 5. Specific bones have a special job in protecting the internal organs within our bodies. The brain is protected by the __________. This type of bone covers the brain tike a helmet and cushions it against any injury. A. skull B. ribs C. spinal column D. sternum

22 6. Another series of bones protects the spinal cord. The _____________ which is made up of vertebra prevents injury to the spinal cord. The spinal cord is responsible for all body movement. A. skull B. spinal column

23 7. A series of bones which looks like a cage protects other body parts. The________ guard the lungs and heart against injury. A. skull B. ribs C. spinal column D. sternum

24 8. The muscular system enables the bones to move in various ways. Those specific muscles that are attached to bones are called_________ muscles. They are found throughout all parts of our body. A. Skeletal B. Cardiac C. Smooth

25 9. Another set of muscles assist the heart. The _______ muscles keep the heart beating throughout our lives. They consist of strong bands of muscles that wrap around the heart. (A) skeletal (B) smooth (C) voluntary (D) cardiac

26 10. A third kind of muscle is found inside of various internal organs. The _____ type of muscle tissue is found inside of our stomachs and blood vessels. They are strong and assist the movement of liquids through these organs. (A) skeletal (B) smooth (C) voluntary (D) cardiac

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