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Sprain / Strain Josipa Karamarko Mentor: A. Žmegač Horvat.

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1 Sprain / Strain Josipa Karamarko Mentor: A. Žmegač Horvat

2 SPRAIN stretch and/or tear of a ligament caused by a sudden pull one or more ligaments can be injured at the same time severity of injury —› extent of injury and number of ligaments involved

3 STRAIN injury to either a muscle or a tendon as a result of suddenlly pulling them too far simple overstretch of muscle or tendon, or result of a partial or complete tear

4 What Causes a Sprain? fall sudden twist blow to the body that forces a joint out of its normal position and stretches or tears the ligament supporting that joint

5 Where Do Sprains Usually Occur? most common site: the ankle frequently occur at the wrist sprain to the thumb common in skiing and other sports

6 What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Sprain? pain swelling bruising instability loss of functional ability sometimes a pop or tear when the injury happens


8 What Causes a Strain? twisting or pulling a muscle or tendon acute or chronic —› recent trauma or result of overuse

9 Where Do Strains Usually Occur? two common sites: the back and the hamstring muscle hand and forearm, elbow

10 What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Strain? typical—›pain, limited motion, muscle spasms, possibly muscle weakness localized swelling, cramping, or inflammation and, with a minor or moderate strain, usually some loss of muscle function

11 How Are Sprains and Strains Treated? RICE Therapy

12 Rest Ice Compression Elevation

13 Can Sprains and Strains Be Prevented? Avoid exercising or playing sports when tired or in pain. Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet to keep muscles strong. Maintain a healthy weight. Practice safety measures to help prevent falls. Wear shoes that fit properly. Replace athletic shoes as soon as the tread wears out or the heel wears down on one side.

14 Do stretching exercises daily. Be in proper physical condition to play a sport. Warm up and stretch before participating in any sports or exercise. Wear protective equipment when playing. Run on even surfaces.

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