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New Fads in Teen Alcohol Use October 10, 2009 Pamela S. Imm, Ph.D. LRADAC, The Behavioral Health Center of the Midlands.

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1 New Fads in Teen Alcohol Use October 10, 2009 Pamela S. Imm, Ph.D. LRADAC, The Behavioral Health Center of the Midlands

2 2 What has changed…  What kids drink (potency)  How much kids drink  Frequency of drinking  Age of initiation  Availability  Definition of a “drink”  Parental/adult supervision

3 3 What else has changed…  Trends Party scene is changing! Impact of technology Products Use of multiple substances

4 4 Age of Initiation  Nearly 1/3 of youth begin drinking before age 13  The peak years of alcohol initiation are 7 th and 8 th grades  Average age of initiation Females:14.36 Males: 13.90 The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Reduce Underage Drinking 2007

5 5 Youth Binge Drinking  Binge drinking – Women: 4 or more drinks in a row Men: 5 or more drinks in a row  Youth (12-20) 5 drinks/occasion – 6 times/month  Adults (26+) 2-3 drinks/occasion – 9 times/month The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Reduce Underage Drinking 2007

6 6 Just the Facts…  Alcohol is the most widely used substance of abuse among America’s youth.  By age 15, approximately ½ of boys and girls have had a whole drink of alcohol – not just a few sips; by age 21, approx. 90%  Highest prevalence of alcohol dependence in any age group is among people ages 18-20  Early, heavy drinking is associated with increased risk for adverse lifetime alcohol-related consequences The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Reduce Underage Drinking 2007

7 7 Influences of Underage Alcohol Consumption  *Normal maturational changes  *Multiple social and cultural contexts  Genetic, psychological and social factors specific to each adolescent  *Environmental factors that influence the availability and appeal of alcohol The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Reduce Underage Drinking 2007


9 9 It’s all in the family…  Alcopops  Flavored alcoholic beverages (FABs)  Flavored malt beverages  Ready-To-Drink beverages  Malternatives  Low-alcohol coolers/refreshers

10 10 The “New” Kid on the Block Alcoholic Energy Drinks

11 11 Production of Alcopops  A liquid is derived from malt  It is filtered to remove most or all taste, odor and alcohol  “Flavoring” is added to the liquid, which includes distilled alcohol  Product distributed as malt beverage (most or all brewed alcohol is removed – distilled alcohol only)  Beer classification

12 12 Why the Classification?  Advantages – Beer is: Advertised on electronic media Taxed at substantially lower tax rates Available in a greater # of retail locations, particularly those likely to be frequented by underage drinkers

13 13 SECTION 61 ‑ 4 ‑ 10 Nonalcoholic beverages defined The following are declared to be nonalcoholic and nonintoxicating beverages:  all beers, ales, porters, and other similar malt or fermented beverages containing not in excess of five percent of alcohol by weight;  all beers, ales, porters, and other similar malt of fermented beverages containing more than five percent but less than fourteen percent of alcohol by weight that are manufactured, distributed, or sold in containers of ten ounces or more or the metric equivalent;  all wines containing not in excess of twenty-one percent of alcohol by volume.

14 14 SECTION 61 ‑ 4 ‑ 170 Beverages resembling vegetable, fruit or soft drinks  It is unlawful for a person, with or without a beer or wine permit, to sell or to offer for sale a beverage generally used as and for a soft drink rather than as a medicine or for cooking purposes having an alcoholic content, when the beverage resembles in color and general appearances a vegetable drink, a fruit drink, or a soft drink….

15 15 SECTION 61 ‑ 4 ‑ 180 Labeling  It is unlawful for a person to sell or otherwise introduce into commerce nonalcoholic and nonintoxicating beverages lawful under the provisions of this title, unless labeled in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Alcoholic Administration Act and rules and regulations promulgated thereunder. A violation of this section subjects the nonalcoholic and nonintoxicating beverages found in the possession of a person violating this section to seizure, confiscation, and sale, as provided in Section 61 ‑ 6 ‑ 4310.

16 16 “Girlie” Drinks  Began in 1984 with the introduction of wine coolers  Using sweet-flavored beverages (alcopops) to attract less-experienced female drinkers  Fun, sexy, cool – less risky to drink

17 17

18 18 What you should know about alcopops…they’re full of calories! Brand Calories (per 12 oz) Smirnoff Ice228 Bacardi Silver225 Bacardi Silver Raz225 Bacardi Silver O 3 225 Bacardi Silver Limón225 Skyy Blue235 Henry's Hard Lemonade315 Jack Daniel's Hard Cola232 Mike's Hard Lemonade220

19 19 AlcopopCalories Smirnoff Ice228 Bacardi Silver225 Skyy Blue277 ProductCalories 12 oz Regular Beer145 12 oz can Cola150 1 Hostess Twinkie150 1 Krispy Kreme glazed donut200 1 pck chocolate-covered malt balls180

20 20 Zima  ZIMA XXX® - ZIMA was the first-ever malternative, launched in 1992.  In 2004, Coors reformulated the recipe and launched ZIMA XXX, available in bold colors and flavors, including: Hard Lemon Lime, Hard Black Cherry, Hard Punch and Hard Orange.  Zima was reformulated in 2007 and is available in three citrus-based flavors.  Zima is lighter in carbonation and alcohol content, making it more drinkable and lower in calories than the old formula.

21 21 Anheuser-Busch Products

22 22 Out With the Old…

23 23 …In With the New

24 24 Bacardi Silver  A clear malt beverage made with natural citrus flavors and features a crisp, refreshing taste. Bacardi Silver Peach Bacardi Silver Watermelon Bacardi Silver Raz Bacardi Silver O3 Bacardi Silver Big Apple Bacardi Silver Strawberry

25 25 Tequiza  The nationwide rollout of Tequiza in 1999 was one of Anheuser-Busch's most successful new-product introductions ever. Tequiza is the first American-made malt beverage combining lager beer with real blue agave nectar and the natural flavor of lime.

26 26 Miller Brewing

27 27 Sparks  Very sweet, orange citrus flavor  Carbonated  Addition of taurine to boost energy effects  The “new” Red Bull and vodka

28 28 Rockst  r “Energy” Drinks

29 29 Joose  According to its packaging, Joose is comprised of malt beverage, caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and natural coloring. *** (9.0-9.9% ABV) ***

30 30 Alcohol & Energy Drinks  Young adults combine alcohol and energy drinks to: improve physical performance in sports, increase stamina, increase endurance, improve reaction speed and concentration, increase mental alertness to stay awake and focus while studying, improve overall “well-being,” and to stay out later and party longer.

31 31 What’s the big deal?  Caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics, so dehydration is a possible issue.  Combining strong stimulants (caffeine or caffeine-like stimulants) with a heavy depressant (alcohol) could cause cardiopulmonary or cardiovascular failures.  Both stimulants and alcohol contribute to a loss of coordination and balance.

32 32 What’s the big deal?  Both stimulants and alcohol affect the body's ability to regulate temperature.  Stimulants may cause drinkers to feel more alert, making them perceive themselves as less impaired for driving or other dangerous activities.  Stimulants cause drinkers to stay awake and alert longer, possibly extending the length of time they will continue drinking.

33 33 Price Comparison Alcoholic Brand  Rockstar 21$1.59  Sparks$1.53  Tilt$1.53 Nonalcoholic Brand  Rockstar Juiced$2.03  Lost Energy$2.07  SoBe Adrenaline Rush$2.03

34 34 How can you tell the difference?  Non-alcoholic energy drinks have nutrition facts and ingredients listed  Look for labeling of alcohol content (although it may be very small)

35 35 Mike’s Hard Lemonade  The "Mike's" product line now includes the following brands: Mike's Hard Lemonade (5.2% alcohol, 7% outside US) Mike's Hard Iced Tea Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade Mike's Hard Berry (5% alcohol) Mike's Hard Lime (5% alc/vol in 11.2 fl oz bottle) Mike's Light Hard Lemonade (4% alcohol) Mike's Hard Frozen Lemonade Mix (alcohol included) Mike-arita Mike's Hard Crisp Apple (5% alcohol)

36 36 Mike’s Premium Malt Cocktails Ready drink cocktail from the bottle: 1.Lemon Drop – most popular bar shot 2.Crantini - #1 juice mixer for cocktails 3.Screwdriver – one of the most well known and established cocktails in US

37 37 Wet Willy’s  Made with high quality ingredients including the finest grade gelatin, premium wine alcohol, and natural flavors. Passion Punch Karmakazi Blue Islander Purple Shooter Melon Drop Golden Splash

38 38 Wet Willy’s – Party Ideas  Make your next Super Bowl party truly super by bringing Wet Willy's Edible Drinks. With their wide range of colors and exotic flavors you can show your true colors by matching the tastes you like with the colors of the team you love.

39 39 Smirnoff Ice  SMIRNOFF ICE is a beer alternative brewed using a malt base that gives ICE a refreshing citrus flavored taste. SMIRNOFF ICE is brewed using a malt base and contains a special recipe that gives it a clean, crisp, refreshing taste that doesn't weigh you down.

40 40 Smirnoff Raw Tea  A delicious iced tea beverage with an invigorating taste experience  Takes natural raw tea brewed in a premium malt beverage that is then ice-filtered 5 times to create a powerfully smooth, infinitely refreshing taste that is naturally loaded with flavor

41 41 Seagram’s Liquid Haze  The unique black raspberry and grape blend provides a bold tasting experience for those seeking something out of the ordinary  Smooth Green Machine – has a “more adult taste”

42 42 Tooters  Tooter Lingo Liqueurs “the most innovative packaging of distilled spirits produced in the last fifty years.” BaMamaHama Red-Diculous On The Beach Yellin' MelonBalls Blu-Dacious Kamikazi Zipperhead Ala Bama Slama Lemon Drop  For the ultimate convenience - included the glassware and even poured the drink. It really is "The Party in a Tube."

43 43 The “Next Generation of Shots” Fun and EXTREMELY interactive In order to enjoy this flirtatious shot, you’ll need a partner. That’s right, it takes two to tango with this tasty treat. One person to “Suck” and another to “Blow”. It is the interaction of two people that make it so popular.

44 44 Pocket Shots  Now you can have it one shot at a time, any place, anywhere.  Each Pocket Shot is sealed in a near unbreakable, flexible, squishable, pocket stuffable pouch making them perfect for active activities, outdoor adventures, and glass restricting venues.  You are limited only by your imagination!

45 45 Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

46 46 Starbucks Liqueur

47 47 Just Around the Corner…

48 48 Bong Spirit Vodka  The bottle, which takes the shape of a bong and led to the brand name, clearly stands apart from every other brand on the shelf.  A collector series of bottles featuring the art of several up and coming artists.

49 49 Smirnoff Source  The beverage is light, crisp and perfectly balanced to deliver the ultimate in refreshing taste.  With a suggested retail price of almost $10 for a 4-pack, Smirnoff Source™ will provide adult consumers with a new choice – an ultra-premium alternative to domestic beer.

50 50 Flavored Liquor

51 51 Clothing/Apparel

52 52

53 53 Reef Dram

54 54 Reef Fanning Sandal  CHURCH KEY TO OPEN YOUR "SODA" BOTTLE

55 55 You Be The Judge

56 56 Alcohol Industry “Responsibility”  For every “responsibility” ad aired in 2002, there were 226 alcohol product ads. For every $ spent on “responsibility” ads, the industry spent $99 on product ads.  Brewers’ and beer wholesalers’ “responsibility” programs have been more effective as public relations tools that as serious prevention; no evidence of effectiveness Do more to build brand awareness and loyalty than discourage problem drinking

57 57 Risky Business – It’s not Just About Drinking & Driving  Risky sexual behavior - unintended pregnancy, STIs/STDs  Academic failure  Criminal behavior – committing rape, assault, murder, etc.  Becoming the victim of rape, assault, robbery, murder and other violent crimes

58 58 Underage alcohol use is not inevitable, and schools, parents and other adults are not powerless to stop it. The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Reduce Underage Drinking 2007

59 59 Contact Information Kristy A. Stoneburner, MPH, CHES, CPP LRADAC, The Behavioral Health Center of the Midlands (803) 733-1390 ext. 140

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