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Supreme Manufacturing – Providing Quality Beverages for Todays Markets.

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1 Supreme Manufacturing – Providing Quality Beverages for Todays Markets

2 Supreme – Our Company Welcome to the world of Supreme, in which our products and service truly make a World of Difference. Headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey Supreme brings 30 plus years of providing quality beverages to the food service industry. Our current product line consists of over 300 different products and continue to grow every day. Our lab is constantly formulating new products and can assist you in creating new proprietary beverages

3 Supreme – Beverage Alternatives Juices Coffees Teas Lemonades Drinks Gourmet Syrups Granita Mixes Cocktail Blender Mixes & Margarita Mixes Bar Mixes Soda Syrups Slush Syrups

4 Supreme – Juice and Juice drinks One of the nations largest juice packers, we select citrus suppliers and products that deliver the high quality standards our customers are use to. 100% Orange Juice – Florida Orange Concentrate Grapefruit Juice – Florida Grapefruit Concentrate 100% Apple Cranberry Juice – Ocean Spray Pineapple Juice – Del Monte Grape, Fruit Punch Drinks Lemonade & Teas – Caffeine Free – Sweetened – Flavored Teas Drink Bases Sugar Free Drink Bases

5 Bag-in-Box and Cartridge Pack Juice Dispensing Premium 100% juice or juice blends Shelf Stable - No freezer or refrigeration space required No thawing of concentrate required Minimal preparation and storage No waste – dispense juice as needed Available in bag-in-box or cartridge pack Cartridge Pack – 3/96 ounce cartridges per case Bag-in-Box – 3 gallon or 5 gallon upon request

6 Supreme – Fruit Drink Bases Supreme offers non-carbonated Fruit Drink Bases in a wide assortment of flavors, juice content and concentrates. Fruit Drinks 10% Juice 7 + 1 mix ratio Vitamin C (60 mg of Vitamin C in 8 ounce serving) Fruit Drinks – No Juice 7 + 1 or 5 +1 Minimum USRDA of Vitamin C Reduced Calorie Fruit Drink 11+1, 15+1, 19+1

7 Supreme – Fruit Granita Our fruit granita concentrates are manufactured with the highest quality fruits available. These fruits must be firm in texture and brilliant in color to produce a smooth creamy beverage. Our Frozen Granita concentrates are packed 6 – ½ gallons per case 4 +1 Mix Ratio Available fruit flavors – Strawberry, Raspberry, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Lemon, Pina Colada, Orange Cream, Peach, Grape, Margarita, Banana, Run Runner, Blue Hawaii, and Mango.

8 Supreme – Cappuccino Granita Our cappuccino granita base delivers a cappuccino flavor with nice hint of mocha and vanilla. Truly a refreshing beverage for any season. Our cappuccino granita concentrates are packed 6 – ½ gallons per case 3 + 1 mix ratio Available Flavors – Mocha Cappuccino – French Vanilla

9 Supreme – Frozen Cocktails Supreme Frozen Cocktails mixes are made with fruit purees and fruit juices to provide the ultimate frozen cocktail every time. Our Frozen Cocktail Mixes are Packed: – 6 – ½ gallons per case – 4 – 1 gallons per case – 1 liter bottles – Bag-in-box also available for high volume locations Available Cocktail Mixes – Margarita Frozen, Over the Rocks, Strawberry, Pina Colada, Raspberry, Peach, Lime, Mango, Banana, Orange Cream, Mai-Tai, Bahama Mama, Kiwi, Guava, and Hurricane

10 Supreme – Lemonade & Iced Tea Our lemonade and iced tea concentrates are manufactured using real lemon juice, providing just the right balance of tartness and sweetness. Packaging options – 6 – ½ gallons per case – 4 – 1 gallon – Bag in box – 32 oz. pet bottles Iced Tea flavors – Southern Sweet Tea and Unsweetened Tea – Peach Tea Sweet, Orange Tea Sweet, Lemon-Mint Tea, Raspberry Tea Sweet, Cranberry Tea Sweet, White Tea w/Pomegranate, Green Tea

11 Supreme – Slush Bases / Frozen Drinks Our slush concentrates are manufactured using the highest quality flavors available. Our slush concentrates are packed 4-1 gallons Available flavors: Orange, Banana, Raspberry, Grape, Melon, Peach, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Grape, Cola and Blue Raspberry Neutral base & lemon water base: Packed 4- 1 gallons

12 Supreme – FCB Syrups Our FCB concentrates are manufactured using the highest-quality flavors available. Our FCB concentrates are available in – 3 gallon Bag-in-Box Available flavors – – Cola, Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch, Bubble Gum, Cherry Cola, Orange, Grape, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Strawberry.

13 Supreme Customers Schools and Universities Day Cares Restaurants Delis Hotels and Motels Casinos – buffets and employee dining Corporate Cafeterias Hospitals Nursing Care Facilities Food Courts Military Convenience Stores Ice Cream Shops Coffee Shops Supreme manufacturing provides beverages for customers in a variety of food service operations.

14 Juice, Frozen Cocktails and Slush Equipment Options Equipment is available from select specialty distributors. – Juice dispensing equipment is available in two valve, four valve, or six valve dispensers. – Front-loading dispensing equipment or remote bag-in-box equipment. – Preventative maintenance available. – Granita Machines & Cocktail Machine are available.

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