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Brand Information.

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1 Brand Information

2 Brand History Seagram’s Extra Smooth vodka:
The Smoothest Name in Vodka Seagram’s Vodka was launched nationally in January 2003 In June 2003, 4 flavors (Apple, Raspberry, Citrus and Vanilla) were introduced into the US market. Black Cherry and Orange were launched in 2005. Seagram’s Vodka won the Double Gold Award at the 2003 San Francisco World Spirit Competition

3 Brand Vision 2005 Brand Objective
To become a major player in the Standard Vodka segment achieving 1 Million cases by 2007 2005 Brand Objective Build awareness and trial Gain additional distribution / display activity Increase focus on small size business

4 Brand Target Consumer Who is the Seagram’s Vodka primary drinker?
SV Base: 21-39, M/F, 60/40 SV Flavors: 21-29, M/F, 40/60 Any Smirnoff consumer

5 Seagram’s Vodka: Quality Statement
Seagram’s vodka is extremely neutral in flavor, clean, crisp and of course extra smooth Seagram’s Vodka is made from the finest American grain. It does not contain any additives To achieve its “extra smooth” quality, Seagram’s Vodka is distilled using a state of the art continuous five-column process. Additionally, it is distilled at a higher proof using a cleaner end product so no charcoal filtering is required Seagram’s Vodka’s award winning premium smoothness is ideally enjoyed straight in Martinis or other neat recipes. It is also suited to be mixed with juices, tonic and other spirits normally mixed with vodka

6 Seagram’s Vodka Flavor Line – Quality Statement
The award winning Seagram’s Flavored Vodka line is made with exceptionally smooth vodka distilled through a state-of-the-art five-column process and infused with natural flavor, offering a distinctive sensory experience that only the renowned quality of Seagram’s Vodka can deliver All Seagram’s Vodka flavors (Apple, Raspberry, Citrus, and Vanilla) are made from the finest American grain. They does not contain any additives, only natural flavors Best enjoyed as a martini, with club soda or a variety of other mixers

7 Quality Statement Seagram’s Platinum Select Vodka – 100 Proof
Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka -750ml PET Platinum Select, a five column distilled 100 proof vodka with a smoothness that offers the ultimate vodka experience Made with the most discerning consumers in mind, Platinum Select is ideally enjoyed straight in Martinis or other neat recipes. It is also suited to be mixed with juices, tonic and other spirits normally mixed with vodka The award winning Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka can also be enjoyed in a convenient travel size 750ml PET bottle designed to meet the needs of the on-the-go consumer

8 Awards 2003-2005 2004 & 2005 IMPACT “Hot Brand” Award
2003 Double Gold Award, San Francisco White Spirits Competition 2004 Wine Enthusiast Rated as a Very Good / Recommended Brand 2005 American Culinary Institute Chef’s Best Award Adams Growth Brands – 2004 & 2005 #1 Rising Star

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