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Sports Nutrition: Sports Drinks Sara Oldroyd MS RD Utah State University Extension.

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1 Sports Nutrition: Sports Drinks Sara Oldroyd MS RD Utah State University Extension


3 Are You Drinking Enough? Recommend 9 cups for women and 13 cups for men as a starting point SKIN FLUIDS LUNGS FOOD URINE METAB. FECES

4 Loss of 1%-2% of body weight in fluid  Thirst signal Loss of 2% or more of body weight causes muscle weakness  Lose significant strength and endurance Loss of 10%-12%  Heat intolerance Loss of 20%  Coma and death

5 General guidelines:  Drink 3 C of fluids per each pound of weight loss during activity  Check urine color  Drink fluid freely 24 hours before event  Drink 1 ½ -2 ½ C two-three hours before event  Consume ½ - 1 ½ C every 15 minutes for events lasting longer than 30 min.  Lose no more than 2% of body weight

6 TOO MUCH WATER Overburden the kidneys Low blood electrolyte concentrations Blurred vision

7 SPORTS DRINKS Recommended for activity > 60 minutes  Help maintain blood glucose level and blood volume  Delay “bonking” Supply electrolytes <60 minutes  Nutrients are easily replaced by diet

8 Sports Drinks – What’s in them? Carbohydrate Sodium Potassium Other Vitamins and Minerals


10 GATORADE History Nutrition Facts:  50 Cal/8 fl oz  0 g fat  110 mg Sodium  30 mg Potassium  14 g Carbohydrate (5%)


12 SPORTS DRINK WITH PROTEIN “Protein added to a sports drink improves fluid retention.”  2.5 % Body Weight loss  During a 3-hr recovery “Failure of protein to improve time trial performance when added to a sports drink.”  Cycling time trial  Adequate amounts of fluid  No additional benefits

13 Bottom Line: Sometimes helpful (but not as often as most people think) The “lay public” is sold on the simple concept that sweat should be replaced with a beverage similar in composition to sweat. They disassociate the act of eating from electrolyte replacement

14 SPORTS DRINKS Its not just Gatorade TM anymore…


16 Sports Drinks with Stimulant Caffeine Guarana Green tea Ephedrine Acts as stimulant to raise metabolism, but more often used, less of an effect.

17 Other Ingredients Herbal supplements  Not enough evidence  May interact with medications B vitamins  Release energy from food Taurine: Amino Acid  Plays a role in muscle contraction?

18 Caffeine Amts in different drinks Red Bull: 80 mg/8 oz Coffee: ~125 mg/8 oz Chocolate bar: 30 mg (theobromine) Tea: 40 mg/8 oz Caffeine WILL help performance in most cases NCAA and IOC have banned caffeine at certain levels

19 Take Care Be cautious about energy drinks!


21 RESOURCES Presentation: trition/lunchnlearn USDA MyPyramid: Australian Institute of Sport: s.asp

22 CITATIONS Contemporary Nutrition, Gordon Warlaw and Anne Smith Food, Nutrition & Diet Therapy, Jacqueline Berning

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