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Portfolio Sample works 1. Our capabilities 2 Learning Approach CoursewareDevelopment Tools LearningManagementSystems Compliance Custom AICCSCORM Custom.

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1 Portfolio Sample works 1

2 Our capabilities 2 Learning Approach CoursewareDevelopment Tools LearningManagementSystems Compliance Custom AICCSCORM Custom Engaged LearningRapid Learning

3 Certificate in sales excellence 3 A comprehensive training initiative to equip and empower the front line field staffs with Business knowledge, technical and professional skills to deliver retail sales excellence Technical skills Business knowledge Professional skills Defined career advancement

4 Expert certification in 48 months 4 Months 37 to 48 Expert  Level 2 - months 31 to 36  Level 1 – months 25 to 30 30 days Advanced Intermediate  Level 3 - months 17 to 24  Level 2 - months 9 to 16  Level 1 – months 1 to 8 Foundation Each level is mapped to a specific set of courses, which when completed enable participants to achieve expert certification within 48 months of commencing the training program

5 In the spirit of collaboration 5 We have included a framework to ensure that the training is an ongoing, sustaining process bolstered by sharing, collaboration and involvement. Share Update Connect Corporate & training news, Success stories Ace Learning Centre Learning Community MobileNewsletter Ace community Profiles Group Sharing  Experiences  Photos  Comments  Ratings Learning Path Certification tracks Learning path online courseware Assessments Learning aids Download learning aids, ‘How To’ videos, Guides Feedback Ideas Suggestions

6 STAGE 1: Discover (Analysis) Fitting into Interakt’s 5D implementation 6 OUTPUT Content Analysis Technical Architecture Analysis Requirement Needs Analysis PROCESSINPUT Content Sources Project Requirement Gathering Client Brief RFP High Level Proposal Learning Requirements Document High Level Proposal

7 The Vision 7 To empower, enable, and transform the enterprise-wide sales force into highly engaged, career-minded brand ambassadors committed to sustaining Bankers’ position as the provider of choice to all segments of its market.

8 Composite Agent Profile 8 70% male, 30% female Majority middle- age or older Predominantly caucasian Non-high school graduates to advanced degree holders Highly diverse career and work backgrounds Wide range of life experiences

9 The challenges 9 Disconnected user experience Varied Audiences Inefficient resource utilization Challenge: Bring together separate online properties to collectively and consistently represent the best of the Brocade brand Challenge: Create seamless and rewarding experiences for highly diverse audience needs including customers, partners, employees and members of the public. Challenge: Eliminate redundancy of content and promote more efficient use of resources and greater scalability. Multiple technology platforms Challenge: Rationalize the technology landscape to simplify maintenance, unify experience and deliver greater return on assets

10 How Interakt can partner with you to bring the Brocade vision to life 10 Collaborate on strategy & planning  Develop a strategic roadmap to create a unified, seamless online user experience  Define and conceptualize an architectural framework for optimizing Brocade’s digital presence Execute tactical initiatives that will  Communicate a consistent brand message across all digital channels  Deliver a rewarding experience for online users across multiple touch points Provide ongoing services and support to ensure  Continuous improvement in online usability, design, and integration  Speedy Identification and appropriate action on new challenges and opportunities as they arise

11 How the properties connect today Subset of blogs Registration, login, search Registration & login  Brocade resources  Software downloads  Documentation & e-books  Blogs/forums  Brocadepedia Brocade Communities  Software downloads  Documentation  Licensing information Duplication of content, interlinks, incomplete content tagging

12 Envisioning a seamless user experience 12 Single sign on Corporate online presence For customers, partners, employees Focused on storage networks & Brocade products Single platform for content management & collaboration Template Database Single platform for Community Content Database

13 The seamless user experience 13 ON PC ONLINE Downloads brochures & documentation Browses blogs, customer feedback and videos ON PC ONLINE Googles information on Cloud optimized solutions for enterprises; lands in Brocade Communities Checks licensing options for an enterprise solution Sends in an enquiry on mgmt request Registers at MyBrocade Makes an enquiry through “The first step” - A customer prospect story Uses the quick quote calculator ON TABLET

14 The seamless user experience 14 ON PC ONLINE Downloads brochures & success stories related to proposed solutions Selected licensing options for proposed solution ON PC ONLINE Receiving request, refers product portfolio for best fit solution ON TABLET Replies to enquiry with details, resulting in concrete lead for sales Makes it to the Brocade ‘Hall of Fame’ Gathers corporate resources from Shares experience Blogs on successful lead generation “From enquiry to interest” - An employee story

15 Realizing the vision - Short term 15 Strategic Consulting DesignTechnologySupportImplementation Strategic consulting for a unified and structured user experience framework for Brocade Implementing quick enhancements on existing UI to make it more consistent and intuitive

16 Realizing the vision - Long term 16 CMS Design  Technical & functional architecture  UI framework standards & design for new environment  Prototype Technology  UI templates development for properties  Platform installation & configuration  Testing Implementation  Migration  Deployment Architecting a homogeneous technology platform to support Brocade’s digital presence across multiple channels

17 Interakt’s methodology 17 Long Term Implementation of this architecture will involve Deployment  User acceptance testing  Setup of production environment  Deployment of sites to production Discover  Finalization of the most appropriate technology & platform landscape for Brocade  Migration study Develop  Setup and configuration of platform landscape  Development of UI templates  Development of technology backend  Integration of platform with components  Development of migration utilities Design  Design of technical & functional architecture  Design of UI framework & templates −Wireframes, mock-ups  Development of prototypes  Migration planning Define  Lorum Ipsum

18 Thank you 18

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