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QAI Global Services Software Engineering and Testing Practice.

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1 QAI Global Services Software Engineering and Testing Practice

2 Introduction QAI’s Software Engineering and Testing practice provides services to organizations, to enhance their productivity, quality, and hence reduce the overall cost of various software development activities. The testing programs are conducted in partnership with QAI’s strategic partner for testing services, Edista Training Institute (ETI) The offerings of this service are: Competency building through Training Workshops, Online Trainings, Career Learning Paths and Finishing School programs Consulting for software engineering and testing process implementation and improvements Knowledge sharing forum for different organizations and individuals through seminars, conferences and social networking site for software testing community Certification programs Assurance and assessment of organization process maturity

3 Competency Building Through Training Workshops Training programs are conducted as public workshops, in-house training for corporate participants, certification training programs, specialized testing induction programs, and free seminars. Software Engineering course topics include: Estimation techniques Software Configuration Management Essential Requirements Management Deploying Agile Process for Software Product Development Software Testing course topics include: Structured Methods for Software Testing Software Test Estimation Effective Requirement Analysis for Testers Detailed list of all workshops is available at

4 QAI Global Institute’s E-Learning Suite QAI’s elearning programs enable a software engineer to understand the software development process model and implement effective testing techniques throughout the development life cycle. The courses offered are: SE100: Software Engineering Process Approach SE101 : An Introduction to Software Engineering SE102 : Software Process Models SE103 : Common Process Framework SE104 : Software Process Improvement SE105 : Advanced Software Process Models SE 500: Software Testing SE501 : An Introduction to Software Testing SE502 : Test Case Design Techniques SE503 : Software Testing Strategies Detailed list of all workshops is available at

5 Course Snap Shots: Content-based / Audio-based

6 Suggested Career Paths QAI provides "just-in-time" training to professionals enabling them to choose courses in a sequence that are most appropriate to their current requirements. Path 2: Becoming a Process Engineer Path 1: Becoming a Test Engineer & Test Manager

7 Understanding the organization Organizational training culture User acceptance to eLearning training programs Suggesting a learning solution based on requirements Sharing best practices and case studies Implementation strategies Marketing eLearning Driving user acceptance Overcoming resistance Creation of action plans Marketing collaterals Designing of Marketing collaterals E-Learning Consulting Services

8 Over 200,000 elearning course licenses. Worldwide usage for the past 2 years A 3 year enterprise wide usage contract Over 40,000+ users Client for over 2 years Over 200,0000 elearning course licenses A 3 year enterprise-wide usage contract 28 online courses …and others Some Significant Clients

9 Testing Service Portfolio Edista Testing Institute, an extended arm of the QAI ENTERPRISE focuses especially on SOFTWARE TESTING services

10 Gap Analysis Project Plan Gap Analysis Checklist Gap Analysis Report Gap Analysis Action Plan Industry Best Practices Testing Quality Models Testing Training Material Gap Analysis Checklist Domains Sub Domain Sub Domain Focus Area Best Practices Gap Analysis Report Evaluate Capabilities of Testing Test Process Assessment

11 Certifications Administered by QAI Global Institute Products CSQA – Certified Software Quality Analyst CSTE – Certified Software Tester CMST – Certified Manager for Software Testing STP – Software Testing Professional ASTP – Advanced Software Testing Professional CSPE – Certified Software Process Engineer CQSPE - Certified Quantitative Software Process Engineer CSPM - Certified Software Project Manager Achievements 34000 + IT professionals certified in 43 countries. 22000 + IT professionals certified in India alone. 4000+ professionals certified in TCS, 2000+ professionals in Infosys & Accenture each and 800+ professionals in Cognizant For further details, refer to Certified Manager CMST

12 Finishing School Career Enabling Programs for Individuals Create ready deployable talent for the testing activities for corporates Provide industry relevant education for individuals Programs offered Diploma in Software Testing Advanced Diploma in Software Testing Foundation Program in Functional Testing Advanced Program in Functional Testing Models of Operation Train & Place with Open Sourcing Train & Place with Active Sourcing Distance Learning Training Support Model Companies which have recruited our students include: Deloitte, Accenture, Invenger, Narus Networks, TriVium Systems, Inautix, Gingersoft Media Solutions, Genevasoft, App Labs, Dexler, Proteans, Learning Mate, National Aeronatuics Laboratories, SAP Labs, and Nous Information Systems.

13 Internal Career Program For Individuals

14 Online Communities Online community of 2000+ testers World’s first online technical community on Software Testing 16 Gurus as active participants Accessible only by invitation Works as a not for profit setup for promoting latest developments in Testing Best practice Warehouse 380+ research papers available online for users Papers available on best practices of Software Engineering and Testing Exclusive access to our customers Not for Sale For posting jobs, and soliciting candidates across the globe Free for organizations and candidates 5 categories of job postings eligible

15 Fast Facts Online Knowledge Exchange Platform for practicing professionals 2000+ members from over 40 countries participate for knowledge exchange 16+ gurus regularly participate and exchange ideas, and practices First and only invitation only technical community for testers. 300+ Clients for Process Improvement across 30+ countries Administered 12 Certifications, Certified over 35000 professionals Strong team of more than 40 Process Consultants 40 Focus areas of Testing Competencies Over 1800 satisfied students trained on software testing in India alone

16 Industry Recognition

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