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Students will identify and explain the Contributions of the Roman Empire Roman Contributions.

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1 Students will identify and explain the Contributions of the Roman Empire Roman Contributions

2 System of Laws Code of justice Innocent until proven guilty Basis for many law codes

3 System of Laws today We use a system of laws to keep peace. We have a court system to prove innocent or guilty.

4 Latin Language Written and spoken language of Rome Language of the Roman Catholic Church Many languages today are based on Latin

5 Latin Language today Most of the world’s languages are based on Latin French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German

6 Spread of Greek Ideas Preserved Greeks medicine Took architectural / Art ideas Copied their believes in Gods and Goddess

7 Spread of Greek Ideas We use Roman and Greek ideas like art, language, architecture, and literature

8 Spread of Christianity Brought people together Gave the peasants something to believe in

9 Spread of Christianity Christianity is second largest monotheistic religion in the world today. The Roman Catholic Church is still one of the largest churches.

10 Greater Freedom for Women First culture to give women value Women were allowed to own property Given more freedom

11 Greater Freedom for Women Same rights as men Run for political office More Freedom

12 Development of the Dome More space in a small area Added and improved Greek architecture

13 Development of the Dome All Capital buildings have dome shaped roofs. Dome shaped buildings are a sign of wealth.

14 Development of Aqueducts Transports water to the center of the city Connects cities farther inland Saved time and energy

15 Development of Aqueducts Today we have…. the California Aqueducts that supply Los Angeles with water from Northern California. the Erie Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes.

16 Network of Concrete Roads Made travel easier and smoother Able to quickly transport soldiers throughout the empire. “All roads lead to Rome.”

17 Network of Concrete Roads Everyone traveled to school on a road. Roads have connected people throughout the entire continental United States. Where would you be without roads?

18 Military Organization Better to control a large army Gives a chain of command and ranks the soldiers Gave every soldier a specific duty from privates to generals.

19 Military Organization In America today… the military uses the rank system and chain of command. organization / structure helped to build one of the world’s most powerful militaries.

20 Republican Form of Government Gave citizens a voice in the government Allowed for participation Made people feel valued First government not to be ruled by the military

21 Republican Form of Government In today’s world… Rome’s idea was the basis for the United States government. people are valued and voices are heard. a republic is one of the three powerful forms of government along with monarchy and communism.

22 Assessment Question Select one Roman contribution and explain why it is a contribution.

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