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The Lasting Contributions of Rome

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1 The Lasting Contributions of Rome

2 Standard 7.1.1 Study the early strengths and lasting contributions of Rome (e.g., significance of Roman citizenship; rights under Roman law; Roman art, architecture, engineering, and philosophy; preservation and transmission of Christianity) and its ultimate internal weaknesses (e.g., rise of autonomous military powers within the empire, undermining of citizenship by the growth of corruption and slavery, lack of education, and distribution of news).

3 Background Knowledge Internal weakness and outside invasions contributed to the decline of the once great Roman Empire. Nevertheless, Rome left a rich legacy.

4 Architecture Public Works - structures built by the government for public use. The Romans built public baths, temples, bridges, forums, and marketplaces Statues, paintings and mosaics decorated buildings

5 Engineering The Romans invented concrete, which was stronger and easier to use than stone and designed huge arches and domes with it. Concrete was used to build more than 50,000 miles of roads. This network of roads helped unify the empire.

6 Water Supplies Public fountains supplied clean water to citizens.
Sewer systems carried away wastewater. Public baths were available for all to enjoy.

7 Water Supplies Aqueducts carried water from miles away.
Comprised of arches, a covered channel and a road or footpath

8 Roman Law and Language In 451 B.C., the leaders of the Republic wrote the Twelve Tables. They were posted for all to see.

9 Law and Citizenship Although the Twelve Tables changed some ideas stayed constant Good government based on rule of law All citizens have equal rights under the law Multicultural – consisting of many different cultures and religions

10 Influence of Roman Law Limited to Roman citizens Rules for foreigners
International Law The United States and many European and Latin nations have been influenced by Roman law. Principles of the Roman Republic, such as equal justice under the law, are part of our government

11 The Legacy of Language The Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, French…) are based on Latin, the language of the Romans. Our alphabet is based on the Roman alphabet.

12 The Christian Religion
Christianity, based on the teachings of the Jewish prophet Jesus Roman officials feared a Jewish rebellion and executed Jesus Early Christians were persecuted, but in the 300’s A.D., Emperor Constantine made it the official religion of the Empire.

13 Legacy of Ancient Rome Architecture Monuments Forums Public Baths
Engineering Concrete Arches Domes Aqueducts Law Rule of Law Legal Systems Language Romance Languages Religion Christianity

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