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IMAGINE SPENDING A DAY WITH NO WATER CAN YOU. INTRODUCTION Ms. Disha Madan : Director Company : OZO NANO SCIENCES Bengaluru – Karnataka – Republic of.

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2 INTRODUCTION Ms. Disha Madan : Director Company : OZO NANO SCIENCES Bengaluru – Karnataka – Republic of INDIA Contact: + 91 - 9845016035 / 9880513930 WEBSITE: THEME: NANO TECHNOLOGY relevance in water, wastewater, air, soil and agriculture sectors. Products : NOXXALL – NOXXAIR – NOXXIT

3 SYNOPSIS The velocity of embracing new solutions is likely to accelerate. With heightened concern in wastewater technologies, it is a stimulating time to be working in this sector. Scientific research enabling, innovative technologies have increased and the rate of adoption to new processes is also expected to increase in the coming years. It is important to challenge conventional approaches, stereotype methodologies to determine where value can be derived, re-evaluate systems’ efficiency, and move towards innovative ways of doing things, same things but differently. To embrace innovation, you have to embrace change

4 SYNOPSIS Advanced Oxidation Processes are making RAPID headway globally as they have successfully demonstrated in degradation of unruly compounds and are a tool to meet increasingly stringent global regulations as well as protecting public health and the environment. Advance Oxidation Technology is about creation or liquefying of ozone to form hydroxyl radicals which are highly reactive to organic, inorganic and heavy metal contaminants. Has the potential to kill many types of viruses, bacteria and pathogens to beyond reproduction levels within a short time from a few seconds to a maximum 6 minutes either in water or air. Our formulations employ environmental friendly FOOD GRADE ingredients, which are not hazardous. Small doses treat large volumes of wastewater to POTABLE STANDARDS for NON POTABLE USES. NON TOXIC – NO ODOUR – NO RESIDUE – NO FUMES

5 OBJECTIVES OF EMERGING NANO TECHOLOGY : NANO formulated innovations revolutionize and set trend in water, wastewater treatment, air pollution control and soil remediation. Affordable and cost effective technology. Cuts down on huge capital investment – less than one third Easy up gradation with minimum outlay – less than one third Dependency on power consumption – less than 25% Advanced Oxidation Technology Plant installation - within 3 - 4 weeks. Turn around time of treatment of any volume - less than an hour

6 BRIEF HISTORY OZO NANO SCIENCES a company incorporated in the year 2005 initiated commercial activity in 2009 after extensive research, tests and trials. Product applications Jointly researched by department of environmental sciences of the Prestigious Bangalore University – Certified by Dr. Nandhini – Chairperson – Environmental Sciences – Bangalore University. Product range designed for :- AIR :disinfection – purification – odor elimination. WATER: disinfection – de-contamination SOIL: rejuvenation - remediation. On going research for application in health and other sectors. Non hazardous – friendly to humans, animals, fishes and plants.

7 COMMERCIAL VENTURE Prospects for our FUTURISTIC PRODUCTS are very bright and extremely profitable. Gestation period for return on investment under 2 years. Economic viability is high with huge profit margins, having immense potential for valuation in terms of FOREIGN CURRENCIES. Our products have wide scope for diverse applications in the fields of health, agriculture, wastewater, water, air, soil and many more for commercial exploitation and contribution towards social obligations.

8 ECONOMICS DESCRIPTION – PER LITERIN RUPEES Cost of bottled mineral water –12-00 Cost of tanker water supplied – Uncertain quality0.12 Cost of water supplied by corporation – High chlorination 0.10 Cost of recycled – NOXXALL treated wastewater to potable standards for non-potable uses 0.04 REUSE APPLICATIONS Landscape sprinkleMaintain green environs at public / private properties / gardens / Highway median Lake and pond fillingHelps increase ground water table Vehicle washingPublic transport buses, trains, trucks etc Toilet flushingDomestic, commercial and public utility. AgricultureFarming

9 GOAL to capture and commercially exploit local - global markets. to recycle city sewage (grey / black) discharge. Targeted markets are developed, developing and under developed countries…well all in all the entire global market. SOCIAL OBLIGATION towards conservation of water and lend a hand to save environment. REDUCE – RECYCLE – REUSE is the Mantra.

10 EXCLUSIVITY We take pride in mentioning that presently we do not have any GLOBAL COMPETITION for our technology….hence this make us and our products UNIQUE…. Truly a GREEN TECHNOLOGY A technology based on the conceptual lines of PANCHA BHOOTA……having applications for and in…. AIR – EARTH – WATER – SPACE – FIRE


12 OZO NANO SCIENCES BANGALORE - INDIA Thank you. + 91 - 9845016035 / 9880513930

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