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Use of Innovation and Technology in Environmental Protection and Testing Supporting Services from Hong Kong Productivity Council.

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1 Use of Innovation and Technology in Environmental Protection and Testing Supporting Services from Hong Kong Productivity Council

2 As a major industry supporting organization, HKPC has been active in the deployment of innovation, technology and best practices to support the community in the area of : Advanced manufacturing Information technology Environmental protection Business operation

3 Environmental Innovation On environmental protection, our missions focus on supporting the business and manufacturing sectors to achieve : –Progression to low carbon economy –Reduction of environmental pollution to meet regulatory requirements –Effective utilization of resources and energy –Compliance with emerging environmental requirements in international business and trade –Development of environmental industry through environmental product innovation

4 Innovation and Technology Development Strategies 1)Working closely with Government Departments such as EPD, ITC and the industry to identify the needs 2)Early involvement of potential technology / business partners and potential users whenever possible 3)The technology should be able to be productized and pilot system be field tested and performance be verified 4)Mature technologies will be transferred to private sector under licensing agreement

5 Low Carbon Technology LED Office Lighting Box reduces 30-40% energy consumption then the traditional flourescent tube lighting Development of an Idle-stop System to reduce motor vehicle emission Development of an Electric Minibus for green transportation Progression to Low Carbon Economy

6 Environmental Regulatory Compliance Air Pollution Control Food Industry / Restaurant The ‘CrystalVent’ Electronstatic precipitation oil mist control system developed for food factory / restaurants Community Smoke Nuisance Reduction The ‘QianYin’ Smokeless Joss Paper Furance for reducing smoke nuisance generated from temples The Smoke Control System developed for funeral parlour Indoor Air Quality Control The Indoor Air Disinfection System able to reduce the concentration of bacteria in indoor air by at least 90% Examples of the Developed Environmental Technology / System

7 Water Pollution Control Construction Industry AquaSed System for the treatment of Wastewater discharged from construction site Electroplating / Electronic Technology S-IX System for removing Heavy metal for wastewater Application of S-IX System in a Printed circuit board factory (8,000 m3/day) Food Industry Award winning BM-Combo Membrane Bioreactor for treating high-strength organic wastewater Use of BM-Combo System to a treat the wastewater discharged from a group of bean curd factories which have been causing stream pollution problem Environmental Regulatory Compliance Examples of the Developed Environmental Technology / System

8 Effective Utilization of Resources and Energy The DMS Dual Membrane System developed and installed in a printed circuit board factory in Dongguan (5,000 m 3 /day) The greywater recycling system developed and installed in City University (70 m 3 /day) A food waste to fertilization convention system for transforming organic waste into fertilizer Resource Reuse and Recycling

9 HKPC’s Support to the Testing and Certification Industry

10 HKPC is now actively supporting the development of the industry by : a) Participating in the development a professional recognition scheme to attract and retain young professionals b) Involving in the formulation of a Qualification Framework for the industry c) Promoting emerging and new testing and certification opportunities to industry (I) Capacity Building

11 (II) Collaboration in the Development of New Testing Methods and Certification Schemes Chinese medicine / medical device Quality Food / Healthcare Product Scheme Nano-Product Certification Scheme Quality Far-infrared Product Testing & Certification Scheme Quality LED Lighting Product Testing & Certification Scheme

12 (III) Facility Sharing EMC Laboratory Watch & Clock LaboratoryOdour Laboratory Reliability Laboratory

13 Functions of New EMC Chamber The new EMC Chamber is targeted to be completed in early 2011, and a)will be capable of serving as a new testing site for the following purposes: Radiated Emission - Measurements of radio disturbance field strength for frequency range from 1GHz to 18GHz (current chamber limited at 1GHz); and Radiated RF field immunity testing for frequency range from 80MHz to at least 6GHz (current chamber limited at 1GHz); b)can perform tests as according to the latest international requirements (e.g., EN55022, EN 61000-4-3, CISPR 25, ISO 11452-2, ETSI standards)

14 New Reliability Testing Facilities and Challenges There is the fast demand from electronic industry on high reliability testing The upgraded services will include Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) X-ray Inspection Drop & Shear Test HALT and HASS for meeting the increasingly stringent testing standards and requirements by industries demanding high reliability performance  To support local T&C industries, electronic manufacturing and trading industries. HKPC is enhancing its facilities to meet demands of local industry in developing high reliability electronics products.

15 (IV)Market Promotion by Strengthening Connection with Manufacturers in PRD We will promote the local T&C industry through our regular contacts with PRD industry associations

16 Potential Areas for Future Co-operation New Energy Low Carbon Transportation Building Energy Efficiency Improvement Advanced Pollution Control to Meet Tightened Discharge Guidelines Close Loop Water Recycling Effective Odour Removal VOC Removal New Testing and Certification Standard Development

17 HKPC welcomes Collaboration with Interested Technology / Business Partners

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