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Cost Effective Municipal ~ Commercial ~ Industrial ~ Residential Wastewater Treatment Solutions 1 Acti-Zyme.

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1 Cost Effective Municipal ~ Commercial ~ Industrial ~ Residential Wastewater Treatment Solutions 1 Acti-Zyme

2 Our Commitments 2 To provide environmentally sound solutions. Reduce pollution of lakes and waterways. Reduce and avoid soil contamination. Contributions to the quality of life of people through access to clean water and green power. Turning health/environmental hazards into opportunities for communities to become more self sufficient.

3 Was developed over a span of 20 years through research using on-site lagoon trials. Has successfully treated municipal and agricultural lagoon systems for over 35 years, mostly in Western Canada. Converts biodegradable organic waste into four main components: water, nitrogen, bio-gas, mineral nutrients Contains a combination of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative anaerobic microbes, enzymes, and other complementary active ingredients. The Acti-Zyme Compound 3

4 Compound Process Characteristics 4 An increase in bio-matter digestion through the correct use of the compound leads to: Faster breakdown of the bio-matter Irrigation water without soil contamination issues Reduced foul odours Environmentally acceptable outflow readings Increased methane produced at a faster rate More Green Power Potential More Carbon Credit Potential

5 5 Available in loose form, or in water soluble 0.9kg (2lb) bags. It specifically targets the biodegradable organic components of influent reducing or eliminating sludge and crust build-up in overloaded lagoons. It will incubate in underground pipes/lines to reduce sludge build-up within the entire septic system.

6 6 It will not harm pipes, or fixtures. Will not decompose components such as plastics, metals, or clothing Easy to apply and reduces management requirements.

7 Acti-Zyme is a completely organic compound 7 Prevents Water Pollution Cell 1 Cell 2Cell 3 Inlet Overflows Overflow to Rivers, Streams etc. Sludge accumulates at lagoon inlets and shorelines It prevents overloaded sewage and overflows of organic wastes. When sewage systems become overloaded, organic waste can overflow into lakes or rivers incapable of accommodating it. This organic matter requires large amounts of O 2, possibly depleting the water of O 2 available to aquatic organisms.

8 Acti-Zyme Compound Applications 8 Optimize existing lagoon systems, eliminating the need for costly facility expansion and eliminating sludge removal and agitation. Reducing sludge build up. New systems run cost effectively. Municipal, Agricultural, Commercial, Institutional, and Residential uses. 2m of sludge economically removed in 9 months

9 9 Cost Effective Methane Capture Methane capture solutions for either gas or electricity. Existing lagoons are covered. Existing plants or tanks are sealed and covered. For new installations, in- ground anaerobic lagoons, or holding tanks are the best options.

10 10 Bio-Assay Results

11 Results 11 Box 370 Melfort,Sk. S0E 1A0 October.6,2011 To Whom it may concern: The SaskWater Melfort district is responsible for the operation of the lagoon at Nipawin. This lagoon was built in 1995 and services the Town of Nipawin, Village of Codette and a large industrial user. SaskWater have been operating this lagoon since 1995 and have been using ACTI-ZYME in our process from the very beginning. We use between 400 to 500 pounds of ACTI-ZYME annually, adding it to the influent at the lift station in Nipawin and the liftstation in Codette. We have been very pleased with the results we have obtained from using this product and would recommend its use. Yours Sincerely Douglas Lang A.Sc.T. Supervisor, District Operations

12 12

13 Analysis report from a lagoon discharge sample taken in April of 2007, and a final effluent sample taken in September of 2007. BOD level decreased from 16.6 to <2 mg/L MPN total coliform decreased from 2014 to 323 orgs/100ml MPN E.coli decreased from 644 to <10 orgs/100ml Lab results from the Town of Outlook, SK. Canada 13

14 14

15 15

16 Acti-Zyme Chegutu, Zimbabwe Project. Site: Chegutu, Zimbabwe, Municipal Sewage Pond #3 Start Date: September 10, 2009. Pond Size: 50m x 50m x 3m Population using pond: 60,000 Chegutu City Engineer: Douglas Chimhande Application Rates: 4kg/day for month one. 4kg/week for ongoing maintenance. 16

17 Note: Only primary pond #3 is being treated. 17

18 Four month overview of Acti- Zyme’s performance in a lagoon trial. Chegutu, Zimbabwe ZMDC Sewage Plant Primary Pond #3 Acti-Zyme is Proven Technology 18 11/01/2010

19 19

20 Impact of AZAcomp Compound on water quality along Mid-Mupfure catchment – Chegutu. Abstract. The research examined the impact of AZAcomp compound on water quality in mid-Mupfure Catchment. The results of the study show a decrease in nutrients those of total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), nitrates and Ammonia, biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) in water along Mid-Mupfure Catchment. TN, TP, ammonia and nitrates decreased by 46%, 67%, 53%, and 80% respectively. The TSS decreased by 97.6% while dissolved oxygen increased significantly by more than 100% with continued use of the compound. Bacteriological parameters those of Total volatile count, coliforms and E.coli which were positive in water samples before AZAcomp Compound and at initial tests soon after the introduction were eliminated with continued use of the compound. An independent thesis was conducted by Tshuma Athaliah Chiedza, studying for her PhD at Midlands University. 20

21 Site: The Municipality of Chitungwiza, St. Mary’s Sewage Pipelines Start Date: October 2010 Duration: Initial treatment process- 8 weeks, maintenance ongoing. Coordinators: City Engineers for the Municipality of Chitungwiza Timing of Treatments: During normal working hours. Population using this Sewage Pipeline: 300,000 to 500,000 people Volume of wastewater in Sewage Pipelines: 9.6 Mega liters/day. Length of Sewage Pipeline: 30,000m of pipes. 15,000m were treated. Average Daily Temperatures: 25 C Overview of St. Mary’s Pipeline Project 21

22 ST MARY’S ACTI-ZYME APPLICATION Attn: Town Clerk, Town Engineer The following is the proposed action programme to clear a portion of St Mary’s blocked sewer pipes using Acti-Zyme for 8 weeks, every 1000m. 150 mm Pipe. 18 kg– 126 kg total requirement 1 bag a day for first 14 days. 1 bag per week for 6 weeks. 200 mm Pipe. 40 kg – 72 kg total requirement 2 bags day for first 14 days. 2 bags weekly for 6 weeks 300 mm Pipe. 70 kg – 156 kg total requirement 3 bags for first 14 days. 2 to 3 bags per week for 6 weeks Note: The bags are water-soluble and each bag contains 1 kg of Acti-Zyme. Avoid any contact of bag with water/sweat until application. These application rates are intended a guide only. 22

23 The objective of this project was to use Acti-Zyme to liquefy the sludge component of the compacted sand/effluent mass, increasing the porosity of the mixture thereby enabling the sand to be washed away with the increased water flowing through the pipes. The initial cost for this rehabilitation process was less than an estimated US$ 0.10 per person. The only alternative to this treatment process would have required replacement of the pipelines as high-pressure cleaning of the lines failed to work. A guide for the cost to fix this problem manually would exceed US$ 3 million, and years to complete. 23

24 Effluent with floating biomass, almost completely filling manhole. Effluent flowing into the manhole through one pipe system into the main system. With improved flow capacity, the manhole is no longer filling up. 24

25 Water management, including wastewater treatment, are rapidly becoming critical issues world-wide. Using Acti-Zyme provides a simple, all-natural, and cost effective way to treat wastewater, at a time when governments and industries alike are looking for ways to reduce expenses, and lessen man’s footprint on the environment. Cost Benefits 25

26 Questions or Enquiries? 26 Municipal Sales (SK): Brian Hoeving Ph: 306-789-5055 Cell: 306-535-9795 Email: Agricultural and First Nations Sales: Corey Smith Jay Lundy Ph: 306-493-2624 Ph: 403-580-1337 Email: Email:

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