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Invest in a Fish Farm in Romania Invest Today, make profit now, and feel amazing in dream landscapes and ones of the most beautiful and magnificent places.

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1 Invest in a Fish Farm in Romania Invest Today, make profit now, and feel amazing in dream landscapes and ones of the most beautiful and magnificent places of Eastern Europe, Romania

2 Romania through its wonderful and stunning places such as Danube Delta, Carpathian Mountains, green forests and pastures, and large plains which are traversed by clear waters, or are dotted with arranged lakes and undeveloped yet, are suitable for aquaculture, offering today the opportunity to invest now in aquaculture.

3 Whatever you want, to take an existing business and to continue it, or to diversify and improve it, or maybe want your own business to start from scratch based on your own plans, we will provide an optimal and diversified consulting in this field. Different types of fish that can be farmed with great productivity and with maximum efficiency in fishing farms, yielding considerable profit, in continuous and relatively safe, make that this kind of business to be an attraction for both hobbyists and also for the inexperienced.

4 Fish farms are considered today a developing trend anchored by a increasing demand from economical actuality, both local and in other countries.

5 We will present below few offers of fish farms by various types to be able to properly understand and appreciate the potential offered and the specifics of each.

6 Ref. no.1. ​​ Fish farm for sell situated in South area, not away from Bucharest, near highway. - The farm has an area of ​​ 60 ha, and the land under water is leased for 49 years (they passed 3 years), and the 7 dams dividers are in property registered. - The farm is composed of 6 ponds having cascading gravitational water intake; - 2 offices of 100sqm and 150 sqm - yard area of ​​ 8500 sqm plot; -3 houses for employees, -a feed shed of 300sqm.

7 Price : 750.000 Euro -There is electricity 220v, 380v and three ponds are electrified by a length of 3 km. -The company works activities are fisheries, aquaculture and fishing sports and has all legal permits for this operation. -It can be obtained additionally EU founds for grow up the activity, and new investments.

8 Ref. no.2. For sale trout farm, situated in middle of the country, in Transylvania, not far away from Brasov and Dracula Castle. - Is composed of 24 rectangular ponds for increase trout. - Total land area is 8.5 hectares. - The farm is located in an area with potential, which offers it optimal conditions and easy access. - Trout has all necessary permits, with an estimated production of about 60-70 tons/year, and having contracts in progress.

9 - The farm is independent energetic al producing 11 kW/h, by hydro turbine, photovoltaic panels, and wind turbine.

10 - Here are organized sport fishing, existing lodges, spaces for accommodation, cars parking and landscaped land in a green, quiet and beautiful place Price : 685.000 Euro

11 Ref. no.3. Trout company for sale, located in middle of the country, near a green woods of mountains area. - Actual is functionally, with all the documentation necessary for the activity of intensive trout. - Growth basins are circular with a diameter of 10m, and with a production capacity of cca.1500kg trout/pool. -Trout been recently built (2011) on a project to EU standards. - Has two buildings : a home farm and a feed shed.

12 - The trout covers an area of ​​ 600 sqm, and near to is located an other land of 700 square meters which is also for sale, being possible to expand the trout or maybe build a vacancy house…. in this magnificent location. Price : 70.000 Euro

13 Ref. no.3. For sell new fish farm, located in the North area of the country, near a big river. -The farm has a surface of 23 ha - Was newly designed

14 - Has a hall of 330 square meters, - a bar of 100 sqm, with external space arranged, toilets, trash cans, benches, parking cars, - Has its own 8 kw photovoltaic system for the electricity, - The entire area is fenced, - Has a river water pumping station - The place is well know in the area and a lot of visitors and clients came there for relaxation and fishing, and buying fish. Price : 380.000Euro

15 Ref. no. 4. Trout company for sale, located in the middle of the country, near Brasov, surrounded by green woods, in Carpathian mountains area. The trout been built from scratch and is running for seven years, becoming very profitable, and is fully equipped and functional. - Land area is 6ha there, with the possibility of expansion - Is composed of 10 trout raceways populated with an annual production of about 70 tons, and can be upgraded up to 150 tons per year. - Exist a hatchery for trout saplings of 500,000 pcs./series, in 3-4 series/year.

16 - Trout is located in a very beautiful area, with green forest around, a tourist area organic certified. - The trout has lot of contracts for trout, saplings, and also for trout food distribution. Exist also possibility of extending the increased production of trout, or in other areas (tourism, animal husbandry, etc..) Price : 900.000 Euro

17 Ref. no. 5. For sell fishing pond located in the South-West area of the country. Being located in the area and superb location (forest, meadow, nearby river) the fishing pond is composed by the following: - Land total surface 40000sqm with water gloss 17000sqm - 2 wells (depth 30m)

18 - The place is arranged, being there paved road, parking space, and tree wooden gazebos for fishermen and visitors, - The pound is surrounded by a fence of mesh galvanized - Can sell either the entire company or variant association with one of the two partners at half of price. Price : 130.000 Euro

19 Ref. no. 6. For sell fishing pond located in the South-East area of the country. The fishing pond has the following : - Total surface : 24 ha water gloss. - Utilities: electricity (220V and 380V), water supply - Two constructions : Guard house (50 m²) and 10 Wooden pontoons - The pound is fenced with concrete and wood poles and mesh - Water depth is between 2 and 14 meters - Fish population is composed by carp and crucian - The investments in 2013 for arranging the basin was of 75.000 euro

20 - Situation of the documents and approvals is at day: - Concession of the pound for 50 years, starting with 2009 (can be bought on Physical person or firm) - Construction building permits. - Contracts for electricity and water supply - Environmental permit - Authorization from Water Department - Operating permit issued by the Romanian Waters The location is know by fishermen and visitors. Price: 120.000 Euro

21 Global Concept Solution Global Concept Solution If you consider that these offers not fit your request or plan, or maybe you’ll like to consider other criteria’s for your investment, please look into our opportunities page on Global Concept Solution website, or write us your demands for more details and we will give you our professional approach.Global Concept Solution Maybe you plan to extend your firm or activities here, or maybe want a local representative, or if you are interested in other type of business in Romania, our consultants can provide you quick, professional, and suitable support and the recommendations that you’ll expect. Global Concept SolutionGlobal Concept Solution Our firm Global Concept Solution will analyze your request and we will give you a prompt and focused answer. Our long-term experience gives us the power, insight and patience to turn our vision and knowledge for your interest, into positive and consistent returns of your investment, and development of profitable and stable business.Global Concept Solution

22 Waiting your feedback, request, suggestions, or proposals, we assure that your trust and time is respected by us. Thank you for your granted confidence. Email: Fax : (+40) 31-815-2323 Phone : (+40) 763 900 651 Global Concept Solution Global Concept Solution Our Vision Grow Your Future !!!

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