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Youre going to land out !. So do it safely and with style.

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1 Youre going to land out !

2 So do it safely and with style

3 Start with your Bronze Badge

4 Rigging/ Deriging/ Trailering Be certain the trailer for the glider you intend to use is road worthy Derig the glider and load on the trailer to be confident in disassembly of the glider and use of trailer fittings Driving with a trailer-be sure you and your crew are proficient at maneuvering a trailer on your tow vehicle

5 Field Selection Select a field that looks landable from the air, that has land marks identifiable on the ground After landing, drive to the field to see if it looks like a good airport from the ground Practice assessing fields and crop type for suitability as landing fields while driving to and from the Glider Port

6 Circuit Planning Slope- if you must land on a sloping field land up slope Surface - crop type is another subject to study while flying locally and look at on the ground latter, as Al Wood used to say land in the dirt and you wont get hurt Stock- avoid fields with animals if you dont hit one on landing, a curious beast could ruin you glider in any number of ways

7 Circuit planning continued Length -5 hydro pole spacings is roughly 300 yards, use that as a guide for the glider you will fly Obstacles - hydro wires are hard to see, tall trees can shorten the useable portion of the field substantially, an 80 foot tree removes 800 feet of your runway Wind look for smoke or wind patterns on water as well as the gliders drift for wind direction

8 Planing for low save/outlanding At 2000 feet AGL the possibility that an out landing could soon be part of your flight must be considered. Move away from forests, rivers, lakes, and low areas. Looking for potential ground sources for thermal activity. You are too far below the clouds for them to be useful. Fly downwind to cover more ground /potential thermal sources and good runways

9 Circuit Planning SSSLOW Slope Surface Stock Length Obstacles Wind Continue to look for thermals

10 Low saves –As you check out your new found airport you may encounter lift or zero sink. This zero sink may develop into a useable thermal. Be patient it may take 10 minutes or more to turn into lift from zero sink. You will drift while circling. –Have a landing field selected at ALL times

11 Mooo At 1200 to 1000 feet AGL you should now move into position to start the down wind for the Airport you have selected. At 800 feet AGL…. NO MORE THERMALING. DO NOT CHANGE THE PLAN NOW Relax, fly a well coordinated circuit

12 At the ground Do a well held off low energy landing Brake hard unseen obstacles may be waiting

13 Landing complete Enjoy the wonderful silence that follows a well executed out - landing

14 The work begins Find the farmer that owns your airport. Be polite hes the person that will give your crew directions to come and get you Secure the glider, if you must leave it in search a farmer or phone If a gallery of onlookers forms, answer their questions while remaining cheerful Find out a little about the area your in

15 The work continues Call your crew either from the farmers house or your cell phone. Having a cell phone in the retrieve vehicle and with you the pilot, can relieve a great deal of stress for all Wait for the crew- a good book comes in handy now!

16 Derig and trailering When the crew arrives, move the glider to a suitable location to derig if necessary or possible Derig the glider and load carefully and securely Keep your sense of humor, your crew may have had a rough time reaching you

17 That local knowledge you acquired from the farmer or gallery will come in handy now as you treat your crew to the scenic delights of the area The trip home

18 Success

19 Recent past

20 Present

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