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Increasing environmental concern. Unsustainable nature of fossil fuel plastics. Increasing petroleum costs. Why BioPlastics?

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1 Increasing environmental concern. Unsustainable nature of fossil fuel plastics. Increasing petroleum costs. Why BioPlastics?




5 Advantages over traditional plastics 1.Reduced green house gases emission due to production from renewable resources. 2.More Sustainable production than petro-chemical production. 3. Biodegradable - doesn’t collect in Land-fills. 4.For petroleum based plastics mechanical recycling is neither practical nor economical when used as: waste bags agricultural mulch sheets food packaging

6 Growing demand of BioPlastics 4 times increase in Global demands to 9,000,000 tonnes by 2013 Increasing demand for biobased, durable products in electronics and automotive applications up from 12% to 40% Japan Government has set a goal that 20% of all plastics consumed in Japan will be renewably sourced by 2020. Other countries like USA and Germany following.

7 ImPlasts Incorporation We will be filing the following documents with Registrar of Companies : The Memorandum Of Association The Articles of Association An Agreement for appointing the Managing Director, Directors and Managers. A Statutory Declaration by Managing Director or Secretary who was involved in the making of the company that requirements of the Companies Act are complied. Written Consent of Directors to act as Directors. Complete Address of the registered office of the company. Details of the Managing Director, Directors and Managers.

8 PLA based BioPlastics POLY LACTIC ACID

9 PLA extraction through Algae cultivation ALGAL STRAIN: phaeodactylum tricornutum, a fast growing marine algae. Advantages over other strains: 2-day cycle Growth rate of 40g/sq.m/day Oil content of 25%(w/w) High glucose content (30% of dw)

10 Advantages of ALGAE over CROPS ALGAECROPS Less Land Required No Arable Land Required Less Water Required Grown with Salt or Fresh Water Faster Growth Rate Versatile Product Use Continuous Growing Season Does Not Deplete Food Supply

11 PLA production through Algae The plant produces PLA along with Algal oil. 40% of alage is starch and 60% of that starch can be converted to Bioplastics. 1 acre can yield around 125 tons. 22 tons of Bioplastic. Algae can be harvested from 1.PhotBioReactor 2.Open Pond Cultivation

12 Open Pond Cultivation We are using open-pond cultivation. Raceway open ponds are used. Despite higher biomass concentration and better control of culture parameters, data accumulated in the past 25 years have shown that the illuminated areal, volumetric productivity and cost of production in these enclosed photobioreactors are not better than those achievable in open-pond cultures.

13 POND SPECIFICATIONS Location The average temperature should be less than 15 degree. Area One pond should be 3000 square metres (commercially best suited). Depth - 100 cm There should be a divider between the pond made of PVC. The walls of these ponds can be made of bricks. Paddle wheels to keep algae in a controlled but constantly moving state to ensure healthy and rapid growth. LONG- short diameter and high RPM for Spirulloni.

14 Machineries and Cost analysis Digester: The current capital cost range for complete digester systems is estimated at $1,000 to $2,000. Distiller Tank: FOB PRICE : US $100-2000 / Piece. Stainless steel distiller (10L-1000L) tank with domed lid and flanged lid. Holder Tank: More recent cost estimates for holding tank-hauling wastewater disposal indicate that tank installation is about $1 per gallon of capacity (up to 5,000 gallons) while the alarm system is about $400.

15 Mixer: 500 litres Industrial mixing tanks,200 kg per batch industrial mixer price. FOB Price : US $ 3,000-6,700/Set. Industrial mixer,industrial mixing tanks Capacity,from 500KG to 15T Mixer of st.st316 or carbon st Easy to clean Evaporator: Industrial rotary evaporator FOB price: US $ 50 – 3,000/Unit Low Cost. High efficiency. Low temperature works. Low noise and low pollution

16 Hydrolysis tank: Outside-coil chemical reactor tank, mixing, hydrolysis tank: FOB Price : US $ 500 - 50,000 / Set Good stainless steel Gland equipment packing seal and mechanical seal Wide usage Various capacity Can be customized Centrifuge Washer: Industrial centrifuge for metal scrap FOB Price :US $ 2,000 - 3,000 / Set. Specifications: 15-50kg/batch

17 Sterilization Tank: Sterile stainless water storage tank FOB Price: US $ 1,200 - 1,500 / Set The material of this type sterile water tank is stainless steel(304SS). Sanitary without any dead angle It is very convient to clean the container It is supplied to hole of quick opening. Also, its volume can be made in order according to customer requirements. Fermentor: 5bbl unitank fermentor FOB Price: US $ 5,160 - 19,500 / Piece 5bbl unitank fermentor Material: stainless steel 304 Factory price Quality guarantee: 2 years Fast delivery.

18 Membrane Bioreactor: Industrial Membrane Bioreactor (MBR): FOB Price: US $ 2,999 - 390,000 / Set Produce effluent of high quality. Small footprint. Easy retrofit and upgrade of old wastewater treatment plants. Polymerisation Reactor: Polymerization Stainless Steel Reactor FOB Price:US $ 2,800 - 65,000 / Set Reaction Vessel Material:SS304/SS316/CS Capacity:50-20000L Good durability

19 Fermentation The glucose content of the algal biomass is 30% of the dry weight of algae(40% of the algal weight after oil extraction. The crushed algal biomass is then mixed with water and nutrients essential for the growth of lactococcus lacti. The algal biomass serves as the glucose source. Lactococcus lacti ferment glucose to lactic acid.

20 Best Yield Conditions Conditions for best yield of Lactic acid 60g/l concentration of glucose pH 6-6.5 Maximum lactic acid concentration 32.3g/l Maximum cellular concentration 2.57g/l Under these conditions Glucose conversion rate is 90.26% and yield of lactic acid per gram of glucose is 0.63.

21 EXPENSES Use of Funds in Year 1Dollar Amount R&D Salaries$90,000 Management Salaries $60,000 Equipment Lease$35,000 Patent Fees $20,000 Marketing Expense$15,000 Research and Development $10,000 Insurance$10,000 Rent Expense $10,000 Other operating expenses$100,000 Working Capital $100,000 TOTAL$450,000

22 Production Capacity YEAR12345 Acres1102550100 # of Raceways101002505001000 Lbs Algae/Day7707,70019,30038,60077,200 Tons Algae/Day1281,3003,2006,40012,800 Lbs PLA/Year48,2004,81,6001,204,0002,408,0004,816,000 Lbs PLA/Month4,00040,000100,000200,000400,000

23 GROWTH 400,000 KILO Year 5 = 100 acres 200,000 KILO Year 4 = 50 acres 100,000 KILO Year 3 = 25 acres 40,000 KILO Year 2 = 10 acres 4,000 KILO Year 1 = 1 acre


25 Process Flow Chart

26 Challenges To remove these five fundamental barriers: Lack of Awareness Negative perception Distrust. High Prices. Low availability.

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