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Pond Water Web.

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1 Pond Water Web

2 Producers phytoplankton aquatic plants

3 Consumers Largemouth bass Bluegill Crayfish Mosquito larvae
Zooplankton Raccoon Tiger salamander Pond frog leeches Snail Bullheads Mallard Great blue heron Snapping turtle Aquatic nymphs Mudpuppy Muskrat N. water snake

4 Decomposers AQUATIC WORMS Zooplankton Leeches Snail Tadpoles

5 3. Create 4 food chains Phytoplankton   Aquatic plants   

6 4. Use 10 cards to create a food web
Must Use: Phytoplankton Aquatic plants Zooplankton Bullheads (catfish) Great blue heron Aquatic worms Pick 4 other animals Put the other leftover cards in the paper clip to be collected by teacher

7 Discussion Questions What would happen to your food chain if the aquatic plants died out because of pollution? - Everything would leave or die

8 Discussion Questions 2. What would happen to your food web if the population of great blue herons was to double? - some of the other populations would decrease

9 Discussion Questions 3. Asian carp consume zooplankton, which many fishes typically feed on in their juvenile stages, and have no known predators. How would the introduction of an Asian carp affect your food web? - many populations could decrease - others may not be affected

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