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Food Chain.

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1 Food Chain

2 Food Chain The path of energy from the sun to the producers to a series of consumers.

3 What do the arrows mean in a food chain?
Provides energy to . . .

4 Producers Organisms that make their own food through the process of photosynthesis.

5 Consumers An organism in a community that must eat to get the energy it needs to survive. Examples: snakes, birds, frogs, insects, lions, bears, fish, etc.

6 Carnivores An animal that eats other animals.
Examples: lions, hawks, tigers, sharks, snakes, owls, etc.

7 Herbivores An animal that eats plants.
Examples: deer, horse, cows, squirrels, etc.

8 Omnivores Animals that eat both plants and other animals.
Examples: bears, humans, raccoons, some birds, etc.

9 Predators An animal that hunts, kills, and eats other animals

10 Prey An animal that is hunted, killed, and eaten by another animal.

11 Scavenger An animal that feeds on the bodies of dead organisms.

12 If all the fish were removed from this food chain (web) which animal population would most likely decrease first?

13 Pelicans

14 Which diagram shows how energy flows through a food chain?
A.   producers carnivores herbivores B.   sun producers herbivores carnivores C .  sun herbivores carnivores producers D.   carnivores producers herbivores

15 B Sun Producer Herbivores Carnivores

16 Which of the following organism is a producer?

17 Grass

18 In the diagram below which of the following is represented?
Grass Mouse Snake Hawk A. Water evaporating B. The moon changing phases C. Energy being transferred D. Light being reflected

19 Energy being transferred.
C Energy being transferred.

20 According to the food web, a decrease in the number of clams would probably result in ------

21 A. A decrease in the amount of algae. B. An increased number of crabs
A. A decrease in the amount of algae B. An increased number of crabs C. Fish and snails eating crabs D. Crabs eating more snails

22 Crabs eating more snails
D Crabs eating more snails

23 Which of the following is an herbivore?
A. Dog B. Person C. Cow D. Tiger

24 C Cow

25 In this diagram, which animal is the predator and which animal is the prey?

26 Hawk is the predator Snake is the prey

27 Which organism in this food chain use’s the sun’s energy to produce food?

28 Oak Tree

29 If there is a shortage of giraffe in the area, what are some things the lions might do?
A. move to another area to hunt for food eat the bark and roots of trees hunt for other animals

30 A and C

31 A mouse eats the oats in a farmer’s barn, and the cat eats the mouse.
$1,000,000 Question Draw or write the food chain that would represent the following scenario: A mouse eats the oats in a farmer’s barn, and the cat eats the mouse.

32 The sun provides energy to the oats – the oats provide energy to the mouse – the mouse provides energy to the cat

33 Create Your Own Food Chain

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