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Mycenaean Palaces and the Heroes of Myth. Palace Sites of Prehistoric Greece.

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1 Mycenaean Palaces and the Heroes of Myth

2 Palace Sites of Prehistoric Greece

3 Homes of the Homeric Heroes

4 Megara of the Aegean   Homeric megaron suite of rooms? main room? NO double porch

5 Megaron Tripartite division: porch, vestibule, & throne room Large circular hearth, centrally located in throne room 4 columns arranged in a square around hearth throne against middle of right-hand wall in throne room (P, T, maybe M) Plastered, painted floors (Pylos, Mycenae, and Tiryns) Access to throne room only from vestibule, through axially placed doorway 2 columns between antae in porch (h) Rich decoration of the walls throughout the unit by means of frescoes.

6 Tiryns Schliemann & Wilhelm Dörpfeld

7 Tiryns: Megaron Plan

8 The 1st Heroic Age of Tiryns: Perseus

9 Acrisius, the Jealous Father, & Danae’s Golden Shower

10 Perseus The Gorgon Medusa The “Cracken” Andromeda Pegasus

11 Trouble with the In-laws: Uncle Phineus

12 Tiryns & the 1st Heroic Age Herakles, Eurystheus & the 12 labors

13 Herakles’ heroic weaknesses

14 Tiryns & the 2nd Heroic Age: Diomedes

15 Diomedes’ aristeia

16 Messenia

17 Good Old Nestor: Warrior & Councillor

18 Pylos: the Palace of Nestor

19 Palace of Nestor A= megaron D, M= courts E= propylon F= columned porch K= bathroom L= queen's megaron W= wine cellar

20 Pylos Megaron & Magazines

21 Cleanliness is next to Mycenaean-ness

22 The Argolid

23 Mycenae Christos Tsountas

24 Mycenae Megaron Reconstruction

25 The Palace of Agamemnon Welcome home, honey Clytemnestra & Aegisthus

26 Lakoni a

27 The Menelaion Earliest Palatial Building LHIIB Destroyed in LHIIIA1

28 Manly Menelaos

29 Menelaos Unmanned/Unarmed

30 Why does Menelaos spare Helen?

31 Well, he seems happy…


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