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The Future of Education Embracing e-Learning by Tamara Dawson.

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1 The Future of Education Embracing e-Learning by Tamara Dawson

2 Types of e-Learning 1.Informal – a well designed website 2.Self-paced – computer (CBT) or web based (WBT) training program 3.Leader-led – assisted online discussion group 4. Performance support tools – electronic tools used to learn

3 Types of e-Learning - Informal Learner accesses web site Internet provides access to information when needed Learn by reading and discussing material Online discussion groups are additional resource Push vs Pull teaching styles Great for independent learners who prefer to learn by reading.

4 Types of e-Learning – Self-paced Learner accesses computer-based (CBT) or web-based (WBT) material Information is available when needed Learners select what they will learn and set the pace for learning Formal rather than informal method Great for students with an understanding of the subject matter who want a time- controlled hands-on learning experience.

5 Types of e-Learning – Leader-led Always requires an instructor Instructor can take an dynamic or passive role Can be synchronous (real time) or asynchronous (delayed) responses Better for smaller class environments Beneficial for difficult courses.

6 Types of e-Learning – Performance Support Learners access online materials or help features Electronic performance support tools (wizards) Best for learners with a high level of knowledge & advanced computer skills.

7 Blend is Best Merger of the 4 e-learning types increase curriculum and student success Informal – independent learners can access information when convenient Self-paced – learners have some knowledge and enjoy flexibility Leader-led – instructors provide guidance and direction during the course Performance support tools – learners have assistance available, if needed e- Learning InformalSelf-pacedLeader-led Performance Support Tools

8 The Future of Education – Embrace It

9 References Broadbent, B. (2002). ABCs of e-learning: Reaping the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer Google Images

10 The Future of Education Embracing e-Learning by Tamara Dawson

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