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E-Learning: Advantages & Disadvantages

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1 E-Learning: Advantages & Disadvantages
Mohammad Hussein Kaveh PHD in Health Education

2 Why e-Learning? John Chambers CEO of CISCO systems
“There are two great equalisers in life - the internet and education. By combining the two, e-learning will be the great equaliser in the next century. By eliminating barriers of time, distance, and socio- economic status, individuals can now take charge of their own lifelong learning.” John Chambers CEO of CISCO systems 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

3 Advantages of e-Learning
E-learning is more cost saving & cost effective than traditional learning; 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

4 Comparison of Relative Costs
Years 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

5 Comparison of Relative Costs
Years 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

6 Per Capita Relative Costs
4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

7 Per Capita Relative Costs
4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

8 Advantages of e-Learning
Diminishes problems related to in-classroom teaching of audiences Learning times reduced, an average of 40 to 60 percent, Increased retention and application to the job averages an increase of 25 percent over traditional methods, 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

9 Advantages of e-Learning
Expert knowledge is communicated, but more importantly captured, with good e-learning and knowledge management systems. Access by learners to teachers and resources, worldwide Aiding equal opportunities Immediate access to information 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

10 Advantages of e-learning
Self-pacing Users learn at their own pace;Learner can control What to learn, When, Where, and How. It reduces stress and increases satisfaction. You can revise a topic as many times, fast or slow, as you like, until you understand it. 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

11 Advantages of e-Learning
On-demand availability Enables students to complete training conveniently at off-hours or from home. Interactivity engages users, pushing them rather than pulling them through training. 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

12 Advantages of e-Learning
E-learning encourages students to take personal responsibility for their own learning. Empower students to be accountable for their own study Helps students develop skills for self-directed learning. 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

13 Advantages of e-Learning
Training occurs in small parcels; a programmed instruction approach When learners succeed, it builds self-knowledge and self-confidence in them. Developing skills and confidence in handling difficult tasks and problem solving 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

14 Advantages of e-Learning
Flexibility E-learning has the advantage of taking class anytime anywhere. E-learning delivers teaching material and learning activities in a flexible format. Potential to develop tailored personalised learning resources (the adaptive curriculum). 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

15 Advantages of e-Learning
E-learning offers individualized instruction, which print media cannot provide, and instructor-led courses allow clumsily and at great cost. In conjunction with assessing needs, e-learning can target specific needs. Information can be displayed on a need to know basis. 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

16 Advantages of e-Learning
Proof of completion and certification, essential elements of training initiatives, can be automated. By E-learning measurable assessments can be created Users get certificate for their learning, not for their attendance in the training session 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

17 Advantages of e-Learning
Collaboration and teamwork Making Learning Communities; Efficiency gains through shared endeavour 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

18 Advantages of e-Learning
It accommodates different types of learning styles. By using learning style tests, e-learning can locate and target individual learning preferences. 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

19 Advantages of e-Learning
More efficient training of a globally dispersed audience, by e-learning. 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

20 Disadvantages Technology issues of the learners Technophobia
Unavailability of required technologies. Limited access to a computer as well as the Internet. Required computer skills especially for beginners; 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

21 Disadvantages For beginners, it has been reported that confronting computer technology was more stressful and consumed more time at the beginning of a course. 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

22 Disadvantages Feeling isolated and missing social contact
Feeling that they communicate largely with a machine rather than other human beings Possible inadequate opportunity to discuss and interact with teachers 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

23 Disadvantages Portability of training has become a strength of e-learning, but still does not rival that of printed workbooks or reference material. 4/17/2017 MH KAVEH

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