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Www.Online-Medical-Transcription www.Online-Medical- Welcome to the only Free Online Transcription Course Available.

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1 Welcome to the only Free Online Transcription Course Available on the Internet

2 What are the Contents of our Free Online Course? Our Free Online Course is designed to evolve you in to a good transcriptionist ready to work. It will teach not only the finer aspects of transcription but will guide you on keyboarding skills and speed enhancement. Our Free Online Course is a complete course for medical transcription in easy to understand modules.

3 Transcription Course Contents Anatomy - Learn the structure of human body. Physiology - Know how the human body functions. Medical Definitions and Terminology - Learn pronunciation and use of medical terminology and prefixes. Transcription - Learn to transcribe medical dictations from audio files simulating real clinical settings. Reports - Learn with clear and concise instructions on proper methods of generating medical reports error free. American Grammar - Learn American Grammar and its usage in Transcription.

4 Transcription What else will you learn? Abbreviations. Medical drugs and their usage. Medical tests and procedures. English and medical directory usage. Large collection of audio files for Practice. Accuracy assessment tools. ….. All this and more come at no charge.

5 Transcription At you will get everything you need to know about transcription in easy-to-understand modules and sections. You learn it all by yourself. We cover almost all the course contents essential to become a medical transcriptionist.

6 Transcription Join our Free Online Medical Transcription Course today! Browse through the various sections and start right away with a medical transcription career. Ease through all the material available freely on our site.Free Online Medical Transcription Course Register now at Once you have enrolled in our course, we will keep you posted on new updates and study materials. We would like you to be a member of our training site and right now our membership is completely free.

7 Transcription How do I get started? Just one quick registration, that is all what is needed to start your transcription course. You don’t have to worry about financing your education since our transcription course is completely free. All you need is a computer with internet connection to access our online course to begin your classes.

8 Transcription What sets online education apart from a traditional classroom style education? students study wherever and whenever they want. They simply visit our website and start accessing the study materials online as and when they are ready. For parents and other busy people, our online education provides 24/7 days program access. Some students can only study late at night, while others can only find time during early hours of the day. So whatever schedule you have, suits to your needs at any place and at any time.www.Online-medical-transcription-course.comwww.Online-medical-

9 Transcription What is the future of medical transcription? The U.S. Department of Labor projects that jobs in the medical field will grow 27% from now until the year This is far and above most other US industries, which translates into a wide range of career options for medical transcriptionists.

10 Transcription Do I need to be a good typist to become a medical transcriptionist? An average typing speed of 40 wpm is a solid base for a medical transcriptionist. With practice, our course can make you achieve greater speed and accuracy with your typing skills. Good transcriptionists usually reach a typing speed of wpm (words per minute).

11 Transcription Do I have to be certified to get a medical transcription job? No, medical transcriptionists do not need to be certified to get a job. However, having AAMT certification does help you in getting a good job. Currently, we are not providing any certification as this course is online and completely free. We might do so in the coming years if required.

12 Transcription How much can I earn as a medical transcriptionist? An average transcriptionist usually earns anywhere between $1500 to $4000, but it varies a lot. There are a lot of factors that come in to play, like number of hours, transcribing speed and the rate at which you are working for your client. Transcriptionists can easily earn from $9 to $20 an hour and experienced medical transcriptionists generally make excellent money. The above figures are for US. For India, they usually start around Rs. 8000/- and can scale up to Rs. 30,000/- depending on skill and work level.

13 Transcription How long does it take to finish the course? Usually 4 months to 6 months if you can give around 3 hours a day for 5 days a week for the online course. Do I have to follow the syllabus order? This is not required but it is always better to follow it in order. Some students with healthcare background find it much easier to skip some levels while those with no such background should start the syllabus in order.

14 Transcription What are the benefits of online transcription course? Finish training quickly-Set your own pace. Study at your time. Revise as much as you want. Comfortable, home-based career. Rewarding, interesting work. People become motivated about medical transcription for many different reasons; they can work from home, earn great income, avoid long commutes and costly daycare, have job security in a growing market, and enjoy more quality time with family and friends.

15 Transcription What are the benefits of becoming an MT? Medical transcriptionists enjoy many benefits, including: Train at home to work at home. High demand = High income. Growing Market = Job security. Flexibility with time. Quality time with Family. No daycare costs. No commute.

16 Transcription What is the future of the medical transcription industry? There will be a need for medical transcriptionists into the foreseeable future. Although much is made of the possibility of speech recognition technology forcing transcriptionists out of jobs, there are certain things a transcriptionist can do which a machine cannot. For example, speech recognition software and technology is based on the predictability of dictation. Thus, errors in pronunciation, syntax, and grammar at present can only be rectified by expert people, i.e., transcriptionists. Transcriptionists can adjust to the variation in practitioner speech habits, in their training, in dialect differences, and in foreign doctor dictation language differences. These are just a few of the facts that bolster the argument that we shall need transcriptionists for a long time to come.

17 Transcription Can Online-medical-transcription- help me find a job? regularly posts jobs on its job portal. All students have access to these jobs and they can post their resumes directly to the employers. Also we help you go from career training to a job in the medical field, by providing job leads, interviewing tips, resume writing help, personal introductions to employers, and

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