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A Parent Survival Kit for 3rd Grade

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1 A Parent Survival Kit for 3rd Grade
Back To School Night A Parent Survival Kit for 3rd Grade Thank you for coming out tonight. Immediately following this presentation will be question and answer time back in the third grade classrooms where you can meet your child’s reading and math teachers. Our purpose tonight is to provide you with the information that you need to be successful in helping your child navigate through third grade.

2 The Third Grade Team From left to right: Maria Gruett, Dana Myers, Amy Evans, and Leslie Morgan.

3 Change from Primary to Intermediate Student
Greater personal responsibility Moves from learning to read to reading to learn Shift from parents sitting side by side to do homework to reminders and checking that it is finished Binders in/out every day. Look for papers in binder/Homework folders. Remove papers in Stay Home section. Library Books. Assignment Sheet.

4 3rd Grade Rules and Expectations
Every child has a copy of this in their notebook. These rules and expectations were discussed on the first day of class in their homeroom.

5 Consequences Written warning (Pink Warning Card)
Continued issue = Lose 5 minutes of recess 3rd time = Lose 10 minutes of recess 4th time = Lose 20 minutes (all) of recess and student makes phone call to Mom or Dad to explain what the issue was. There have been a few Time Out sheets sent home last week and this week. This is just so you are kept aware of what is happening at school.

6 Behavior Issues The intent of this Time Out slip is two-fold. It is to force the students to consider why they lost recess and what they can do to avoid that next time. It is also to inform parents of behavior issues in the classroom, especially since the child may have three different teachers.

7 Homework Grid In the front of every child’s binder, should be the weekly Homework Grid. This organizing tool is to be completed by the children at the end of each subject they switch for and at some point during the day in their homeroom. Please look to this for information about their homework.

8 Homework and Poor Grade Alert
In either case, these are merely informational for the parents. If it doesn’t return signed the next day, then the student misses 5 minutes of recess. This is to ensure that the children make sure you saw this paper, and didn’t conveniently forget to show you.

9 Binder Comes back and forth EVERY day
Papers for each subject go behind the divider Homework assignment sheet kept in the front - check it daily Check and empty the folder daily for important information and student papers

10 Flexible/Fluid Groupings
Groups are first created by second grade data. Throughout the year, all students are evaluated for progress. Children may be reassigned teachers if their needs change. First Grade Level meeting is Tuesday, October 4th. Parents will be notified if their child’s Math or Reading teacher changes. Utilize the RTII model – see JB website for further information.

11 Math Teachers Evans Average – typical curriculum pace – additional reinforcement may be necessary Gruett Works at a faster pace & may need challenged Morgan Intervention may be necessary Myers Average – typical curriculum pace ** Mrs. Banack to provide additional support**

12 Reading Teachers Evans
Average – typical curriculum pace – some opportunities for acceleration Gruett Receives intensive interventions Morgan Works at a faster pace & may need challenged Myers Read Naturally used as a fluency intervention Banack Receives small group instruction with intensive interventions All students are receiving third grade instruction in the core curriculum. Research has shown that the single largest factor in increasing reading speed and comprehension is the number of minutes that a child spends reading daily.

13 Conferences Held with your child’s reading teacher with information from the homeroom and math teacher November 22 (Tuesday) and November 23 (Wednesday)

14 Content: Social Studies and Science
Not tested nor graded One subject per marking period to allow for in depth study 45 minutes per day for content Writing embedded in content

15 Daily Schedule 8:15 - 9:45 Math 9:50 - 10:30 Special
10:35-10:55 Recess 11:00 – 11:30 Lunch 11: :30 Social Studies or Science/Computers or Class Meetings 12:30 - 2:20 Reading and Language Arts Snacks can be eaten at recess or the end of the day.

16 Recess We will go out almost EVERY day, so please dress warmly.
The wind whips across the fields so many times it is colder here than at home.

17 Changes…. No Race for Education this year (2 year cycle)
Excused Absences for Educational Purposes 1 Day – form goes to Mrs. Himes 2 or more days – form goes to Dr. Hershey No more than 5 total days Snacks

18 Field Trip Information
Landis Valley on Friday, April 13th State Capitol and State Museum on Thursday, June 7th Look for paper to volunteer for both field trips soon. You will know this fall if you were picked for the field trips, so you’ll have time to get clearances. Permission slips should be coming home shortly for the Landis Valley trip. We will be looking for a few parent chaperones. We’ll put the names in a hat to choose if more parents volunteer than we have space to take.

19 Party Time Harvest Party – Friday, October 28th
Winter Holiday Party – Friday, December 23rd (half day) Valentine’s Day – Tuesday, February 14th These will be held at the end of the day. We’ll send home information if we need supplies or volunteers.

20 How to Reach Us Email Call 626-3704 2:45-3:20pm
Call :45-3:20pm

21 What Now? Teachers available in their classrooms to meet and greet and answer PUBLIC questions Not a time for questions about your individual child

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