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British American Tobacco Performance Management Example.

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2 British American Tobacco Performance Management Example

3 British American Tobacco world-wide Operations in 180 countriesManufacturing in 48 countries Performance Management Conducted Everywhere! Over 100,000 employees

4 World’s number one Our vision for the future Superior Workforce Worldwide

5 Performance Management

6 PACE is a key management process for reviewing the past and planning the future. It is a management tool which aims to: * Improve the performance * Enhance the development Performance Appraisal and Career Enhancement system (P.A.C.E)

7 Pace is competency based It is widespread throughout the British American Tobacco World Pace encourages objectivity Pace emphasises development Principles of PACE

8 PACE Agenda Competence review Development plan Setting objectives for next year Performance review Future career preferences

9 RatingDefinition & Description AExceptional Performance The individual has exceeded expected performance criteria by a wide margin in all key result areas BExcellent Performance The individual has exceeded performance criteria in most key result areas and has not produced any less than satisfactory results. C+Above Target Performance The individual has either achieved expected performance criteria with one critical area exceeded or has exceeded standards in two critical areas with the result that a lesser priority area is under-achieved. COn Target Performance The individual has either achieved the expected performance criteria in all key areas or has exceeded performance in one critical area with the result that a lesser priority area is under- achieved. C-Below Target Performance The individual has achieved the expected performance criteria in all but one critical area. DPoor Performance The individual has under-achieved in a number of key result areas. EUnacceptable Performance The individual has constantly failed to meet the performance criteria in all key result areas. Performance Review; Rating

10 Competencies are skills, knowledge and behaviours which underpin effective managerial performance. There are two classes of competence : –Management –Technical Competency Review

11 Management Competencies · People Leadership · Resource Management · Business Development · Communicating · Influencing · Creative Thinking · Rational Decision Making · Career Commitment

12 Development Plan An agreed plan to address the identified areas for improvement, covering more than one review period Training courses/seminars Alternative development methods

13 Objectives for Next Year Objectives should be S.M.A.R.T. Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound Key Result Areas (KRAs) and agreed specific performance criteria for the coming year

14 Future Career Preferences Career preference Next job preference, if identified Special circumstances Mobility

15 Career management Growing talent from within Graduate recruitment and Management Trainee Programme Pace discussions with superiors Career development meeting procedure Career Reviews

16 Career development meeting procedure Global approach Consistency world-wide Well informed, thoroughly debated and effectively managed judgements and decision making on the future careers of managers

17 CDM Procedure Pace Guidelines (November) Changes Schedule Key Capabilities/ Competencies KRA- Issues MT Preparing of appraisers/ appraisees (December) HR PACE (31 Jan) Performance Ratings Career Aspirations Development Needs Strengths and Weaknesses ExecuTRACK Area CDM (End Feb) Discussions (January) Head of function with mgrs of target population (combined with the Mgrs own PACE discussion) Views and proposals Prepared by Head of Function and HR Manager Local CDM (16 Feb) Potential Definition Career Plans Development Plans Succession Plans Graduate Recruitment Local CDM (ASAP) Feedback from Regional and Functional CDMs Update and follow-up of issues Graduate Recruitment Functional CDM Local CDM Follow-up of Plans Update/Review Graduate Recruitment Feedback from Mentors Regional CDM (22.-23. April)

18 Career development meeting procedure CDM agenda: An Important Meeting! - Review of current situation and its implications - Organisation development - Potential definitions - Career plans - Succession plans - Development plans - Management trainee intake and development


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