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Bessa Valley Winery 12 years of Harmony. The Valley of the Bessi Since ancient times Bulgaria has been famous for its winemaking and viniculture. It is.

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1 Bessa Valley Winery 12 years of Harmony

2 The Valley of the Bessi Since ancient times Bulgaria has been famous for its winemaking and viniculture. It is known for sure that viticulture exists on Bulgarian lands since 4000 BC The Valley was inhabited by the ancient Thracian tribe Bessi – fierce warriors and skilled priests to Dionysus

3 The Beginning Started 2001, region selected after lots of researches and special detailed analysis of the soil A plantation density of 5,000 vines per hectare and a maximum yield of 50 hl/ha are the main ways of controlling production and harvesting top- quality grapes

4 The Key People Count Stephan von Neipperg Born on June 28, 1957 in Schwaigern, Germany. Graduate in business, economics and politics from IEP and ESSEC Paris, but also in viticulture and oenology from ENSAM Montpellier. He owns six estates in the area of Bordeaux i.e. Château Canon La Gaffelière (Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé), La Mondotte (Saint-Emilion, Clos de l'Oratoire (Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé), Château Peyreau (Saint- Emilion Grand Cru), Château d'Aiguilhe (Côtes de castillon), and Clos Marsalette (Pessac-Léognan). The Neipperg family has been involved in vine-growing and wine making for around 800 years Dr. Karl Heinz Hauptmann Born on August 11, 1960 in Gelnhausen, Germany. Karl has Dimplom - Kaufmann from the Univericty in Berlin and Doctorate in International Economics. He is founder of Telor International – a Private Equity and Investment Management Company active in Central & Eastern Europe. Karl was Managing Director with Merrill Lynch London and Vice-President with Bankers Trust International London Marc Dworkin Wine maker of Bessa Valley Winery Born on February 6, 1961 in Paris, France. Graduate in biochemistry from the Paris XI University, and then in oenology from the University of Bordeaux. He has 20 years experience as winemaker and worked for famous French vineyards such as Château Clarke, Côtes Montpezat, Château Larmande and Château Bellefont-Belcier. Marc arrived in 2000 in Bulgaria and has been with Bessa Valley ever since

5 The Winery 266 ha, of which 135ha are already planted with Merlot (53%), Syrah (25%), Petit Verdot (12%), and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) Perfect terroir – hot summers, mild winters, south exposition, low level of rainfalls, clay-limestone soils Modern equipment

6 Equipment 107 tanks of 103 hl 2 tanks of 500 hl 2 pneumatic press machines 2 sorting tables and 2 crusher 1800 barrels end of December? 1 bottling lines of 5000bottles/hour 2 Clark chariots 5 tractors Lamborghini 4 spraying machines irrigation facility

7 Suppliers DRUJBA: bottles, Bulgaria BOUCHONNERIE GABRIEL: Corks, France TRESCASSES: Corks, France TITAN Machinery: Vineyard and tractors equipment, USA TONNELLERIE BOUTES: barrels, France TONNELLERIE SAURY: barrels, France MARTIN VIALLATTE: Oenological products, France RAMONDIN: Capsules, С DARS 91: labels

8 Winemaking Grapes are hand-picked and sorted by hand afterwards Alcoholic fermentation and maceration take place in temperature-controlled concrete vats for about 30 days 9 to 16 months in the barrel cellar with constant temperature, maintained naturally

9 Winemaking The barrel cellar, which capacity is up to 2,500 French oak barrels is located under the hill, which helps to maintain a natural and constant temperature The winery has its own bottling line Capacity of 800,000 bottles per year

10 The Wines Only produced from grapes, grown on the vineyards Blends of several varieties, carefully chosen for each vintage

11 Export Our main advantage on the export market is the quality/price ratio. The Bordeaux wines are much more expensive, the German and Italians as well. In our segment, we are competing with middle-class new World Wines (Australia/Chile/South Africa) and some Languedoc wines. And the image of a World Wine Figure, such as Count Stephan von Neipperg, is a real plus to comfort the quality image of our wines. Enira is the one and only Bulgarian wine that can be bought at Harrods, London.

12 From March 2012 Enira is an official board member of Lufthansa's crew! If you are travelling business class, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a glass of superb Enira. The color is still purple, but the nose is more woody as on the ground. You can even smell coconut and strawberry aromas, that have never before been sensed. The mouth is more woody also, the tannins are long and thin. You will also enjoy an ending with toasted bread flavors. Generally, Enira 2008 is showing unsuspected qualities thousands of meters above the ground. Enira on Board of Lufthansa

13 Senswinecellar and Hofex 2013 - Bessa Valley Winery wines presented at HOFEX 2013 The prime importer of Enira wines for Hong Kong - Sens Wine Cellar Ltd., presented Bessa Valley Winery at HOFEX 2013. Thanks to the Wong Family, Enira wines received deep congratulations. The 15th International Exhibition of HOFEX 2013 was held from 7th to 13th of May ( Enira Events Abroad

14 Bessa Valley was one of the labels of Bulgarian wines presented at the Bulgarian Wine Evening in New Delhi. The event has proved to be a good start for the Bulgarians to make an entry into the tough Indian market; once proper importers come forward as partners. Enira Events Abroad

15 BIWC 2012 Athens - BV by Enira 2008 of Bessa Valley winery was ranked for a Gold medal at blind tasting in Athens. The blind tasting included 5 Bulgarian and 5 Greek wines, which were ranked by leading journalists from Greek wine media. The Balkans International Wine Competition is one of the few competitions in Europe, which follows the Australian model of evaluation, similar to the Decanter World Wine Award, which enables real-evaluation of competing wines. Enira Events Abroad

16 Bessa Valley Winery was presented one more time at Megavino 2012 in Brussels. The event held from 18th to 22th of October. The Belgium market is developping a lot for Bulgarian wines and especially for Bessa Valley Winery. Texavino people and Marc Dworkin had the chance to meet many clients there, such as restaurant owners, distributors and private clients. Belgium consumer are really wine lovers and among the best wine educated people. Enira Events Abroad

17 Hong Kong guests in Bessa Valley Winery We received and welcomed our friends Kathy and Winston Wong from Sensewine Cellar. Our Hong Kong guests came especially to visit us for 3 days and to enjoy the fine wines Enira in the beautiful Valley of the Bessi. Enira Events Abroad

18 On 30th of May, Dr Karl Hauptmann launched his 1 st Chinese Wine from Qingdao Great River Hill Winery. After 4 years of strong efforts, the winery team was able to deliver its 1 st Cabernet 2011. The wine is called Chateau Nine Peaks. Enira Events Abroad

19 Karl Hauptmann and Marc Dworkin had the chance to organize a great event at Intercontinental Qingdao. All the wines from Bessa Valley Winery, the Romanian Winery Winero ( owned by Dr. Hauptmann) and the Chinese Qingdao Great River Hill winery were presented to the most prestigious hotel GM of Qingdao, such as Intercontinental (our guest Alexander Wassermann), but also Kempinski, Hilton, Holliday Inn, Sheraton. This event will now be repeated yearly and in many other cities in China. Enira Events Abroad

20 Enira wine tasting in Hong Kong Enira wines were hosted at the prestigious Hotel Peninsula in Hong Kong by invitation of Bessa Valley Wines Importer, Sens Wine Cellar. The Sens’ best clients and some other VIP guests attended the brand tasting. The goal was to prove the Bessa Valley Wines were able to match with the Hong Kong Food cooking. Enira Events Abroad

21 Enira 2007 rated highest among dry wines in Romania Enira 2007 was rated highest among dry wines at the International Wine Contest Bucharest 2011. The wine was estimated with 90.33 points, which corresponds to a Gold Medal, by a jury consisting of prominent Romanian and foreign wine specialists. The other participating wines of Bessa Valley received high scores, too. Cabernet by Enira scored 88.00 points, Easy by Enira – 87.67 points and Rose by Enira – 83.00. Enira Events Abroad

22 Enira 2007 won first place in the contest “The best wine you can drink in Japan 2011”. The contest aims to distinguish the best wines on Japanese market both imported and local. The jury that rated the wines included 10 wine experts and 60 consumers, which adds value to the selection. Enira 2007 was the only wine that gathered highest rates in all categories both from professionals and consumers.

23 Enira Events Abroad Lunch at Canon La Gaffelière The Château Canon La Gaffelière is located just outside the medieval village of Saint- Emilion, Bordeaux in the foot of the slope. The vineyard is located on the southern slopes of the hills.

24 Enira Events Abroad Enira 2008 tasting in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Enira 2008 is the wine wich represented Bulgaria at the tasting and impressed guests at Crystal Crown Hotel. Spicy flavors with very red fruit and wood notes combine perfectly with the herbal flavors of Chinese dishes and still create an exceptional freshness. Soon Enira 2008 will be available in Malaysia.

25 Foreign Media on Enira Czech magazine Wine & Degustation Decanter Magazine In Bloom Magazine

26 GQ magazine Foreign Media on Enira N. Inagaki for Enira

27 Foreign Media on Enira 1000 Great WinesDeutsche Welle - video

28 Foreign Media on Enira Enira Reserva 2008 –Wine of the week by Jancis Robinson

29 Domestic Activities in Pictures – on trade

30 Personalized Labels


32 Enira 2009 Merlot: 66 % Syrah: 12 % Cabernet Sauvignon: 10 % Petit Verdot:12% Barrels: 10% one-year old oak 24 % two- years old 66% three years old The nose explodes with vanilla and menthol aromas, followed by blackberry and raspberry strong nuances. The mouth is starting with a round attack, followed by some structured woody tannins and a red fruits middle This wine is ending with an amazing balance between its 12 month wood ageing and the perfect ripeness of its harvested grapes

33 Enira Reserva 2008 Merlot 42 % Syrah 20 % Cabernet Sauvignon 13 % Petit Verdot 25 % Barrels: 40% new oak 40% one year old 20% two years old Taste:The aromas on the nose are red fruits, vanilla and menthol. The attack in mouth is sweet, followed by wood tannins still present, but which would meld in the future, allowing this wine to age for at least 10 years

34 Petit Enira 2010 Merlot 100% Barrels: 10% one years old oak 30% two years old 60% in three years old Nose: raspberry nose, slightly woody Mouth: valvet attack, a lot of red fruits followed by sweet tannins Tannins: Delicate and sweet Aftertaste: spicy A wine representing perfectly our Merlot vineyard and can age two to three years

35 Cabernet Enira 2011 100% Cabernet by Enira Nose: intense, fruity, typical for the variety Mouth: thick, juicy and massive Tannins: soft Aftertaste: nice and tight

36 Duo Enira 2010 Merlot 75% Syrah 25% Barrels: 20% two and 80% in three years old barrels Nose: intensive, fruity, lasting and engaging, berry and dried plum, ripe cherry, baked bread and minerals Mouth: powerful, complex Tannins: well-structured, mild Aftertaste: excellent

37 BV by Enira 2009 Merlot:25% Cabernet Sauvignon: 25 % Petit Verdot: 25% Syrah: 25 % The wine matures for 18 months in new French oak barrels Nose: Toasty with vanilla and mint aromas Mouth: sweet then full bodied Tannins: woody tannins with great balance Aftertaste: red fruits It will age for at least for one more decade

38 Syrah Enira 2010 Syrah 100% The wine matures for 18 months in new French oak barrels Nose: toasted bred, basalt, woody and spicy Mouth: full-bodied Tannins: strong and structured Aftertaste: smooth and long

39 Rose Enira 2013 Petit Verdo 50% Syrah 50% Nose: Intense, fresh and pure with domination of citrus fruits and flowers Color: Pale orange with light pink nuances Mouth: Rich and balanced Aftertaste: : Juicy mouthfeel, follows on pleasant aftertaste

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