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The Talmud as a Template for Digital Publishing Alte is Neue Again.

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1 The Talmud as a Template for Digital Publishing Alte is Neue Again

2 The Jewish Canon Modern Jewish Literature Kabbalah, Hasidut, Musar Maimonides Tosafot Rashi Gemorah Mishnah Tanach Torah

3 The Jewish Canon-Reasons Modern Jewish Literature-Dealing with Modernity Kabbalah, Hasidut, Musar-Dealing with Emancipation Maimonides-Dealing with the Renaissance Tosafot—Followers of Rashi Rashi—Commentary on Mishnah and Gemorah Gemorah—Explication on the Mishnah Mishnah—The Oral Law Tanach—Prophets and Writings Torah-The Be All and End All

4 The Talmud


6 Kilayim Chapter 7, Mishnah 3 The following are forbidden, but they do not prohibit: The remainder of a karahat of a vineyard. The remainder of a mehol of a vineyard. The remainder of an aris-gap. The remainder of papyrus-ropes. But beneath a vine, and within the place left to work a vine, and the four cubits of a vineyard, these do prohibit.


8 vs. Talmud

9 The Problem with Ron Paul

10 Mob: Wisdom or Tyranny I stopped reading digg because I was sick and tired of finding out what Ron Paul had for lunch that day. I was also annoyed when my reasonable comments (”Is there any evidence that, as RonPaulFan2008 says, ‘the Federal Reserve is a sinister conspiratorial cabal?’ I’d really like to see the proof.”) were buried under a raft of thumbs-down votes. Digg seems almost completely void of humanity - filled with gutter- snipe misogyny, fringe politics, and the crassest kinds of juvenile behavior. All these sites start with a nucleus of dedicated people. Then as the gawkers join in you see a dilution. People who were there originally feel alienated and feel that the thing they helped created is being perverted…it’s the wisdom of the crowds or the tyranny of the mob. You never know what you’re going to get.

11 The Ron Paul Problem Too easy to game. Time commitment of commenters. Overload of information vs. too narrow a filter. Result: Value of information declines.


13 Instapundit Structure One editor (rabbi) No comments Broadcasting model Fundamental Problem: One filter leads to bias and one person’s overstretched schedule.


15 Structure and Flaws of Cabal of hip editors (rabbis) finding hip things Not much community interface The good: ultrahip The bad: ultrahip Boingboing works very well for a specific target niche, but not for everyone.

16 Talmud Versus News Sites

17 Other Online Models Wikipedia Knol Facebook/MySpace Search Engines Scientometrics Flickr They all face the same fundamental challenge: creating value from free, digital content.

18 About Sam Jaffe Fifteen years in magazine journalism. On staff at SmartMoney, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, The Scientist Freelance for Scientific American, Popular Science, Wired among others Book on Torah and business to be published by Amacom in November, co-written with Rabbi Levi Brackman. Evergreen, CO

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