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Knighthood, Chivalry, & Tournaments Andrea Wu Charlene Chen Grace Huang.

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1 Knighthood, Chivalry, & Tournaments Andrea Wu Charlene Chen Grace Huang

2 I. The rise of the chivalry. A. Chivalry was originated in two parallel developments: 1. Hose- mounted cavalry. 2. Feudalism

3 II. How did those knights make a living? 1. The nobility granted land to their warriors of their service. 2. The knights returned with military services to their lords.

4 III. How was a person received into the knighthood Noble birth and experienced Before the dubbing ceremony: make confession pray fast keep vigil The dubbing ceremony: day selection girding of the sword giving of palm After the dubbing ceremony: riding around town

5 IV. The Arming of a Knight Sword: cross Spear: truth Spurs: diligence and swiftness Helmet: shamefastness (humility) Hauberk (armor): castle against evil Leg harness: hold strong to the ground

6 V. Chivalry A. Courtly love. B. The decline of chivalry.

7 VI. Tournament The Inventor: Geoffroy de Preuilly

8 Comparison Original tournament Time: 11 th Century Purpose: Military use Original Rule: Kill the opponent New style tournament Time: 13 th century Purpose: 1. Military exercise 2. Entertainment 3. Social Occasion New Rule: Capture the opponent

9 The Social Meaning of Tournament 1. Kings and landowners hold tournaments to show off their power and wealth. 2. The one who is caught in a tournament has to pay ransom. (usually his horse, armor,and money) That is one way for knights to collect wealth. 3. Winning the tournament means great honor and higher social position for knights 4. Lots of knights will announce their victories are for their ladies.

10 The Kinds of Tournament Joust and sword are the main kinds of tournament. Joust---usually on horseback, and the weapon is the lance. Note: Before1250s, there were no certain rules about the weapons used in tournament; lots of knights were killed by the sharp weapon. Prince Edward tried to regulate the rules on weapons to decrease the risk. After that, the weapons used in tournaments are blunted.

11 Sources: Brantl, Ruth, ed. Medieval Culture. New York: George Braziller, 1998. Evan, Joan, ed. The Flowering of the Middle Ages. New York: Barnes & Noble, 1998. Gies, Frances, and Joseph Gies. Daily Life in Medieval Times. New York: Black Dog & Leventhal, 1999 Hay, Denys. The Medieval Centuries. London: Methuen, 1967.

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