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Time Period between 500-1500AD Medieval Times Time Period between 500-1500AD.

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1 Time Period between 500-1500AD
Medieval Times Time Period between AD

2 I. Feudalism- 500 –1500 Contractual system of government with obligations and protections between lords and vassals during the middle ages.

3 a. What happened? The Barbarians raided the Roman Empire and attacked the weak and defenseless The weak needed protection from the strong Kings did not command a strong central government like that of Roman Emperors (Because of these chaotic conditions Feudalism was born)

4 b. How does it work? King granted land to a person
King known as a lord Person that receives the land known as a Vassal Land that is given is known as a Fief Lord gave the Vassal >Land & Protection Vassal gave the Lord… 1. Loyalty and military service 2. Attends lord’s court and gives advice 3. Payments of Knighting of Lord’s son, daughter’s dowry 4. Ransom if Lord is kidnapped 5. Lodging when Lord travels 6. Relief- one time payment for the land

5 Any other Buzz words? Homage> ceremony of getting land
Knights > trained warriors who fought on horseback with swords and lances during the middle ages Vassals got knights by promising parts of his own fief Peasants > 2 types- needed protection and the Vassals say you must work for the protection Freemen- owned or rented the land Serfs- not free to leave, but could not be sold

6 c. Life on the Manor Manors were large farms or estates on the fief. They were fortified farms and the economy was based on Agriculture. Peasants works 3 days a week for the protection. The other 3 days a peasant would work for himself & the seventh day Church. C B A

7 d. Castles Built of stone (at first built of wood)
Built on hill if not, needed a moat Moat: deep water filled ditch Designed for protection not comfort Drafty, dirty, damp, dim, cold Small windows, little sunlight Heavy metal gate that protected the heavy wooden door Dungeons

8 Life inside of the Castle!

9 e. The end of Feudalism 1348 Black Death---Not enough people after the plague, serfs now can find employment Rise of Towns----Serfs now have a place to go Barbarian attacks ended Agricultural advancements made more food (better plow) Improved horse collar & invention of horseshoe led to more efficient use of animals in farming

10 II. Knighthood a. How do you become one?
Fought in the armies of the king and protected the peasants who lived and worked on the land >>In exchange, the peasants gave the knight their service and produce. a. How do you become one? Usually the first born son of noble birth was trained for knighthood Around 10: Page -helped the ladies of the castle & trained for war Teen years: Squire –polished armor, cared for horses, carried swords (weapons) and shields for the tournaments into battle. Knight: perform a heroic deed in battle

11 b. Code of Chivalry It was the code of honor knights followed. It set the standard for bravery and manners for Medieval Knights. Women would not fall in love with a man unless he proved himself three times on the battlefield. Knight is not allowed to use his strength against someone that is weaker then himself. Do not attack an enemy unless he has a weapon and is facing you. (No sneaking up) Knight only fought for lord or lady—not to show your strength Lead a morale life and well-dressed life, polite Highest ideals of romance (writing, poetry, singing, love songs, and playing musical instruments)

12 C. Armor Armor completely covered the knight’s face and body. They all looked a like. Each knight chose “Arms”- unique colored pattern or picture, which everyone recognized, called a “coat of arms.” Chose pattern that remained on the family and was passed on. Even the thickest armor (up to 70lbs) could not stop a bullet. Helmet was the first piece of armor made. Mail> mesh of inter linked metal rings.

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