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TfL Games Team 2012 Olympic Route Network Debbie Ashford, 25 October 2011.

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1 TfL Games Team 2012 Olympic Route Network Debbie Ashford, 25 October 2011

2 TfL Games Team Context: London 2012 Olympic Games is the world’s biggest logistical event 203 countries – 17,800 athletes and team officials 5,000 Olympic Family officials 22,000 media 7.7 million tickets sold 1 Paralympic Games is the world’s second biggest logistical event 170 countries – 4,000 athletes and team officials 1,000 Paralympic Family officials 4,000 media 1.4 million tickets sold

3 TfL Games Team 2 JUNE 2012 JULY 2012 AUGUST 2012 SEPTEMBER 2012 28 JULY - 12 AUG Olympic Games 2/3 JUNE Jubilee 15 JULY Official Opening of Olympic Village 27 JULY Opening Ceremony 13 AUG Olympic Games Departures 9 th - 12 th SEPT Paralympic Games Departures 14th SEPT Olympic Park closes 30 AUG - 9 SEPT Paralympic Games 29 AUG Paralympic Opening Ceremony 21 -26 JULY Torch Relay London AUG Notting Hill 25 th JUNE Media Centre opens Road Network Preparation ORN ramp up ORN Inter Games Arrivals/Departs Paralympics Removal of Games Lanes and closures 15/7 22/7 13/8 29/8 9/9 14/9 Timeline

4 TfL Games Team A Host City Commitment 3 A temporary route between competition venues and accommodation For athletes and others that make the Games happen Olympic Route Network (ORN) is c.1% of London’s roads c.1/3 of the ORN make up the Games Lanes Operate a couple of days before the Olympics

5 TfL Games Team Road impacts Bloomsbury Media Hub Olympic Route Network and Paralympic Route Network Transportation for athletes, officials, media and others working at Games in LOCOG procured vehicles. Across London. Formal phase of consultation mid November Central London Zone Increased walking routes introduced to ensure safety of1000s of extra visitors, requiring extra traffic restrictions Around Hyde Park, Green Park and St James Park. Road Events eg Cycle Road Race or Marathons On 7 of 16 Olympic Games and 2 of 9 Paralympic Games days, all but one on weekends, will displace ORN traffic on to an alternative route 4

6 TfL Games Team ORN and PRN 5 ORN – Alternate ORN – Venue-specific route ORN – Core route

7 TfL Games Team ORN and PRN Allow LOCOG Games Family (athletes/officials) to travel swiftly between accommodation and venues Proportionate measures to improve general traffic flow Potential traffic management measures to ensure reliable traffic flow: – Changes to traffic signal timings – Restricted turns – Suspension of parking and waiting bays, pedestrian crossings – Temporary Games Lanes MYTH: ORN/PRN will be closed to traffic TRUTH: The ORN/PRN will be open to traffic. In some two lane sections, one will be reserved for the Games Family only. Different conditions on different days 6

8 TfL Games Team ORN and PRN – Games lanes 7 ORN – Alternate ORN – Venue-specific route ORN – Core route ORN – Games lanes

9 TfL Games Team Alternative Olympic Route Network

10 TfL Games Team 9 ORN ORN will operate along Euston Road (to the west of station) and south from Upper Woburn Place towards Holborn Route is a key link for Media Transport Hub, to and from the Wembley venues and south to central London venues and accommodation. In use for the Olympic Games (27 July to 12 August) and a few days either side to accommodate the arrival and departure of Games participants. Games Lanes on the outside lane on Euston Road in both directions and south towards Holborn and Kingsway, from 6am to midnight or 24 hour. General traffic will need to use other lanes which could lead to queuing and delays. Road Event Alternative ORN Euston Road towards the city will be used as part of the Olympic Route Network. Measures will be much less than ORN or PRN Central London ORN/PRN Detail

11 TfL Games Team Olympic and Paralympic Route Networks 10

12 TfL Games Team 2012 Transport: Understanding the Challenges Holborn CSZ Forum Olympic Freight Management26/10/11 David Silvey

13 TfL Games Team Deliveries and servicing during the Games 12

14 TfL Games Team Changes to the road network at Games time 13

15 TfL Games Team ORN and PRN 14 ORN – Alternate ORN – Venue-specific route ORN – Core route

16 TfL Games Team Other impacts on the road network Olympic and Paralympic Torch relay Central London Zone Live Sites Local Area Traffic Management and Parking Plans National Houses Road Events Test Events 15

17 TfL Games Team Road events 16 Olympic Road Events Road CyclingWednesday – Saturday5 – 8 September 2012 Marathon (Men & Women)Sunday9 September 2012 Paralympic Road Events

18 TfL Games Team Some cultural event numbers….. 17

19 TfL Games Team Deliveries into secure areas Some areas will need to be secure during Games time Venues run by LOCOG Secure areas will include some hotels Seperate security regime for Westfield Stratford 18

20 TfL Games Team Enabling solutions Current freight movements are regulated by:  Traffic Commissioners / VOSA (Operator License regime)  Planning Conditions  Noise Abatement controls/Local Environmental Health  Kerbside TROs We will work with the appropriate authorities in order to help you Reduce, retime, re-route and revise mode 19

21 TfL Games Team The 4 R's Reduce Re-time Re-route Revise Mode –Same message to businesses and freight Remember – one size doesn’t fit all! 20

22 TfL Games Team Reduce Right first time Pre-order & pre-deliver Postpone non-essential deliveries Stockpile Preventative maintenance in advance Temporary stockrooms Resource sharing Consolidation 21 Although it needs to be borne in mind that there is likely to be an increased demand for some products…… which may make it hard to ‘reduce’

23 TfL Games Team Re-route Alternate routes –Avoid congestion hotspots –Avoids traffic management restriction Increased journey times –Congestion –Restrictions 22

24 TfL Games Team Re-time Change the Delivery / Collection Point: –E.g. Back door instead of front –Side street or staff car park Change the Delivery / Collection Time: –06:00-00:00 loading restrictions Change the Delivery / Collection Day: –Venue specific stretches of the ORN / PRN –Days/times of least congestion Security delays 23

25 TfL Games Team Linking it all up Despite best efforts, unconstrained demand will exceed capacity in some areas Planning ahead will be vital to ensure the Games Family, spectators and workforce arrive at events in good time, and that London and the UK continues to function ORN: TfL: Postcodes intersected by the ORN, road events and Central London Zone : – 24

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