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Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games. Chairman’s welcome and introduction Theo de Pencier Chief Executive, FTA.

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1 Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games

2 Chairman’s welcome and introduction Theo de Pencier Chief Executive, FTA

3 Our sponsors today are

4 Chairman’s welcome and introduction Theo de Pencier Chief Executive, FTA

5 Today’s programme: Olympic games 72 days to go Sector Workshops Olympic Advice Surgery

6 Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games

7 Peter Hendy Commissioner, Transport for London

8 Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games

9 Ian Wainwright Head of Road Freight Management Programme, TfL

10 FTA Olympics Conference – 16 th May 2012 2012 Freight: The Final Push

11 Timeline

12 “a summer like no other” 12 11 million ticketed Olympic and Paralympic spectators 90,000 FA Cup Final Up to 20 million more at road events, torch relay and other celebrations 450,000 Wimbledon fortnight 500,000 London Marathon 1 million Royal Wedding

13 Impact focussed at certain times and places RoadsTube 70% unaffected 65% unaffected

14 Nationwide publicity campaign

15 Detailed road ‘hotspot’ maps for each day

16 ...and the rail “hotspots”

17 Road Network

18 Olympic Route Network (ORN) Paralympic Route Network(PRN) Allows Games Family (athletes/officials/media) to get to events on time The ORN accounts for only 1% (109 miles) of London’s roads. ORN/PRN will only operate when and where they are needed The majority of the ORN/PRN will be open to all traffic. ­ In some sections of dual carriageway, one lane will be reserved for the Games Family traffic ­ Games lanes generally operate from 6am – Midnight ­ Games lanes live from 25 th July

19 How will the ORN work? Proposed road changes will operate 24 hours a day unless otherwise stated Parking, loading and waiting controls remain unaltered unless otherwise stated Time required for installing and removing some physical measures Active Traffic Management Variable Message Signs – to let you know what is going on

20 Alternative Olympic Route Network (AORN) will be used by Games family vehicles when road events are taking place Alternative routes will be open to general traffic Limited temporary traffic changes but will include changes to traffic signal timings Road Events and The AORN Lower impact than ORN/PRN But: The AORN may be used for unplanned situations (in the case of an accident occurring on the ORN, for example)

21 Enforcement/Compliance on the ORN On Street Enforcement – High visibility, uniformed presence to enforce Games Lanes and parking and loading regulations Camera Enforcement – Enforcement of Games Lanes and other moving traffic contraventions Vehicle Removals – Rapid response service to clear the ORN of vehicular obstructions Penalty charge – remains as current

22 Delivering Around Venues Local Area Traffic Management and Parking Plans (LATMPs) around competition venues to prevent spectator parking Managed by LOCOG Vehicle Permit Checks (VPC) -if drivers have the appropriate ID/paperwork they should be able to pass

23 Olympic Torch Relay The Olympic torch relay is a National Event over 70 days, starting this Saturday The Torch arrives in London on the 21 st of July. Avoid disruption, by making all possible deliveries ahead of this time, not simply ahead of the Opening Ceremony on the 27th of July Check the dates and route of the torch relay to see how it might affect your operation

24 For day-to-day business during the Games and passing through a LOCOG Vehicle Permit Check (VPC) your drivers need to be in possession of: 1.Driver licence photo card, 2.Headed company note paper with letter saying that the named driver is employed by the company, this letter must include a contact number for any queries, and 3.A delivery note or manifest (or PDA) with a delivery address identified. Security protocols during summer 2012

25 Information

26 Direct freight information Frequently updated with latest information Containing: ­ information on how to operate in Games time ­ Games Time case study examples ­ Downloadable data ­ Links to further information [Insert Screen print]

27 Mapping ­ ORN maps ­ Strategic and local level ­ Route delay information ­ Congestion hotspot maps Data ­ Available as Postcodes and data feed ­ Identify which areas impacted ­ Can be used with routeing software ­ Updated as more information becomes available ‘How to’ guide Website Tools

28 Operator licence conditions ­ Apply early to Traffic Commissioners for temporary changes London Lorry Control Scheme ­ The Scheme is not being suspended during Games time ­ Follow London Council’s 6 Point Plan for the Games ­ Apply for permits via the LLCS website ­ Consider applying for special routeing exemption ­ Find out more at Working with regulators

29 ­ Code of Practice finalised Planning Conditions Noise Nuisance Alcohol licensing ­ Consider each location to minimise disturbance ­ If in doubt, talk to boroughs: Single point of contact within Boroughs available on TfL website now Out-of-hours restrictions ­ Use the Code of Practice when making all out-of-hours deliveries

30 ‘Roads Visualiser’ – next week Will enable road users to see how the areas where they deliver and collect from, work and visit will be affected An interactive map, searchable by postcode, will highlight planned changes to the road network –Suspended turns; –stopping restrictions; –pedestrian crossing changes; –changes to parking and loading; and –Games Lanes. Road race routes will also be shown

31 Freight Journey Planner (FJP) ­ Initial release next week with available data Users input start time, date, origin and destination of journey, with details of their vehicles FJP finds appropriate route for that size of vehicle on the time/day selected Shows nearest legal on-street loading areas to any specified delivery point Freight Journey Planner

32 Real Time Information Real time info is Available NOW! ­ Radio broadcasts ­ Highways Agency ­ TfL Traffic News

33 Real Time Information Real time info is Available NOW! ­ Radio broadcasts ­ Highways Agency ­ TfL Traffic News

34 Real Time Information Real time info is Available NOW! ­ Radio broadcasts ­ Highways Agency ­ TfL Traffic News Games Time ­ Twice daily email bulletins ­ Further emails with any significant changes to the road network that may impact your business.

35 Personalise your information

36 Solutions

37 The 4 Rs, the simple message Reduce- pre-order, preventative maintenance Re-time- out-of-hours deliveries, change delivery day Re-route - change drop order or depot Revise mode- collect from store, deliveries to staff

38 What’s right for your business? One size doesn’t fit all - not all of theses solutions will apply to your business Depends on: – Location – Sector – Commodity Communication with your customers and suppliers is key to facilitate changes in operations

39 Use the information online, including ‘how to’ Guide, data, postcodes etc. Work with your supply chain and your customers –To register for Games time freight email bulletins –For the latest up to date information and advice please visit the TfL Games website: Plan and Act Now!

40 Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games

41 Sarah Bell Traffic Commissioner for Olympics

42 Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain Sarah Bell Traffic Commissioner for the West of England and Lead Traffic Commissioner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

43 Operator Licensing and the Games Senior Traffic Commissioner document No. 4A – Operating Centres and Related Applications, Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 olympic-planning olympic-planning –Olympic planning advice letter from the Traffic Commissioners –Olympic FAQs –Self assurance questionnaire

44 Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games

45 Don Cannon Major Projects Interface Manager, Olympic Delivery Authority

46 Freight Transport Association Conference: Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games Venues Outside of London Don Cannon Olympic Delivery Authority Major Projects Interface Manager

47 Overview Keep London and the UK moving –London (inside M25) delivered by TfL –Outside London delivered by ODA Ensure businesses aware of Games impact and plan accordingly Promote the ‘4Rs’ –Reduce (the amount of material being moved) –Retime (making deliveries outside of Games Restrictions, including at night) –Reroute (around Games-time restrictions and/or to alternative delivery points) –Revise mode (including different size vehicles) Joined-up planning between customers and suppliers

48 Out of London Locations Linked to London by ORN (except Football Stadia) Generally, impacts reduced due to fewer and shorter sessions Local Area Traffic Management & Parking Plans –Provides a safe environment around venues –Keep traffic moving –Residents and local businesses can go about day-to-day activity as far as practicable and-parking-plans/

49 Eton Dorney Olympic Rowing and Canoe Sprint 28 July – 11 August Paralympic Rowing 31 August – 2 September 0930 to between 1115-1410hours Susceptible to weather Athletes accommodated at Royal Holloway College Potential morning rush hour impacts on Slough Trading Estate Some banned turns and waiting and loading restrictions Harvest time for farmers

50 Eton Dorney – LATM&P

51 Weymouth & Portland Some unique features –Local geography –Largely unticketed –Olympics 29 July-11 August;1200-1800hrs –Paralympics 1-6 Sept; 1100-1800hrs – Susceptible to weather disruption But… –Used to crowds –Integrated by Dorset CC

52 Weymouth & Portland ORN operates 28 July - 11 Aug 0700 – 2100 PRN operates 1 - 6 September 0700 - 2100 –Parking and loading restrictions along A354 –Access changes at A31 Merley Roundabout for Olympics only Athletes Village adjacent to Sailing Centre Park & Ride –5 sites, 9,200 spaces –Impact beneficial, but some local congestion possible

53 Weymouth & Portland LATM&P Operates 27 July – 12 August –Access to some roads limited –Esplanade closed to traffic 1000-2200hrs –Access to harbour area restricted –Part of Radipole Park Drive (from the tennis courts to Swannery car park) closed to traffic 24/7 –Dedicated pedestrian routes for ‘Last Mile’ Access to Portland maintained (via temporary extension of one-way system)

54 Weymouth & Portland Local input from Dorset Road Freight WG Out of hours deliveries –Already taking place in Weymouth –No specific environmental constraints, but need for ‘best practice’ –Small number of planning constraints on supermarkets Movement of agricultural machinery –Harvest time, combine harvesters on road –Need to work smarter –Real time travel information –Journey Planner

55 Torch Relay 19 May – 27 July 2012 (70 days, last 7 in London) Lands End to Olympic Stadium –8,000 miles –1,018 communities –Within 10 miles of 95% of the population –Detailed route at Evening celebrations (2 hours) Smaller local events en route Not continuous relay –Convoy mode in less populated areas –‘Rolling road block’ for Relay Transitory impact on freight activity

56 Paralympic Torch Relay 24 – 29 August 2012 UK Capitals Flame Lighting Ceremonies National Flame Festivals Flames reunited at Stoke Mandeville 28 August – 24 hour Torch Relay to Olympic Stadium 33 Flame Celebration events over August Bank Holiday weekend Transitory impact on freight activity

57 Summary Much smaller scale than London, but locally significant, particularly Weymouth and Portland Advice and information via London 2012 will be: Challenging Business as unusual Dependent on joined-up and early planning

58 Questions?

59 Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games

60 Natalie Chapman Head of Policy – London, FTA



63 Freight Solutions for the London 2012 Games

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