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By Lottie Williams, Jack Hollister and Joshua Donaldson.

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1 By Lottie Williams, Jack Hollister and Joshua Donaldson

2 . The torch relay of the modern times was introduced at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.. Most torch relay days run for 12-14 hours and compise a morning and afternoon session.. The Olympics torch begins it’s 8000-mile journey around the UK on 19 th May and reaches the Olympics stadium in London on 27 th July.

3 . The Olympic Flame will come with in 10 miles of 95% of people in the UK, Isle of man, Guernsey and jersey. It will enable local communities to shine a light on the best of their area has to offer-including celebration of local culture, breath taking landscapes and dynamic urban areas. . The Olympic torch is lit in Greece then was taken to Britain to start the relay in London. . 8,000 inspiring torch bearers will have a opportunity to take centre stage.

4 . The first Paralympic torch relay was the Seoul games, in 1988 with 111 disabled people among the 282 torchbearers. . The relay has been part of each Paralympic since then. . Paralympics is short for Parallel Olympics. . Beijing’s Paralympics in 2008 had 3,951 athletes from 146 counties.

5 Paralympic Torch

6  In salt lake city 2002 Eric Weihnmeyer and the First blind man to clime Everest, carried the torch to the podium of the stadium.. For Athens 2004 the Paralympic flame was lit in the Hephaestus temple and 680 torchbearers took part.. By Sydney 2000 here were 920 torchbearers and the flame was lit during an aboriginal lighting ceremony.

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