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London 2012 London 2012 – The next 170 days and beyond. Wednesday 8 th Feb 2012.

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2 London 2012 London 2012 – The next 170 days and beyond. Wednesday 8 th Feb 2012

3 “London's vision is to reach young people all around the world. To connect them with the inspirational power of the Games.” A Games with a clear vision

4 Get Set – the official London 2012 Education Programme

5 What we’ve achieved so far... 23,981 registered schools and colleges. 16,600 members of the Get Set network. Schools and colleges across the UK embedding the Olympic and Paralympic Values. The catalyst for enhanced leadership and learning opportunities. A n active learning community preparing to be at the heart of London 2012’s celebrations.

6 24 Wednesdays to go – Be part of the excitement!

7 What are your plans between now and the Games? Olympic Torch Relay (18 th May- 27 th July ) London 2012 World Sport Day (Monday 25 th June ) Olympic and Paralympic Values Across the school curriculum

8 February - Get Set for the Torch Relay Resources to help every school make the most of the Torch Relay coming to a community near them. 212 Get Set Torchbearer slots for 12 year olds will be announced.

9 London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay 19 May 2012 - starts 70 day journey around the UK Carried by 8,000 Torchbearers (over 1000 under 18’s) Travel within an hour of 95% of people in the UK Over 1,000 communities on the route

10 Get Set goes global10 London 2012 World Sport Day Monday 25 June 2012 World Sport Day is your chance to get the whole school involved in celebrating the cultures that will be coming to London and the UK this summer! Host your own Opening Ceremony Organise a ‘Global Showcase’, highlighting sports, languages, food, music and dance from around the world Learn and perform the London 2012 Mascot dance Create the flag of your chosen Olympic and Paralympic teams Decorate the school for your World Sport Day and National School Sport Week celebrations Delivered by the Youth Sport Trust

11 Start your World Sport Day planning Planning guideline available through Get Set Kirk Hallam Community Technology College will hold a Culture Day linked to Japan which involves the whole school taking part in taster sessions led by members of the local community group. These sessions include judo, Japanese food and drink, calligraphy, origami and taiko drumming.

12 February – World Sport Day planning London 2012 Mascot Dance - Watch the films and download the step-by-step guide from the World Sport Day website to help you learn the Mascot Dance. We’re a supporter kit - Get creative with the online templates and activities to use your chosen teams as inspiration to dress the school.

13 Take a look at the World Sport Day website and use the films, ‘how to’ guides, tips and information from the London 2012 Ceremonies team to create your own amazing Opening Ceremony. March – plan your own Opening Ceremony

14 84% said that the Games and Values inspire students. 95% of all schools are increasing their active participation in this academic year - 2011/2012. 85% of teachers overall saying they have/will recommend the programme. 81% plan to continue working with the Values beyond 2012. Feedback

15 Values Whole school World Sport Day Torch Relay ? Beyond the Games


17 Thank You You’re welcome to email questions to me at

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