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The History of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Library: Assemblies.

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1 The History of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Library: Assemblies

2 The ancient Olympic Games took place thousands of years ago

3 The Games were held in honour of Zeus

4 They celebrated the physical qualities of athletes and encouraged cities around Greece to get on well together

5 At first, the Olympic Games lasted just one day and consisted of one event – a running race

6 The modern Olympic Movement started up in Much Wenlock, Shropshire

7 William Penny Brookes set up the ‘Wenlock Olympian Games’. He wanted to provide PE and sport as part of young people’s education

8 A French aristocrat called Pierre de Coubertin was inspired by the Wenlock Olympian Games

9 Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee in 1894

10 In 1896 the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens

11 The winners received a silver medal and an olive branch

12 Now the Olympic Games last more than two weeks and athletes compete in 26 sports

13 In London this year, 204 countries took part and Team GB won an amazing 65 medals!

14 The Paralympic Games have existed since 1948

15 Ludwig Guttmann was a German neurologist working with patients with serious spinal injuries at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire

16 Guttmann was determined to give his patients hope. He believed that physical activity and sport would strengthen his patients…

17 …and give them confidence and ambition for a brighter future

18 On 28 July 1948, Guttmann organised the first Paralympic Games. This was a parallel Games that took place alongside the Olympic Games

19 Guttmann had a powerful vision “I foresaw a time when this sports event would be truly international and the Stoke Mandeville Games would achieve world fame as the disabled person’s equivalent of the Olympic Games.”

20 London 2012 saw the biggest ever Paralympic Games

21 4,000 of the world’s best disabled athletes competed from 166 nations

22 Paralympic athletes are even challenging Olympic athletes with awe-inspiring agility and technology

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