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1 Offshore Ice-Resistant Stationary Platform “Prirazlomnaya” Constructed at PO “Sevmash” in the town Severodvinsk Alexandrova readings – 2012 Scientific.

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1 1 Offshore Ice-Resistant Stationary Platform “Prirazlomnaya” Constructed at PO “Sevmash” in the town Severodvinsk Alexandrova readings – 2012 Scientific and Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute», Moscow, 13.02.2012

2 2 Murmansk Oil field Main route On 25.08.2011 the first offshore ice-resistant stationary platform in Russia was delivered to “Prirazlomnoe” oil filed in Barents Sea

3 3 MLSP “Prirazlomnaya” is at the oil field

4 4 Technical Characteristics of the Platform Length (with a helipad), m 139 Width (with a helipad), m 144 Overall height (with a torch mast), m 141 Caisson length, m 126 Caisson width, m126 Caisson height above bottom level, m 24 Weight without a ballast, t117000 Firm ballast weight, t 122000 Number of wells 40 Oil production, m 3 per day/mil. of tons per year 21000/up-to 6,5 Oil storages capacity, m 3 131000 Oil dispatch devices “Kupon” 2 Oil dispatch speed, m 3 /hour 10000 Main turbo generators power, mWt (e) 3 х 28 Personnel, persons 200 Autonomy, days 60 Service life, years 25 Sea depth at the installation place, m 19 Distance from the shore, km 60

5 5 In 1992 with support of the President of Russia Yeltsin B.N. GAZPROM, SEVMASH and Kurchatov Institute headed progress of enormous oil and gas recourses development of the Russian Arctic shelf on the basis of nuclear underwater shipbuilding technologies and productions. Severodvinsk, 1992 From left to right: President of the State gas group of companies “Gazprom” Chernomyrdin Victor Stepanovich President of the Research and Scientific Centre “Kurchatov Institute” Velikhov Evgeny Pavlovich General Director of PO “Sevmash” Pashaev David Guseynovich

6 6 Meeting of the Founders of “Rosshelf” On 07.05.1992 in “Kurchatov Institute” the Meeting of the Founders of the Russian company for shelf development took place. The shareholders of “Rosshelf” became GAZPROM, SEVMASH, MK of Cherepovets, ARKHANGELSKGEOLOGIYA, “Kurchatov Institute”, the leading enterprises in the sphere of nuclear underwater shipbuilding, oil and gas fields development.

7 7 Chairman of the Board of Directors-President of “Rosshelf” company was elected Velikhov Evgeny Pavlovich; he hold this position till April, 2001. The First Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Rosshelf” became Grechkov Yury Nikolaevich, the Chief Designer of nuclear submarines of PO “Sevmash”. Velikhov E.P. Grechkov Y.N.

8 8 The Board of Directors of “Rosshelf” made the decision on construction beginning of “Prirazlomnaya” offshore ice-resistance stationary platform at PO “Sevmash” in winter, 1995. 05.12.1995. Solemn laying of PO “Sevmash” platform.

9 9 Chief Designer of Central Design Bureau MT “Rubin” Kovalev Sergey N. Director of “Brown and Root Energy Services” in Russia Walter Jackson MT “Rubin” and “Brown and Root” were the originators of concept forming of offshore ice-resistant stationary platform for “Prirazlomnoye” oil field.

10 10 Caisson dimentions 126x126x40,5 m, weight 72 thousand tons Blocks Superblocks Caisson Components Protection (deflector)

11 11 Caisson superblock bottom sections assembly and joining in Shop

12 12 A caisson block is transferred between Shops

13 13 Superblock 3 in Shop

14 14 The last caisson superblock transportation from Shop

15 15 Transportation of each superblock became a solemn event for a plant personnel and participants of the project

16 16 At the plant quay superblocks joined together by special devices and welded above and below of water line. More than 15 km of hull structures welding joints were performed.

17 17 Divers of “InterAqua” company provided welding of three joint sealing devices. More than 500 m of joints were performed by special mechanisms for underwater welding. In the course of UGS dismantling the underwater cutting was used.

18 18 The platform design and construction was carried out at the close cooperation of PO “Sevmash” and MT “Rubin” Chief Designer of the Central Design Bureau MT “Rubin” Gintovt A.R. Deputy General Director of PO “Sevmash” Borodin V.V.

19 19 Intermediate deck forming at the quay Intermediate deck forming at the quay

20 20 Rolling-on of the top structure on a caisson in Severodvinsk Rolling-on of the top structure on a caisson in Severodvinsk

21 21 Installation of accommodation module by RAMBIZ floating crane

22 22 On the platform drilling system module, power engineering devices, oil dispatch devices, helipad, etc. were installed.

23 23 11.2010. MLSP “Prirazlomnaya” tugging to Murmansk for construction completion and taking of firm ballast - concrete

24 24 Platform at 35 SRZ moorage in Murmansk

25 25 Two mobile concrete plants were installed ashore close to the platform and 122 thousand tons of concrete was injected into the platform base in spring, 2011.

26 26 Velikhov E.P. with a group of the platform builders in Murmansk. May, 2011.

27 27 In August, 2011 the project builders and participants saw off the platform from Murmansk to the installation site in Barents Sea We’ve done it!

28 28 At the solemn meeting SEVMASH, GAZPROM and Kurchatov Institute called on.

29 29 The platform was installed at “Prorazlomnoye” oil field in Barents Sea on 28.08.2011 at 02:00 AM

30 30 For soil erosion prevention laying of protective berm was performed along the perimeter Stone and crushed stone berm МЛСП “Seahorse” Dutch vessel made six cruises from Murmansk and discharged 102 thousand tons of stone and crushed stone into the berm “Prirazlomnaya” Platform

31 31 On 23.09.2011 Prime Minister Putin V.V. at “Arctic is the Dialogue Territory” International Conference identified “Prirazlomanya” platform construction and installation at the site as the beginning of the Russian Arctic shelf practical development

32 32 1.High-quality cold-resistant steel was produced in Russia. 2.In large industrial scales cold-resistant steel welding technology was developed. 3.The Project allowed to carry out plant radical modernization and provided support and staff preservation during the most severe 1990’s. 4.Cooperation with foreign Designers allowed to assimilate the advanced design methods. 5.Unique experience with large number of contractors including the foreign contractors is received. 6.Technology of afloat structures assembly nearly any dimensions using underwater welding is developed and assimilated. 7.The extensive offshore experience in the Arctic conditions is received. 8.Uniformity of design supervision approaches is necessary. 9.Design institute for the shelf development of the Russian Federation is necessary to create.

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