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7-Apr-2014-cesg-1 Joint CMC-CESG Meeting NH Conference Centre, Nordwijkerhout, Netherlands Hosted by ESA/ESTEC 7 April 2014 CCSDS Engineering Steering.

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1 7-Apr-2014-cesg-1 Joint CMC-CESG Meeting NH Conference Centre, Nordwijkerhout, Netherlands Hosted by ESA/ESTEC 7 April 2014 CCSDS Engineering Steering Group (CESG): report to the CCSDS Management Council (CMC) concerning the Spring 2014 Technical Plenary

2 7-Apr-2014-cesg-2 SIS Area Report B. Meeting Demographics PlenaryCFDP Refresh BoFMIADTNDTN-Interop TestVoice ASI 11 CNES 111 CNSA 1 421 CSA 1 DLR1 11 1 ESA 1 11 INPE JAXA 11 NASA333764 RFSA 1 1 UKSA Other 11 TOTAL45617147 Other: Greece WebEx: NASA Meeting Duration0.5 11.50.51 Agency Diversity234884

3 7-Apr-2014-cesg-3 Goals: Review draft of modified CFDP Blue Book, posted 11 December 2013. Develop plan for revising the draft, modifying existing CFDP implementations accordingly, and initiating interoperability testing. Review proposed Green Book revisions. Working Group Status: WG agreement on all modifications in the 11 December 2013 draft One additional item: investigating possible replacement for 32-bit file checksum; given larger files Still need PICS pro forma section, hoping for ESA to write it Remarks No revised Green Book to review; will pass revised Blue Book to Dai Stanton as basis for Green Book updates Plans Upon resolution of the last outstanding (checksum) question, will post the revised Blue Book to CWE Plan to initiate agency review (request initial CESG poll) on 14 April 2014; need PICS pro forma by that date Implementation revisions (Java by ESTEC, C by JPL) to be completed by end of May 2014 Aiming for 1 August 2014 completion of agency review and start of interoperability testing Plan to finish interoperability testing by 1 September 2014, informal report to Area Director by 1 October 2014 SIS Area Report status:OKCAUTIONPROBLEM Blue BookGreen Book Working Group Summary Situation: CFDP Revisions WG

4 7-Apr-2014-cesg-4 Goals: Review status of LTP and BP documents; review interoperability and infusion efforts Discuss and identify forward work (e.g. Security, Network Management, Routing) Working Group Status: LTP Implementations completed; leveraged outside TopCoder organization for 1 of the LTP authentication implementations Some issues identified during interoperability testing will require Red-3 review BP Red-2 RIDs addressed; book ready to go out for Red-3 SSI Architecture Green Book RIDs resolved with SEA – finishing up with CSS IANA registries for LTP- and BP-related registries, and delegation of registry space to SANA, through all IETF reviews COMPLETE (SANA allocations from candidate database STARTED) CFDP-over-Encap Magenta Book PUBLISHED (March 2014) Joint / Cross-Area Meetings Informal coordination between SIS-DTN and SIS-MIA WGs to discuss current streaming implementation and future needs / possible standardization Plans Proceed with LTP and BP Testing; proposed BP testing participants: BP -- NASA MSFC (DTN2); JAXA/JPL (ION) [assuming JAXA concurrence] Network Management: Push current DTNMP draft to completion then decide whether to support terrestrial standardization first or CCSDS first (MSFC Book Editor) Resurrect Network Management Green Book (JPL book editor?) Security: NASA is interested in advancing the streamlined bundle security protocol (SBSP); as with DTNMP, will work a draft specification then decide to go terrestrial or CCSDS first Target date for CCSDS standardization: end of 2019 status:OKCAUTIONPROBLEM Working Group Summary Situation: SIS Area Report Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) Working Group

5 7-Apr-2014-cesg-5 Goals: Edit Yellow Book draft Discuss MJPEG-2000 testing and status in Red Book Conduct Joint Meeting with DTN WG to discuss status of Bundle Streaming Service for video over DTN Update project schedule if required Working Group Status: Minor update to non-normative section of DTN Red Book, updated draft provided to CCSDS secretariat Updated Yellow Book will document multiple implementations Deferred decision on Motion JPEG inclusion in Red Book (and subsequent testing) until after upcoming National Association of Broadcaster Expo in Las Vegas where industry status and availability of hardware will be ascertained If Motion JPEG is included as normative, it will be in the Yellow Book Blue Book on schedule Remarks Productive meetings, including joint meeting with DTN that resulted in updates to Red Book ESA rep provided substantive input just prior to technical meetings Plans Make decision on Motion JPEG2000 inclusion in Red Book If Motion JPEG2000 hardware is readily available, interoperability testing will be performed and added to existing draft Yellow Book SIS Area Report status:OKCAUTIONPROBLEM Working Group Summary Situation: Motion Imagery Applications (MIA) WG

6 7-Apr-2014-cesg-6 Goals: Review and agree on the all new restructured sections 2 and 3 of the Red Book WG agreed to all the updates as proposed by the secretariat. All comments provided by CTTT, RSA, JAXA and ESA, incorporated, discussed, and agreed to. NASA and DLR inputs were already agreed to in San Antonio. Proposal for the PICS structure and format agreed to. PICS development underway. Proposal for Yelow book (testing) structure and format agreed to. Green book update postponed until after finishing the Blue Book. Working Group Status: Technical content of the book is complete; working formatting and editorial issues. Working PICS and test report. Joint / Cross-Area Meetings Using the experience of MIA/DTN cross-WG meetings for voice WG. Plans: Provide final book to secretariat for review after Spring meeting. Perform interoperability testing and generate test report Publish Blue Book status:OKCAUTIONPROBLEM Working Group Summary Situation: Voice WG SIS Area Report

7 7-Apr-2014-cesg-7 1.Need to spin up WGs for Book Renewals: SCPS-TP SIS Area Report: Other

8 7-Apr-2014-cesg-8 1.CFDP Revisions WG Need PICS and Green Book Update ASAP (PICS by 14 April to maintain schedule) 2.Motion Imagery and Applications Working Group Red Book ready for final formatting and CESG poll for agency review Some elements of interoperability test complete Determining status of Motion JPEG2000, which will determine its status in the Red Book 3.Delay Tolerant Networking Working Group Bundle Protocol (network) and Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP, reliable link) to go for Red-3 agency reviews following Spring meetings Interoperability testing for LTP largely complete; test participants for BP interoperability defined (pending securing support from agencies) 4.Voice Working Group Dispositioned remaining WG comments on current Red Book Started producing PICS 5.Current resource agreements and schedules reflected in CWE. SIS-DTN Network Management and Security projects will start following Spring 2014 meeting SIS Area Report: Summary

9 7-Apr-2014-cesg-9 Issues for CMC SIS-VOICE WG: The SIS-VOICE WG was pleased with increased JAXA participation since last meeting – thanks! SIS-DTN Interoperability Testing SIS-DTN would like to request that the JAXA support to the SIS- DTN WG include support to participate in the interoperability testing of the Bundle Protocol

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