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Prime Time Turn in your video notes You do not need to stamp.

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1 Prime Time Turn in your video notes You do not need to stamp.

2 Housekeeping

3 Discussion Discuss homework reading/notes ◦ Pair/share ◦ I will collect when discussion is over ◦ Check the pile to collect your previous book notes. Any not collected will be tossed.

4 Document Study Directions are on back page: ◦ Critically read all documents. ◦ Take notes/answer questions on separate sheet of paper. ◦ Staple notes/answers to packet. ◦ Due tomorrow

5 Prime Time Please turn in document study packet, notes, and answers: staple together. ◦ It doesn’t matter what page is on top as long as you have a full heading on it.

6 Humanism Documents You will receive one of three humanism documents. Your task is to: ◦ Critically read your document. ◦ When finished, find others with your same document and develop questions that others should be able to answer (main ideas).

7 Humanism Documents Make groups of three that represent all articles. ◦ Lecture to each other on main points, making sure to cover all points that are related to questions. ◦ Answer questions from each article, other than your own.

8 Homework Read and take notes on pages 342-344.

9 Prime Time Turn in your notes from last night’s reading.

10 Leonardo da Vinci We will be using computers to research information about da Vinci, the “quintessential” Renaissance Man. ◦ Find a contribution in each category listed on the worksheet. ◦ Fill out chart completely.

11 Homework Choose one area of contribution to research more. ◦ Spend no more than 45 minutes taking notes about that contribution, aiming to answer the question, “Why is ____________ the most important area of contribution da Vinci made during his lifetime?”  Aerodynamics, anatomy, architecture, art, engineering, mathematics, natural history, optics, physics.

12 Prime time Hold on to your research notes, as well as your chart.

13 Mini debate Today you will get together with people who have chosen the same contribution area. Share ideas in order to prepare for a debate. After this you will join with two other people in different groups. Take this time to jot down their argument points in order to create rebuttals.

14 Homework Make sure you are ready to debate at least three reasons why your contribution area is the greatest. Make sure you are comfortable with at least two rebuttals from other contributions.

15 Prime Time Hold on to all of your documents. Everything will be collected at the end of the period.

16 Debate You lead this debate. As a teacher, I will participate only to get people back on track. Format: one person will share (use talking stick). Another person will share a rebuttal (make sure it responds directly to what they said). A rebuttal to the rebuttal may be made by someone other than the original speaker. Debate continues.

17 Items to turn in: Contribution chart from Wednesday Research notes Any other papers you used to prepare ◦ Staple all together, making sure your heading is on the top page.

18 Homework Notes: Pg. 319-321 ◦ Start at "The Decline of the Church", stop at "Popular Religion in..." Pgs. 362-364

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