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New Parent Meeting Sept 23, 2014.  Meet the head coach  Aquatic programs  Structure  Groups  Words to ‘swim’ by  Coaching staff  Facilities  Team.

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Presentation on theme: "New Parent Meeting Sept 23, 2014.  Meet the head coach  Aquatic programs  Structure  Groups  Words to ‘swim’ by  Coaching staff  Facilities  Team."— Presentation transcript:

1 New Parent Meeting Sept 23, 2014

2  Meet the head coach  Aquatic programs  Structure  Groups  Words to ‘swim’ by  Coaching staff  Facilities  Team resources  Swim meets  Uniforms and equipment  Annual WACtivities  WAC Boosters Sept 23, 2014

3  31 years recently retired Adapted Physical Education teacher at the Ohio State School for the Blind (OSSB) ◦ Track & Swimming Coach / Athletic Director  Treasurer of OSSB Parent Teacher Staff Foundation  Swimming Director for North Central Association of Schools for the Blind  Head Coach of US Association of Blind Athletes National Youth Team  Member of the USA Swimming National Disability Committee  Committee Rep for Disability Chair & Central Commission Ethics - Ohio Swimming  Founder of Westerville Special Olympics Swimming  Board Member of Central Ohio Swimming Association ◦ Director COSA Developmental Summer League  President of Youthletics, Inc. ◦ Operates Westerville Aquatic Club, a 150+ members ◦ 37 years Head Coach (29 years) – 3 time recipient of Ohio SR Coach of Year ◦ Program Director of Central Ohio SwimAmerica, 1000’s+ served  Head Coach of Worthington Christian High School  Jim’s family includes ◦ Wife of 33 years, Anita ◦ Son Justin, 28, married to Christie, Licensed Occupation Therapist, The Ohio State University, and former senior captain of Indiana University swim team ◦ Daughter Julie, 23, graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Copywriter for Weber Assoc.

4 Team Administration: Youthletics, Inc. ◦ Westerville Aquatic Club ◦ SwimAmerica ◦ Special Olympics ◦ Diving ◦ Scuba

5 Collegiate National/International US Swim Clubs / High School YMCA Developmental (Summer clubs, stroke schools) Organizations : FINA USA Swimming Ohio Swimming COSA

6 Club WAC (Athletes + Parents + Coaches) Team (Athletes) Group (Athletes within training groups) Swimmer (Individual athlete)

7 Mission Statement: To provide the opportunity for every swimmer to reach excellence in the sport of swimming Motto: Have Fun! Swimmin’ Well! Swimmin’ FAST! ADMINMENTORPROGRAMSCOMMCOACH Athlete Responsibility Practice Performance Representation SwimAmerica WAC Westerville Lakes UA Summer Short Course Long Course Budgets Staffing Pool Contracts Schedules Other WAC SwimAmerica Educate Staff Parent Boosters Athlete Competition Training Nutrition Psychology Web Email Text Phone Twitter WAC SwimAmerica Parents Staff Parents Staff Athletes Methods JIM CEO Culture Of Success VALUES BELIEFSWORDS Swimming Triad ATHLETE COACHPARENT

8 Bronze 1 & 2 Seasonal 9 & Unders Stroke Development / Racing Silver Seasonal / Annual 9–12 year olds Stroke Development / Racing / Training Gold Seasonal / Annual 11-14 year olds Training / Racing / Stroke Performance / Excellence High School Seasonal / Annual High School Age Racing / Stroke Performance / Excellence Full timeSenior Annual Performance Excellence / Sport Elite Bronze 1 & 2 separated by ability Jr. Olympic Group New practice standards starting 10/7 Split schedule – vary by gender & specialties! (Approx. 3 week phases) Morning practices begin 10/7. Florida Training year – 12/27 through 1/3

9 Waves Sessional 9-14 year olds Conditioning / Stroke Development Special Olympics Seasonal 12+ years old Stroke Development / Training / Racing SwimAmerica Seasonal / Sessional 3+ years old Water Orientation / Stroke Development

10 Team Motto: Have Fun, Swim Well, Swim Fast! Swimming is the “Important 4th” Swim Fast and Win Books: Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. Fixed (non-learner) vs. Growth (learner) ‘Mindset’ Failure a learning experience or, something to avoid, or deny? Swimming isn’t Normal by Dr. Keith Bell ‘You only feel wet when you’re out of the water!’ ‘The Parents Guide to the Proper Psychological Care & Feeding of the Competitive Swimmer’ Ten Rules by which to Parent your Swimmer, pg 80.

11  Jim PeterfishHS/Sr.& Jr. Olympic Group Lead  Amy Houston Administrative Assistant  Ryan Reynolds Gold Lead  Carol-Ann Morabito Silver Lead  Sherri DowneyBronze Lead  Renee De Salle HS Assist  Kelli DowneySA, HS Assist  Sarah ClineGold Deck, BWHS Head Coach  Aaron Norris Silver Deck, HS Assist  Shannon Ball Bronze Deck, WSHS Head Coach  Katie Link Bronze Deck  Clay Siens Bronze Deck, Wave Coach

12 ASCA/USAS Certification Foundations of Coaching 101 & 102 Safety Certification CPR Safety Training for Swim Coaches Concussion Course (state of Ohio) Code of Conduct AISS Level 2 Criminal Background Check Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Check Athlete Protection Training course (

13 Westerville JC (a.k.a. “WAC Shack”) Indoor 6 lane 25 yds Training / Teaching Outdoor space access Limited esthetics – great training pool! Oakstone Academy Indoor 5 lane 25 mtrs Training / Teaching Limited Outdoor space access Great esthetics – warm training pool Parking restrictions: Park in main lot – no standing drop off/pick up! Lakes Bubble Indoor 4 lane 25 mtrs Training / Teaching No Outdoor space access Unique Bubble style – good training - deep Northland Swim Club Outdoor 7 lane 50 mtrs Seasonal Training Outdoor space access

14 We use the WAC site for: Registration, (group, payment method, payment schedule) Payments Registration Agreements EMR, Concussion Course On-Deck App – you want to add this! DEMO

15 What you need to know about going to a swim meet: Schedule Entries Parent / Swimmer / Coach responsibilities Payment Travel vs. Local Become an official!

16 Suit Sizing / Equipment Purchase 9/23/14 – Kast-A-Way in lodge 6:30 – 7p Competition apparel WAC Suit – Royal Blue Speedo For an even larger selection of competition apparel, visit the website!

17 All groups  Pull Buoy  Fins  Snorkle  Training Bag Silver / Gold  Paddles (size of hand)  Kick board Senior / High School  2 Sets of Paddles (LRG/SML)  Short board (Kick board)

18 Biathlon and team picnic Katy Callard Memorial Distance Meet Candlelight Kick and Christmas party Parent’s Party Hospitality at the Regional meet (Fundraiser) WAC Banquet Championship t-shirts and caps Findlay Family Picnic Summer Coaches Breakfast Coffee with the coach Booster Activities Parent Participation Opportunities! Fees for activities are collected with registration

19 Members Chair Person Chair Elect Treasurer Trustees Officials/Safety Coordinator Public Relations Hotel Reservation Awards Coordinator Banquet Coordinator Apparel 1 year Head Coach or appointee 2 year x 2 Unlimited x 1 TermRenewable terms

20 What is Juice Plus+? A whole food supplement that enhances you and / or your swimmers diet. *This is not a required supplement For more information, visit and talk to Jim as to how you can provide the JP+ for your

21 Contact Jim via Follow us on Twitter @Westerville AC Look forward to Group Parent Meetings beginning in October!


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